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November 17, 2012


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I was robbed: help me get back on my feet

Auburna Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Interface Designer
It may seem that this doesn't belong here, but bear with me...

Yesterday a thief robbed me out of my laptop and handbag (which had everything that's important to me - wallet, ID, cards, etc). I'm quite miserable because they contained more than just work - they were also personal and to know that someone with bad intentions is messing with my belongings is just so cruel. But I can't even dare to hope to get my things back, because the police won't start searching until Tuesday and by then the laptop would probably be sold to someone...

My problem is that my laptop literally paid my bills. No laptop, no money, no money, no new can guess where this is going. A few people on dA know me as a commissioner and can confirm I can be trusted. What I ask for is not just a favor - but a plea for trust as well.

I need to gather $700 (35 people x $20) or 500 (25 people x 20) to buy a new laptop. I'm using a friend's PC now and I probably won't be able to work until I get my new laptop. But if you guys are generous and kind enough, I can gather all of your names in PayPal's log of payments and I will draw every single one of you a commission of whatever you want, really. You can check my gallery and see examples.

I know it's awfully difficult to ask for money and trust via the internet. But I have no other choice, so I'm willing to take the long shot.

Thank you for your time.

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