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June 13


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The AutoCAD file is damaged, nothing has happened through the backup

sanndpiper Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018
Please help to restore the file created in AutoCad 2007, SPDS 4. Standard methods of recovery is impossible. File's. bak was not, in the AutoSave folder is not found, unfortunately. The file was damaged under the following circumstances: when the file was opened, the optical disk started, which at some point hung, it was necessary to resort to Reset; after rebooting, AutoCad as usual offered to restore the file, but starting the recovery broke at some percentage and gave something like: "the file is corrupted and can not be restored".  Thanks in advance!

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guddgeon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018

First, open a blank DWG and run the RECOVER command. You can then browse to the problematic file, and AutoCAD will attempt to repair any errors it finds. Save the file, and then see if everything works as you expect it to. If not, continue on to the steps below:

1) Open the problematic file and make sure all layers are on and thawed.
2) Detach any XREF's.
3) Type in -PURGE at the command line (remember to enter the dash before the command). Type R for RegApps. Delete all RegApps in the file. It is not necessary to do them one by one because sometimes there can be thousands and it would take a very long time.
4) Type AUDIT, and select Y for yes to audit the file of any errors.
5) Type PURGE and purge the file of anything that can be purged.
6) Using the WBLOCK command, block out all the information in the file to create a new drawing. Select the objects by windowing them; do not just type ALL.
7) Open a blank DWG. Do not use any templates. (Set the STARTUP variable to 0, and then open a file if you are unsure if you are using templates)
8) Using the INSERT command, insert the file created in step 6.
9) EXPLODE the newly inserted information so it is not a block any longer.
10) Test to see if the file now works correctly. If it does, you can start to add in the Xref's again one by one. Test the file after each insertion. If the problem returns after inserting an Xref, you'll know that that file needs to be cleaned using these steps as well.

As a final note, I highly recommend running the AUDIT and PURGE commands before each save. This will keep the file clean and greatly reduce the chance of any corruption setting in. Or you can try to use PAID service , which is AutoCAD recovery online , most popular , find this solution here . I wish you Good Luck man))) 

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