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February 5, 2018


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PoonieFox Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
YESYES because we NEED some kind of SALE IN HERE! :dummy:
so nice art for CHEEP pricing! :D Read along!

So am offering aswell, digital art, as traditional art!
Traditional art can be send to you if you wish, but please pe prepared to give out your address and pay the sending costs :)
(they shouldn't reach out of hand as everything i offer WILL fit into an envelope! :dummy: )
i cI can do any animal you'd like, i am not great with human art, but i will try for you!
:bulletred: DIGITAL OFFERS :bulletred:
:bulletorange: 1. CHARACTER DESIGNS :bulletorange:
on base character designs, come with a simple kind of ref! :)
:bulletyellow: 2. DIGITAL CHIBI ART :bulletyellow:
cutie art of your character, comes shaded!
:bulletgreen: 3. SMOL TEENY :bulletgreen:
just a smol dolly for on your page to decorate! :D FINALLY OFFERING AGAIN
:bulletblue: 4. CHIBI CHARACTER REFSHEET :bulletblue:
just an easy twosided chibi ref of your character!

:bulletpurple: TRADITIONAL OFFERS :bulletbpurple:
:bulletpink: 1. TRADITIONAL CHIBI ART :bulletpink:
cutesy art of your favorite character! you can pick it to be drawin in either pencil or markers! (A5 sized)

:bulletwhite: 2. ACEO CARDS :bulletwhite:
you can pick the material i have to use! you can pick from pencil, markers or even paper!
(paper only with simple designed characters with easy colours)

:bulletblack: OTHER :bulletblack:
- payments have to be done with PAYPAL, people form the same country can use banktransfers if preferred
- payments must be made upfront, in order for me to start on your commission.
- I am capable of drawing any animal youll trow at me, including fantasy species.
- I am capable of doing chibi humans, thought they are not my speciality.
- In case of traditional art, i am willing to ship it to you, if you civer the sendin costs, i am an experienced shipper.
I am able to give you an estimate how much shipping is and how long it'll take for it to reach you, 
though when it's out of my hands, i can not be held responsible for what happens to it!
- I can work fast, so when there is nothing on my todo list and i am free from work, sometimes i can complete your order on the same day!
- SALE pricing commissions last until the 1st of March, after that the commissions will be their regular prices again.

:bulletred: SLOTS :bulletred:
they are basicly almots unlimited, but just to keep track who orders what :)

1. -:bulletwhite: EMPTY :bulletwhite:
2. -:bulletwhite: EMPTY :bulletwhite:
3. -:bulletwhite: EMPTY :bulletwhite:
4. -:bulletwhite: EMPTY :bulletwhite:
5. -:bulletwhite: EMPTY :bulletwhite:

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Devious Comments

PoonieFox Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
EDIT: Now also available for points! :D
I'll set up a widget special for you when commissioning!

traditional not included as it requires sending costs, points are not accepted at my postal office sadly..
JenFruzz Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Updates are better suited for your journal. :) Please do not bump your thread.
PoonieFox Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
yea i had no idea how to update my tread so it would be actual instead of making new ones over and over again when i update something in the journal..
so i figured commenting on my tread is the quickest way to let watchers of it know that there was an update? idk how to update is otherwise but commenting, i was not bumping xD;;
JenFruzz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
The quickest way to let your watchers know is through a status update or personal journal entry. Unfortunately leaving new comments on a forum thread is bumping and against the rules. After 7-8 days or so you can always close your old thread and open up a new one with the updated info! Waiting that period of time makes sure it is not spamming. I hope that helps. :)
spvcekitt Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you take points? Or is it just PayPal?
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