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May 12, 2015


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Cintiq Companion 2 vs iPad vs Surface Pro 3

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So I know these types of questions come up a lot, and I have read a few opinions from other threads but since some newer devices have come out I figured I would ask for some advice and opinions. For some background on me, I don't have any background or experience in digital art since I'm a software developer, but I'm starting to learn as I want to start working on my own projects and need to be able to create my own assets for games and applications. So for now I obviously only need something that I can do some basic 2D work with, the games that I'm working on will have basic 2D animations but as I progress I will want to use the tablet for creating more complex work as well. I need something that is portable so I can use it during down time while traveling or while at work I can just pull out the tablet and do some work in between other projects. I don't want something that I have to connect to my computer since I work as a software developer for a financial company and creating game assets during the work day isn't really accepted which is why I would mostly use it during a break or while traveling and of course at home.  I've narrowed down my option to the main three, but if someone has an opinion for another device please feel free to throw it in. 

1. Cintiq Companion 2 - This is the obvious choice by most people since it offers the most power and precision needed for digital work. I don't have a problem with Windows 8, and I would need to get new applications (not a big deal) since most of the applications I did have were for the Mac (when I had a Bamboo tablet). I probably don't need to highest end model, since that's for 3D work and stuff like that, but I'm sure I would go with the i7 processor for sure just so I can expand into more powerful applications when ready.

2. iPad Air 2 with Wacom Stylus - This is the second choice and one that I'm considering just because of the amount of applications that are now available for it that can be used for the type of work I want to do. My only concern is many people that go this route still use a tablet/pc combination to finalize their work, and I want to be able to do everything on the tablet from start to finish without having to hand off to another device. 

3. Surface Pro 3 - This one I've heard mixed reviews from, and so it's hard to tell if it's worth it or not especially when the Cintiq is on the table as well. Not sure if it's even worth considering any further when looking at the first 2 outside of it's price and size in comparison to the Cintiq, but if there is any compelling reasons why a Surface Pro would be a better option I would love to hear it.

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Thanks everyone, I will have to see when Wacom will get their Cintiq's back in stock since the version that I would want is not in stock. I'm comparing prices between the Surface Pro 3 and Cintiq and they are pretty close so I'll see which will fit better for my needs. I do have an iPad already that I got from my work as a bonus, so I may just get a Adonit stylus as well just so I can play with it and see if I can use it just for quick sketches or stuff like that. 
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Hi there, I have a Surface Pro 3 so I can only speak of my experience from this device.. but I did read a LOT about wether I should get a cintiq companion or a surface pro 3. The things ive read that seems mostly accurate is that the Cintiq is best if you are ONLY going to use it for art.

A Surface Pro 3 will be your go-to device if you want it to replace your current laptop or tablet, and for traveling and drawing on the go, as in the airport, bus, train.. the Surface pro 3 will be better due to its light frame.

I hear the Cintiq will be better due to its larger screen and physical buttons. Fair enough.

But for me, that wants to be able to get a lot out of my device, I chose the Surface and I am so happy.. I dont even use my Intuos 4 anymore :o
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Both the Companion and Surface Pro are full windows tablets with the hardware to back them up. The iPad in comparison looks like (and pretty much will be) a cheap toy. If you can afford the Cintiq Companion then GET IT. If not go for the surface pro...the ipad isn't even in the same category as the other two.
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iPads have a lot of potential for art, and ProCreate is a great iOS app. The problem is... pen support is horrendously bad. There are barely any good pens, and Apple apparently has no intention of providing pen support at the level of a Surface or a Companion. And Apple just doesn't let their iOS toys reach full potential.
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Forget about the Ipad air 2, you might as well draw with your finger.
I've had a Surface Pro 3 for a while but then i returned it; the pen slides on the glass so you don't get much precision and it doesn't use wacom technology, so no customizability.
I'd go for the Cintiq Companion 2 if I were you. I've had the Cintiq hybrid and it's by far the best non-traditional drawing experience i've had. 

so if you want a Graphics tablet first and a pc/(normal) tablet second then go with the cintiq companion 2. You can even install hackintosh on it( but no wifi, sleep or micro sd card support… )
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