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April 16


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Commissions are open (Prices are in the form and no slot limt)!!

thequietdoll Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Commission sheet1 by thequietdoll
Commission sheet2 by thequietdoll
Commission sheet3 by thequietdoll
Commission sheet4 by thequietdoll
Commission sheetExtras by thequietdoll

More examples:

Magnta by thequietdoll   Prompt: POSSESSION + Speedpaint by thequietdoll   Spidy [+ Speedpaint] by thequietdoll   [Todd Hertz] Expression practice: Sad by thequietdoll   [Yume Nikki] Madotsuki [+ Speedpaint] by thequietdoll   Bottle Miku Hourglass [+ Speedpaint] by thequietdoll   Chase Brody LA by thequietdoll   Chase Brody by thequietdoll   [Commission] Frisk and Napstablook by thequietdoll

Interested in buying? Note me or fill out this form: Form


I will draw
  • Fan art
  • OCs
  • Persona(s)
  • Partial nudity
  • Cute and or creepy things
  • Ships (would you kindly keep it PG-13 or platonic on here please).
  • Soft/Candy/Fruit Gore
  • Detailed teeth
  • NSFW (still getting the hang of it sorry)
  • Extremely violence/sexual content
  • Non-con/rape
  • Incest
  • Abusive ships
  • VORE
  • Anything illegal ( like underage children taking a bath and then ask me to draw them getting dress, yeah no way I’m doing that noise, buddy)
  • Under-aged ships ( like adult/child Loli/Shortas, DD/LG themes as well)
  • Most detailed robotic things (Like huge mechas or something)
  • Extremely muscular bodies
  • Ponies/furries (humanized/gijinka is alright in my book)
  • Animals
  • Anything extremely religious

- If the commission you order has a deadline(for a birthday gift, event or anything sorta), please contact me AT LEAST 1 week before the deadline.

- My commission is for personal use only, not for commercial use.

- Just in case you want to re-post it or using it, please put the direct link back to my blog as a credit.

- Payment: via PayPal.

- Payment type: Half and Half (Meaning you pay me half AFTER the sketch is approved and the remaining half after the piece is finished!)

- If you want something in the background like a soild colour/pattern/no colour it’s cost nothing!

Please signal boost, it’s free.

Want to tip me or can’t buy anything?

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