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October 11, 2018


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Open For Commissions

NinaLife31 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DA Points and PayPal 
IMPORTANT: PayPal - plus 2 or 3$ additional dollars due to taxes percentage charge for the money sending.

  1. Just Paypal or points comissions.
  2. After payment there are no returns.
  3. I can refuse your request.
  4. You can ask for headshot and half body
  5. Complex designs, extra elements and designs based on description have additional cost depending on complexity.
  6. I cant make BG. Simples or png version are free.
  7. If you post work in other sites you should give me credits for them.
  8. The rules can receive updates anytime.
  9. Be patient.

Sketch: DA Points 1000 points - Paypal 10 USD
Lineart & Flat color: DA Points 1500 points - Paypal 15 USD
Fullcolor: DA Points 2500 points - Paypal 25 USD 
NSFW Version: DA Points 500 points - Paypal 5 USD 
Sketchtober: Day 1 by NinaLife31   Sketchtober Day 2 by NinaLife31   Sketchtober: Day 3 and 4 by NinaLife31   Sketchtober: Day 5 by NinaLife31   Sketchtober: Day 6 by NinaLife31  
COMM JJBA Style + Stand Design by NinaLife31   COMM JJBA Style by NinaLife31   Comm NSFW: Wikesaysno by NinaLife31   Comm: Katy and Nerie by NinaLife31   Comm: Sam and Ivy by NinaLife31   COMM: Ninapoga by NinaLife31   Comm 3/3:Bertie and Nightwatcher by NinaLife31   Comm 2/3: Nightwatcher by NinaLife31   Comm 1/3: Bertie The Bat by NinaLife31   Comm: xproducer-sanx by NinaLife31   Comm: pantherking34121 by NinaLife31   ArtTrade: Princess Namasya by NinaLife31  
FullBody Style 2

Sketch: DA Points 300 points - Paypal 3 US 
Lineart & Flat color: DA Points 500 points - Paypal 5 US 
Fullcolor: DA Points 1000 points - Paypal 10 US  
NSFW Version: DA Points 300 points - Paypal 3 USD 
Comm for manchinesandmonsters by NinaLife31   Comm: The Assistant Chef by NinaLife31   Comm: Erin Nightshade by NinaLife31   AT: Sute by NinaLife31   Mini Proyect: Lovely Boy by NinaLife31   May by NinaLife31   May-2 by NinaLife31   Come with me by NinaLife31  
FullBody Chibi
Sketch: DA Points 800 points - Paypal 8 US 
Lineart & Flat Color: DA Points 1000 points - Paypal 10 US 
Fullcolor: DA Points 1500 points - Paypal 15 US 
Chibi Vicky (Without tails) by NinaLife31   Chibi Lilith by NinaLife31   Chibi Elizabeth by NinaLife31   Chibi Naily by NinaLife31   Chibi Comm: Chroey by NinaLife31   Chibi Comm: pantherking34121 by NinaLife31  


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