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December 8, 2017


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Let Me Write Your Fantasies to Life!

pornwriter Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Professional Writer

Mature Content

My Nice Ass (by Bahow) by pornwriter

Hello! And thank you for checking out my little ad here Here's a kiss for you, my love! I'm sure I've got a lot more you'd like to. . . check out.

I have fun doing what I do, and I want to do it for you: step into my mind and let your desires pour out of my pen: I'm a mistress of crafting a sanctuary of seduction, wherever your fantasies take us.

I want to learn your forbidden fantasies, and bring them to life: I will drown you in sweet pleasure, I will burn you with fiery sin; I am a natural pleaser, and I will keep you frisky and turned-on from the first word to the last. Here's a kiss for you, my love!

I love to please, and I want to pleasure you with my words, if not with other things B-) (Cool)

I love to have fun, but I need to keep my lips wet. . . along with other things. So I need to ask you to give me a little for my time:

Buy My Prints Please I like to do a quick commission for $15, usually 800-2,000 words, something short and sweet, just enough to get you excited.

I also love to take looong fantasies: $10 for each 1,000 words, I love to pack all I can into each chapter.

I also have a few little 'special' projects of my own you can get your own stories from:

For $5 You can buy a sequel to any of my 1,001 Bondage Nights
(Those range from soft n' sweet to hot-hot-hot!)

For an easy $10 you can get yourself a story in my Emily Series
(My original series and most favoritest writing - hot sexy bondagettes getting exactly what it is that they want!)

I've written solo fun, any kind of pairing, threesome, and more! it doesn't matter what you're into, I can give it to you!

Maybe you want to simply have some hot, kinky, fun?
Daphne and Velma Having FunDaphne sits back in her chair, enjoying the weekend quiet, and she glances over at her roommate, Velma, sitting engrossed at her computer. Leaving high school, going to college together - yes, they sure had come a long way in the past few years.
Velma turns, as if feeling Daphne’s gaze and meets her eyes. She smiles. “What are you thinking about?” Velma asks.
Daphne shrugs. “Where we came from, what we were doing.”
“Oh.” Velma pushes away from the computer and turns to Daphne. “Last year,” she says, leaning forward, leaning her elbows on the arm of the chair. “About now, we were investigating the Dark Gripsley House.”
“Oh, that place,” Daphne says with a shiver. “Dark and dank, and those total creeps who kidnapped me!”
“Yeah. . .” Velma says slowly. “What was it like? Being kidnapped? Being a damsel in distress?”
“Well. . .” Daphne says awkwardly. “Well. .

Or some romantic interlude, something sweet and sexy-
Silent PassionThe door of the office opens and Westley steps out for a breath of fresh air. Tall and broad-shouldered with pale skin, he has hooded gray eyes like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. His silky, curly, black hair is worn cut short and mussed about his head. He has stubble, unshaven after- well. . . He had been in there for he doesn’t remember how long, laboring hard at his latest work. He gets like that sometimes - lost in his work and loses track of time. He’s heard it’s pretty common. Anyway, he didn’t intend to stay out for long, just to get some fresh air, something to drink, maybe a quick snack, and then get right back to work.
But as he step out of his office, he finds Sweet Thing standing there. He calls her that, because she never told him her name. In fact, she’s never told him much of anything. He don’t know why she decided to stay with him, but he’s always been glad she did. She has an air of serenity about her, no matter wh

Perhaps you want a little hot degredation?
Jen And Lilly, Part 2JEN'S FATE
Jen is tall and lean, her slim body moving with the smooth easy sway of a natural swordswoman. Her dark brown hair is cut shot in front, hanging down long in back, gathered in a long ponytail that hangs down her back, swaying from side to side with every step she takes. Her skin is pale, which is clear to see, because so much of it is bare: she is barely not naked, more by courtesy than modesty. Her robes are long gone, even the obscene bikini she had been dressed in for the auction is long gone. In its place she wears a pair of long frilly stockings that rise to her mid-thigh, a frilly white bandeau top that barely covers half her breasts, the edge of her aureolae barely peeking ot over the top, and tiny pink panties perhaps two sizes too small for her, that sinks into her pussy lips an between her ass cheeks. Over her 'clothing' a harness of thin tight rope is wound around her, framing her breasts, wrapped around her bare hips, and a tight (ever so tight!) rope is pulled d

Whatever you want, I'd love to do it for you! Smooooch!

