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March 13


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Offering Pixel Art Commissions!

knux400 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
Title says it all. I'm currently offering unlimited slots for pixel art icons of whatever character you like! I can work off of a reference image or just a description, so if you need an icon for a social media site, chatroom, or just for the heck of it, hit me up! Send me a PM here or shoot me an e-mail at

Just a few terms:
- Head/facial area ONLY
- Nothing NSFW (This means no NSFW reference images, and no NSFW requests. If you aren't sure whether something qualifies as NSFW or not, you may ask me first.)
- Payment must be provided half up front and half upon completion via PayPal

$7.50 for one 100x100 icon + $0.75 for one frame of animation
$5.00 for one 64x64 icon + $0.50 for one frame of animation
$2.50 for one 32x32 icon + $0.25 for one frame of animation

Backgrounds/Borders are included free of charge, provided they're something simple (a solid color or some kind of pattern), but you must specify what you want, otherwise you'll receive a transparent background. All icons will be scaled up to 500x500 or 512x512 unless otherwise specified.

For more examples of my work, check here:…

If you'd like some pixel art that isn't an icon, look here:…

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