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Diverse Cartoonist Available for Characters, Illustrations, Graphic Design, and More

AdrianKendallArt Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I'm Adrian and I've been a freelance artist for nearly a decade now. I specialize in digital cartooning, but I've worked in a very diverse array of art including game design, graphic design, character design, illustration, simple animations, pixel art, comics, social media assets, web design, and probably some more that I forgot.

To contact me, please DM me here, message me on Twitter at the link below, or email me at

You can view all my commission info in detail in this journal:

Commission InfoContact:Email - Twitter - DM me here!PayPal and Venmo accepted.Character Art Pricing:Simple Style Examples:Complex Style Examples:Illustrations:Private - $15 / hour - Typical estimate 5-10 hoursCommercial - $25 / hour - Typical estimate 5-15 hoursExamples:Graphic Design:Private - $15 / hour - Typical estimate 3-10 hoursCommercial - $30 / hour - Typical estimate 5-12 hoursExamples:Everything Else:Contact for pricing on sketches, comics, YouTube thumbnails, emotes, item designs, etc. I do it all!

My full portfolio can be found here:…

Various examples:

Bluehorn by AdrianKendallArt   gumball guardians vs GOLB (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   library chibis by AdrianKendallArt   tavern background (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   youtube avatars (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   firebird by AdrianKendallArt   latali (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   jelly jess shirt (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   Preservation by AdrianKendallArt   /tg/ request (7) by AdrianKendallArt   Tavia Icon (Commission) by AdrianKendallArt   in the mine by AdrianKendallArt   warrior pets (commission) by AdrianKendallArt

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AdrianKendallArt Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
My most recent commission

squad 2 (commission) by AdrianKendallArt
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