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October 10, 2018


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HufeArt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Professional General Artist
So cute ! 
NekoMaon Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018
Hello! I am a traditional cartoon artist and I would like to draw your characters for the low price - 2$ per piece (1 character) or 3$ per piece (2 characters on a piece). There are some excamples of my work, for more excamples check my "sketches" gallery folder. I also can draw other kind of commissions like full colored or chibi. Just ask me about it if you are interested.

I also draw a NSFW. Note me if you are interested and I'll get you a link of my NSWF folder on Heart

Comm.: the social network by NekoMaon ::Some fanart scetches:: by NekoMaon Comm.: Cold by NekoMaon G.: ANTO by NekoMaon Comm.: Dakimakura: Clawed grl and Itrea by NekoMaon

1$ = 100 Points

For more excamples check my GALLERY

Comm.: the social network by NekoMaon   Comm.: Cold by NekoMaon   - 2-3$ sketches and linerats
G.: CooI by NekoMaon   /Bisa-Chibi by NekoMaon :: Monsters of Gravity Falls :: by NekoMaon   ::Star Butterfly:: by NekoMaon   - 3$ colored bust and chibi, flat colored
::Mermaid:: by NekoMaon A.T.: Black Salem by NekoMaon   ::MIRACULOUS: LADYBUG:: by NekoMaon  - 15$ full without bg, bust with simple bg

Mature Content

C.E.: Alina by NekoMaon
  C.E.: Pine-Up Hekapoo by NekoMaon - 20$ full with simple bg
HufeArt Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Professional General Artist
I love your Chibi Style !
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