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February 14


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Commissions open (pokemon/digimon/anthro etc.)

SoihtuSS Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My two galleries (noki001 one is for Digimons):……

Regular pic of a character with lineart and coloring (cell shading or more painterly) 30 dollars (60 dollars for two characters etc.), example:
  Hackmon by Noki001   Duftmon commission by Noki001   Agumon by Noki001 

Lineless pic of a character 60 dollars (120 dollars for two characters etc.)

Suicune by SoihtuSS   Punimon Tsunomon Gabumon by SoihtuSS   Wargreymon by SoihtuSS 

Can also add background or other extra stuff if needed, price depends on complexity

Send me a note

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