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May 16, 2018


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Point/Paypal Commissions Open

TheWickedBeast Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
~Line Art~
Chibi: $15.00/1,500 Points
Bust: $20.00/2,000 Points
Thighs: $25.00/2,500 Points
Full Body: $30.00/3,000 Points

Chibi: $25.00/2,500 Points
Bust: $30.00/3,000 Points
Thighs: $35.00/3,500 Points
Full Body: $40.00/4,000 Points
Sketch Sheet: $35.00/3,500 Points

Extra character would be double what the normal price(i.e. two bust line arts, whether in the same picture or separate, would be $40.00). Exceptions may vary.

If you have any questions or are interested in a commission, feel free to send me a note! 
Feel free to ask me about mature themes as well. I am willing to do furry or mecha(?) art but I cannot promise It'll turn out good(do to the lack of practice mostly)

Here are examples of the above options. For more examples, peer into the abyss that is my gallery.

Chibi PC 2: ShadowKhanZ by TheWickedBeast Commission: Momo Character Sheet by TheWickedBeast CP: Karo Lineart by TheWickedBeast CP: Karo Colored by TheWickedBeast Merry Christmas from Astaghaill by TheWickedBeast 3 Wishes Lineart WIP by TheWickedBeast 3 Wishes Finished by TheWickedBeast Machi by TheWickedBeast Machi by TheWickedBeast Sasamune Redraw by TheWickedBeast Commission: Fatalii by TheWickedBeast Commission: Kuri Character Sheet by TheWickedBeast

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