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June 13


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Sketch, Ink, and Full Color Commissions Open!

TheArtofAytch Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Offering up digital commissions though sketch and ink commissions could be done traditionally.

Terms and Condition

First off, I reserve the right to turn down any commission that I feel uncomfortable accepting.

Commissions have a turn around time of 1 to 5 weeks depending on workload and complexity of the commissions. For black and white and full color bust/full body commissions, I will note you a series of composition sketches for approval before I continue with the rest of your commission. It is at this phase that you can cancel your commission with a twenty-five percent refund on your payment. If at any point after this you wish to cancel your commission you may not receive any money back as I had already put in a significant amount of time on your piece.

2018 Commission Prices by TheArtofAytch

Some Examples:
[HLV] Suit Up, Snow Shark by TheArtofAytch   Tree of Life by TheArtofAytch   Gossiping Mermaids by TheArtofAytch   Mermay by TheArtofAytch   [HLV] Gotta Put it Out by TheArtofAytch   Sun by TheArtofAytch  

More examples can be found here

Please send your order through a note. 

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