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June 13, 2018


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RazorXSketch Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-When choosing a commission, you must pay FIRST before accepting the chosen commission, meaning that you must transfer the payment first for the offer to be accepted.

-Those who have paid will be placed on the waiting list when your commission is being drawn.

-List the full details on the commission to your liking, such as age, personality, appearance, etc.

-You can not claim the drawing as your own and/or use it to make profit for your own purposes. I would appreciate it if you credit me for my work and/or like the artwork back here.

-I will send a quick sketch or thumbnail to you to see what changes can made before the final piece is made.

-Pay with Paypal only!

-Send me a note if interested!

-I will draw listed below:

-I will not draw the listed below:
 -Heavy Detailed Mecha

 -Waiting List:






Chibi- $20

Headshot- $30

Half Body- $50

Full Body- $75-$100
  Ariel Character Poster by RazorXSketch On The Razor's Edge by RazorXSketch Comm. for anonymousmod by RazorXSketch  CDC Samurai Girl by RazorXSketch  CDC Character Callie Dalton by RazorXSketch  Ashley Greene by RazorXSketch Maverick Hunter Yume by RazorXSketch

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