Tank Of MilkSonja is tall, but narrowly built; with short brown hair and dark gray eyes, she fits in a lot better in a scientific lab than in the body of a tank, but that is where she is now.
Beside her in the tank's turret cradle sits the loader, blonde Marie Bellerose, who catches Sonja's glance, and blushes, glancing away shyly, he cheeks burning a bright pink even as she gives a little smile - Sonja's girlfriend, she is still very shy, even around her close friends.
Behind them both, in the commander's chair is quiet contemplative Zofia. She holds the edge of the turret with a serious grip, her lips pressed together in a firm line as she stares ahead, her piercing red eyes narrowed, missing nothing as she watches the rolling steppe before them for anything unexpected. In an odd free moment, she turns her eyes away from the landscape to looks down into the turret body, down at Sonja, and she sighs.
Below and ahead, in the body of the tank is the brunette Ukrainian Sasha Baranski. She hums softl
Perfect MatchUrd has a plot in mind. She's been trying to bring Bell and Keiichi together for long enough, but the two are too shy to even ask for the perfect match right in front of them.
Now the gloves come off.
Bell, who might be known as 'Belldandy' in some alternate universe, tosses his clothes over a bar and walks into the shower room. Across the room, Keiichi, who might elsewhere be known as 'Keiko,' has left her neatly folded clothes lying on a shelf, showing she also is there late.
The moment the door swung shut behind Bell, Urd walks in from the outer room. She glances around the room, to be sure she is alone, then hurries over to the shelf and grabbed up Keiichi’s clothes. She slides Bell’s clothes over her arm, then takes a moment grabbing every towel in the room.
Eventually, first Bell, then Keiichi shut off the water, and came out of the shower room. Bell, the shy gentle guy stands frozen in shock, finding all the towels are gone. Keiichi, the tomboy, likewise stands in
Blu's Looong Ride Chapter 13After a time, Blu got tired of hurling imprecations at her sleeping captor. Her breath ran out, exhausted, she hung in her bonds, waiting for- for anything to happen.
Blu never knew how long she stood there tied to the tree. Every part of her body was bound up in ropes, not a single part of her could move, except her head. And that was the problem for her: her neck got tired. She tried leaning her head back against the tree trunk, but could only hold that pose for a time. She lowered her head until her chin rested on her cheast over her erect breasts, but that only made her neck ache. That was what her world narrowed down to: how she held her head to spare her neck from hurting. The crotch rope still split her below, but without the constant motion of the black horse she could feel the fires of arousal starting to fade away. . . Blu closed her eyes, mumbling a prayer of thanks-
“Mhm!” she cried out, jerking her head up in shock: something hit her breast! Looking down, she s
Black Widow and Mistress ViperMistress Viper stands tall with a muscular well-formed body, her wide hips and round firm breasts press out against her sleeveless dark green armless jumpsuit. Long gloves stretch form her fingertips tup to her shoulders, baring a flash of hr dark tanned skin on either side. Her narrows intense face is set with dark eyes and framed by long straight obsidian-black hair.
She stands in her office, deep in her base, standing with her hands clasped behind her back, incidentally pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her large breasts out as she surveys a map on the wall before her.
A dark figure slips through the doorway behind her and creeps on silent feet toward her: Black Widow, her own curvy form covered with a black catsuit, a white cloth in her right hand, soaked with chloroform. But just as she is about to strike, Mistress Viper whirls around, a whip suddenly to hand, and she slashes at Black Widow's hand, knocking the cloth from her fingers with a Snap!
"Welcome, Widow!" Viper sne
Fun With GardeningEudora might put one in mind of a darting fish - her almond-shaped brown eyes are constantly in motion, glancing about at everything. She has a small nose and bushy golden eyebrows set in a round china-white face framed by thin curly golden hair that gleams in any light. Very short, she has a rounded curvy build, and dresses only in orange and black, one of many ideosyncracies she has as an Autistic. She lives alone in a small house on the outskirts of the city, with a large greenhouse on the side where she spends most of her free time. The fact is that she has never been good at understanding people - she's always been better at understanding her plants than other Humans, feeling that she can communicate with them, impart her emotions and thoughts to them. Of course, nobody has eve believed her, but she has persisted in her pastime, interbreeding different species to produce new breeds, until her greenhouse is a riotous welter of greenery.
