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Tablets and Laptops Advice?

CrazyRandomZynGirl Featured By Owner May 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, this is my 1st dA forum post: and I'm already aware that my mother is planning on buying me a Touchscreen Tablet and I'm currently saving for a nice laptop.

What good indie horror games should I install? (Not FNAF lol)

Any software/browser recommendations for me?

And what kind of new Samsung tablet shall I purchase that can be affordable?

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AirfixNikon Featured By Owner May 23, 2020
First of all: Horror games? I've totally no idea, as I don't play games on my tablet or my computer. Sorry, can't help you with this one.

Second: Software/Browser...

Well. That really depends on you, personally, because it is up to you what sort of software you want to install. You could install any art, drawing, or photo-editing software, so you could do your own artwork. There are far too many variable to factor in, too many software to list, but you could just install whatever you need for your artwork.

As for browsers, nothing wrong with having two or three different ones installed. You can have both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome installed on the tablet and laptop, there is no rules saying you should be limited to one browser, after all, you can have as many different ones as you like. On my iPad, I have Safari (standard with iOS) and installed Edge, and Chrome. On my desktop computer, I have old fashion Internet Explorer (can't install Edge due because I'm still using Windows 7) and I also have Chrome.

I switch between browsers depending on the websites. For example, I used to surf DeviantArt on Internet Explorer 11, but now they says their website don't work on IE, so I'm now using DA on Chrome. If a website still works on Internet Explorer, I'll use it, but if it won't work, I'll use another browser.

You're free to install Edge and Chrome, and any other browsers as you like.
CrazyRandomZynGirl Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just want all my pcs, to be safe.
My main pc has no audio drives as I accidentally deleted it.
DA Admins, close thread plz.
pyrohmstr Featured By Owner May 22, 2020  Professional Artist
Welcome to the forums :dummy: the gaming questions might do better in their own thread in the gaming sub forum. More people there who know about that type of stuff and a lot of people don't venture down into the tech forums (they're kinda dead).

Browsers - either Chrome or Firefox. A lot of people these days like Brave as well. Personally I go with Firefox :shrug: there isn't a major difference between them.

The Galaxy Tab S is pretty affordable. Depends what your budget is and what you want to do with the tablet.
CrazyRandomZynGirl Featured By Owner May 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I already have the Galaxy Samsung T-1 (insert numericals here) :B
Back in a certain trolling forum, they collectively down voted my positive opinion on Duck duck go browser as even when I was in Primerica (a financial comapny) it was used by the techie who I was assigned under. :shrug:
I sincerely look forward to posting more in dA Forums. 😆
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