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June 13, 2018


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I'm starting commissions again

ChibiAbsol Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018   Digital Artist
Its been a long time but I'm finally getting on my feet again. I have more time because I'm being transferred to a closer store as of the 18th of June 2018.

As of this new job, I should be able to dedicate 20-30 hours each week to art (giving me some room for fun and my own personal art of course)


Sketchy art ($5) (ie example)  Favorite Pokemon Absol by ChibiAbsol The Great Papyrus by ChibiAbsol

Lineart ($9) (ie example)  Agony and me by ChibiAbsol Ink the Demon by ChibiAbsol

Pokémon battle sprites ($9 for the front, $18 for both) (ie example)  Mewtwo sprite by ChibiAbsol  Flygon Gold and Silver by ChibiAbsol  Flygon Red and Blue by ChibiAbsol

Basic pixel art ($14) (About 8-10 color shades) (ie example)  Bendy pixelart by ChibiAbsol 

Grey scale full body picture ($18 per character) (ie example)  Sammy Lawrence by ChibiAbsol Alice Angel by ChibiAbsol Jaiden by ChibiAbsol Handshake by ChibiAbsol
Grey scale large bust ($23 per character) (ie example)  You try too hard to be mean by ChibiAbsol Boris by ChibiAbsol Conscious by ChibiAbsol
Cell shade group pic ($27 for a group of 5) (Add $5 for every extra character) (ie example)  Easter Pokemon (2010) by ChibiAbsol
Photo edited with characters ($27) (ie example)  Niiiice kitty.... by ChibiAbsol
Cell shaded character with basic digital background ($32, add $9 for an additional character) (Just the cell shaded character is $9)(ie example)  Vengeful Toon by ChibiAbsol
Single character colored pencil ($32, $16 more for any additional character) (ie example)  Agony by ChibiAbsol My guardian demon by ChibiAbsol

Advanced pixel art ($63) (About 16-20 colors) (ie example) 
Colored pencil group ($72) (ie example)  Bendy's Band by ChibiAbsol
HD soft shaded character with basic background ($81) (ie example) 

HD soft shaded with detailed background ($162) (ie example) 

What I can draw

-Nudity (You MUST be 18+ to request this)
-Furry (Includes furry x human)
-Straight, homosexual, and gender-bent relationships.
-Super-aged characters for more mature pictures (ie Ash and Misty)
-NSFW (it'll be censored here but I can put the full picture up on my Tumblr. You must be 18+ to ask for this)

What I will NOT draw

-Fetish art (ie diaper, scat, flatulence, inflation, super obesity, vore, foot fetish, tickle fetish, and there's probably more than that but those are the major ones)
-Lolicon/pedophilia (if you ask for this at all, I'm blocking you immediately)
-Hate art/bullying triggers
-Art that promotes suicide

With all that out of the way, if you wish to purchase my art, my Paypal is here. :3

Thank you and have a good day guys! \(^w^)/

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