Except she went somewhere and saw something s
Trans FunKarla stands at the kitchen counter, putting things in order.
Behind her, her best friend and roommate, Marina, walks in behind her. she presses himself against her from behind. she wraps her arms around her, pulling her back against her, placing her hands on her breasts, giving her breasts a playful squeeze. "Good morning!" she says with a cheerful grin.
Karla cranes her neck to look over her shoulder at her with a grin. "Hi," she says. She arches her back to press her ass backward toward her. She presses her soft ass against her crotch, winding her ass from side to side, grinding herself against her.
"Uhhh. . ." Marina grunts, stiffening slightly as Karla rubs herself against her, her cock swelling as she continues, rubbing her ass up and down, then back and forth.
She tosses her head, grinning a toothy wicked grin as she brings her best friend to a high pitch of arousal. "Mhhmm, you're horny today!" Karla comments.
"I didn't get a chance to jerk off in the morning, because you keep
Resistance Is FutileKen Possible,  slim, heavily muscled, his curly red hair cut short in an action cut, deep green eyes that sparkle with excitement. He wears a tight black sleeveless top and heavy cargo pants with a belt festooned with pouches, and a pair of tough heavy boots.
The teen hero slips silently through the darkness, slipping from shadow to shadow, easing his way toward his goal. "It's a good thing I didn't bring Rona along," he says to himself with a grin. "She'd just set off a trap and get us both caught."
He puts his back to a dark wall, and turns to peer around a corner at a wide door, guarded by two heavily-built henchmen. "Huh," Ken says wit ha grin. "Looks like Dr. Draken's upgraded her security!" The spunky teen gymnast draws a deep breath, muscles rippling easily beneath his tight top, then he leaps out from cover.
The two henchmen are taken completely by surprise: Ken leaps up into the air, spinning in a somersault, then comes crashing down at them. He kicks out at the tall one
The Naughty NunØyvind looks up at his hands bound together with handcuffs locked tightly around his wrists and bound to the top of the bed.
In all truth, he doesn't rightly know how he came to be here - it all passed in a blur from the moment that-
He looks up and sees her; her face, narrow and pale, set with almond-shaped eyes the color of pine needles, framed by thick curly white hair. The rest of the body is swathed in folds of cloth, most of her head hidden beneath a black wimple. Short and narrowly-built, she stands lightly, her eyes gleaming as she looks down at him. "You've been a bad, bad boy!" she says, hr thin lips curling into a smile.
Øyvind struggles on the bed, pulling at the cuffs until they jangle. Before he can say anything, the nun leans over him, her right hand appearing form the folds of her robs, a thick blue ballgag held in hr hand. She plunges it into Øyvind's mouth, deftly wrapping the straps around his head to hold it in. "Mhmm!" he moans, staring up at her in
EntombedMary walks down a dark corridor deep in the heart o a pyramid, somewhere in the great Egyptian desert. Tall, dark tanned skin stretched tight over muscle, she has a narrow high-boned face with soft broad lips, and black hair bound in a tight braid that hangs down between her shoulder blades. She wears jeans, tough tough, and a blue shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows. A bright flashlight in her right hand illuminates the room before her as she steps into the central tomb.
The chamber is dark and bare, only a single sarcophagus stands in the center on a waist-high stone platform. Mary's lips turn in a wide smile. "I found it!" she cries out delightedly. Purely by chance, actually, but she won't let that stop her. She peers closely at the sarcophagus, reading the hieroglyphs there: "Lover's Nest. . . what a stupid name," Mary snorts.
She straightens up and whirls around. "Steven!" she shouts angrily.
Her brother stands, dressed like her, picked out in her light: his skin a light t
In The Pumpkin PatchVelma was a short, well-built woman with shoulder-length brown hair, pale freckled skin, and thick horn-rimmed glasses. Velma had broken from her usual shell to dress in a sexy police officer uniform with a mini skirt and knee high boots.
Her friend Blu was a full-figured, rubenesque woman clad in belly dancer outfit of pink and gold; it had a tight low cut low-cut bra  that barely held back her full erect breasts and long loose trousers of an almost transparent fabric that showed off sturdy legs. She was lightskinned, with  dark brown hair in a neat puff bun.
Together, they were on their way to a Halloween festival, walking through the farm roads beside the dark fields, breathing deeply of the crisp October air.
“Hey,” Velma said, stopping in her tracks and staring away. “Isn’t that it over there?” she asked, pointing out acrosss the fields.
Blu followed her pointing finger, peering into the darkness. She saw what looked very much like the

