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October 11, 2018


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Colour-and-lineart drawn commissions from $20 | Human, animal, anthro |

Spacer176 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Offering clean character and location drawing services for a reasonable price. Please contact via correspondence notes.

Personas, original characters, outfit concepts, ensemble scenes, furry, human, anthro, animal, monster.

I take PayPal transactions up front. Details for exchange will be provided provide during negotiation.
I reserve the right to refuse a request.
I will be with you every step, providing status updates at the buyer's request.
I offer a complimentary foundation sketch for review before hard linework is added.
Refunds available only for unfinished productions or if cancelled before I deliver your product.
A $3 retraction fee will apply to any refunds processed after the foundation sketch is approved.

Greyscale drawing | gradient background. $20 | +$8 for every extra character over two |

   Deinari Clericarch Iovera by Spacer176   Demeros Portrait by Spacer176

Flat-colour drawing
 | Gradient or simple background. $25 | +$10 for every extra character over two |

Concept Idea: Hachiman Hin-Sha by Spacer176    First Contact by Spacer176    Imperium Draknisi - Praetorian Fashion by Spacer176

Gradient-colour drawing | full background. $35 | +$15 for every extra character |

Male and female Demeros by Spacer176    Sketch: Uriel Ultanos XVI by Spacer176    Royal Retinue by Spacer176

Full colour drawing | Gradient background. $50 | +$25 for every extra character |

Ambassador Ri-thetanis. Emissary of the Draknisi by Spacer176

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