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October 10, 2018


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★ High quality commissions opened! ★

CocaineJia Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hi everyone~
My name is Danny, I'm a professional artist, working mostly in fantasy and semi-realism style. 

I have a big expirience in drawing and designing fanart, OC's, book and comic covers, and game concept. 
I don't have any taboo's for topics.
Feel free to note me and describe your ideas, attaching some photo-refs if you have them. =) (Smile)

Payment is in USD via Paypal.

☻ sketch (headshot, half-body, full-body) - 15 $ (+1 char = +10 $)

sketch sample by CocaineJia 

☻ portrait - 25$ (big amount of details = +5-10$)

Grim Reaper by CocaineJia  OC portrait by CocaineJia  Ray by CocaineJia  what you deserve by CocaineJia  Che Guevara by CocaineJia  girl with a scar by CocaineJia  Daryl Dixon by CocaineJia  dark!Undertaker by CocaineJia 

☻ half-body illustration - 35$ (+ 1 char = +10$, +background/big amount of details = +5-20$)

James portrait by CocaineJia  Miles by CocaineJia  Batman and the lady by CocaineJia  Neo and Malice by CocaineJia  Vampire's bite by CocaineJia  Shiny by CocaineJia  Yariba by CocaineJia 

☻ full-body illustration - 45 $ (+1 char = +20 $, +background/big amount of details = +10-30 $)

  leather by CocaineJia  Raven by CocaineJia  Fightgirl by CocaineJia  Dane by CocaineJia  Sheriff by CocaineJia  Miles by CocaineJia

☻ Tattoo designs - 20$-200$ depending on the amount of details

tattoo sample 2 by CocaineJia  tattoo sample 3 by CocaineJia  tattoo sample by CocaineJia 
tattoo sample 4 by CocaineJia 

Thanks for reading and have a nice day~

Devious Comments

phoenixleo Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018
Hello CocaineJia,

In an effort to allow all threads equal exposure, we do not allow threads to be "bumped" (leaving a comment or reply to move a thread to the start of the forum page) and as a result, your thread will be closed today.

We hope you continue to use our forums to interact with your peers but please refrain from bumping in the future!
CocaineJia Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Opened =)
CocaineJia Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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