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I have commissioned several stories from :iconpornwriter:, including Two Korras More, Part 1“Yes, me,” Lightning Bolt Zolt, leader of ther  Triple Threat Triad Gang says with a wicked grin, meeting Korra’s horrified eyes with a gloating smile. He looks form her to her male counterpart.
Korra is in her gym, hanging in the air bound to a bar by thick straps pulled so tight they have turned her hands dark, holding her suspended, completely naked but for a heavy leather tube wrapped and strappedf around her legs, binding them tightly together; below that, her bare feet hang over a small pool of water set beneath her.
She has very good reason to hold herself up over the water.
Opposite her is almost almost her mirror image: a face she knows from the mirror every morning, tall, tanned, thickset, his body almost bulges with thick muscles across his chest and arms. Like her, he has a thick plug filling his mouth, muffling his cries to murmurs; their identical blue eyes meet with identical looks of distress and confusion.
But his bonds are not identical: he hang
, Pony FantasyFenix  is a tanned, curvy girl, with large firm breasts, a narrow waist and wide graceful hips melding into long lean legs. She has long curly red hair that hangs down to her tight ass and wide green eyes that usually hold a sparkle of humor, but now they are hooded and anxious as she stares at her computer screen, looking at the finished email waiting to be sent, with the name os Sally, a good friend, at the bottom.
Not long ago, Fenix and Sally had spent a night together, and Fenix had admitted, after a few drinks, how frustrated she felt with no boyfriend, and no prospect of getting one, so many punks and wastrels she had found, but not one she would actually want to be with.
Sally recommended the Naughty Wyvern company, with its offer of a 'Scenario of your Dreams' to make anyone's fantasy come true - Sally also said to mention her name in the e-mail so she could get one session for free.
Now, today, after a long lonely night, Fenix actually wrote the email, filled out the onl
and Furry Time Part 1Cassidy, to put it lightly, has a problem.
I hope you won't think me to be taking an impropriety when I tell you that Cassidy has a great deal of trouble becoming aroused. With men, women, even by herself; it is just so hard for her.
Which is a pity, because Cassidy is a fine-looking woman: about twenty-five, not tall, with a tight muscular body, shapely hips and firm breasts, a taut belly and long lean arms and legs; she keeps her thick straight brown hair cut short, her eyes are large and green - if she wanted, she could have gotten just about anyone she wanted. But because of her problem, she has grown distant, and yes, a little bitter, over time. Her firm expressive lips clamped together in a stern line, her wide dark green eyes turned darker and narrowed.
Unfortunate Cassidy not only looks mighty fine, but is easily seen: she is an aerobics instructor, and is often to be seen in tight-fitting clothes that only accentuate her every line and curve, either at class, or coming to and
. I'm nothing but pleased with the great work she did on all of them - she delivered them quickly, with just the right amount of focus on important aspects and included everything I've asked for. I can only recommend her services for both kinky and/or romantic kind of stories! :)
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