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November 8, 2018


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Commissions are open

RefugeInSilence Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I'm currently taking on slots for november, send me a note if your interested, or alternatively contact me via email at silentdraws[at] with your commissions order.

Commissions are still per character involved.
Sketches/Lineart $15
Flat colour $20
Full shading $25

Refsheets (Front view + Headshot) $25 + $10 for additional edits.
Image Sequences ( 2 images per sequence) $40 + $15 for every additional Stage.

Complexity charges
Complex Linework/edits $10

if it's listed below then I won't draw it:

- Vore of any kind
- Stuffing/Feederism
- Diaperfur/Adult babies.
- Anything Racist or promotes violence/discrimination
- Scat/watersports
- Any form of loli or shota/ Underaged content in general
- Farting (seriously why is this a thing?)
- Anything political
- Unbirthing/birthing


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