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Character Reference Sheet

GensoRay Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2020

I'm looking to commission a reference sheet for a character I've been workshopping for a bit now. I have a a good amount of reference material and detailed descriptions to help bring this character to life!

Looking for an anime style, but with a fair bit of detail/complexity as the overall design direction for the character I have in mind has a modern military tactical operator aesthetic. Comfortability with drawing firearms and things like plate carriers, tactical rigs, helmets, and other combat operator type dress and equipment is preferred.

More than willing to pay whatever you feel is fair for your time and work!

Post below or send me a note if interested, and/or want more info about the comm!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day 

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FakeAnna Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2020  New Deviant
Good day :0)

Can make a full body art for 25$ Paypal payment only.
Firstly I'll send you a sketch and, after your approval, will create an invoice. You can receive the finished work after full payment.
I have a quick turnaround ( 1 - 3 days )

Examples of my work : Untitled by FakeAnna Not Hte Size by FakeAnna    Untitled by FakeAnna   Untitled by FakeAnna   A Short Hike (claire) 2 by FakeAnna  
Ikos-Karimlan Featured By Owner Edited Nov 23, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Good morning GensoRay,
 Im interested in your project.

Here are my artwork: (PRICE: $120 with different expression/and full front, back, side view)
Chakram Dancer Low Res by Ikos-Karimlan FAIRY FOX SW final LOW RES by Ikos-Karimlan Night Ghoul Final Low Res by Ikos-Karimlan Eurkas Of The Earth By Ikos Karimlan D9oobez-fullv by Ikos-Karimlan Sakurapastel by Ikos-Karimlan Penguin Knight Wm by Ikos-Karimlan Toucan By Ikos Karimlan Dbefj5n-fullview by Ikos-Karimlan Low00 by Ikos-Karimlan

Contact: or via deviant art note.

Thank you!
alleriart Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
                                  Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star  F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Middle) Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star 
                                  Shooting Star (Right) COMMISSIONS OPEN Shooting Star 
                                  Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star

Hello! My name is Alleria and I'm OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!
Due to the pandemic I lost my job and I'm now a full time artist/illustrator.
Thank you very much for your attention!

Check my coom sheet, please?

Some examples (more in gallery)
Demon Hobi (From Twitter Prompt) Jung Hoseok BTS by alleriart BTS OT7 Drawing - We are 7 (discounted commission) by alleriart Crowley and La (Commissioned Art) by alleriart Earth (Astro Persona) by alleriart Caught in a trap! -  Finished Art Commission by alleriart
kjus Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I am  so much interested with you that I specialized in anime manga and I been working as webtoon artist as 3yr!
fullbody 40~60usd within 24hr!(for character sheet would available 60~80)
I am available at all times  , send me a note 
or contact me at discord BRMD-DHR#1478

rezero rem! by kjus    fire force iris by kjus   shutendouji~ by kjus   commission open! by kjus   bea! by kjus   shutendouji by kjus  
sample for character sheet by kjus 
kooliit Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested! Here are some samples of my work.

Alleria Mavis - OC by kooliit   2 Mizu Concept Art by kooliit   1 Lily Pad Concept Art by kooliit  
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020
Hi there!

I am very interested too. Sounds like fun would be glad to help.
Prices are flexible.

Just take a look at my gallery on my website or on DA(verdilaksbreeding) and feel free to contact me.

Cheerioh! Flo
concept-art, illustration, logo-design
TheTDArts Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there,

Im pretty interested in your offer and I could help you out if you like my artstyle

And please, feel free to PM me if youre interested and/or have any other questions

Samples of my work:
( OC ) 'N/A' - Turnarounds by TheTDArts  ( OC ) 'N/A' - Emotions by TheTDArts  Heaven's Lost Property - Ikarus by TheTDArts  ( Commission ) Bleach - Riruka Dokugamine by TheTDArts  Spice and Wolf - Holo ( Cell Colors ) by TheTDArts
Elle-Rei Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hi, I'm interested in your project!
Some example of my art here:
iNkBA by Elle-Rei Inkopolis Trendy by Elle-Rei Black Swan by Elle-Rei Swan Song by Elle-Rei :C: Neon Street by Elle-Rei :CM:Christiania 1884 by Elle-Rei Library by Elle-Rei :CM: Store by Elle-Rei :CM: Alien Vege Field with Walls by Elle-Rei :CM: Docking Station by Elle-Rei Splatoween by Elle-Rei Octo Expansion by Elle-Rei Izuminokami Kanesada by Elle-Rei DMMd Noiz mug by Elle-Rei

Drop me a note if my styles are what you looking for:aww:
DoomGuy26 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, Im interested in this project and i would like to offer my services.

My portfolio
few of my work
  Dark Elf by DoomGuy26    Mankar The Dark Wizard by DoomGuy26   Thunder guardian by DoomGuy26   Guardians of the Wind by DoomGuy26   Guardians of fire by DoomGuy26       
Auron vs The Revenant by DoomGuy26   Dragon rider by DoomGuy26   Lich king vs Night king by DoomGuy26   Knight by DoomGuy26   DragonKnight by DoomGuy26 

:happybounce:  Check the commission information HERE

if you interested please send me a note or email me

Best Regards.
TigerFruits Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
My name is tiger fruit I am a small time webcomic artist I specialize in anine/pop art style but always looking for new way for doing work. I saw your offer on deviant art and was unsure if the offer still stands. You can come see my work on my deviant art. Or Instagram which is Tiger_Fruits. All my numbers are flat so there no additional charge to the original price which includes shading and lighting for colored art. I am willing to do $5 per page rate and very communicative as I always have a open line for communication with past commission personal and much more I am in a desperate time for work so i would really appreciate it. There many websites to reach me on. I hope to hear soon! Monster girl by TigerFruits   Pink among us  by TigerFruits   Among Us Brown by TigerFruits   Fursona by TigerFruits   Episode One Page 10 by TigerFruits  
Lady-Sweetart Featured By Owner Edited Nov 21, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'd love to help with this project of yours!. Here are some examples of my work below. You can see more recent artwork of mine on my instagram. If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to email me:

Character Commission by Lady-Sweetart Water Girl Commission by Lady-Sweetart Kana-Chan by Lady-Sweetart   15446851 by Lady-Sweetart 9984 by Lady-Sweetart   461651 by Lady-Sweetart    It peach by Lady-Sweetart     Bara by Lady-Sweetart Tara by Lady-Sweetart 20190624 112941 by Lady-Sweetart     Aesthetic Boi -Duncan by Lady-Sweetart    Nausicaa JPG 2 by Lady-Sweetart     Kirin 22 by Lady-Sweetart Spike Spiegel by Lady-Sweetart Tanjiro JPG 2 by Lady-Sweetart New miku by Lady-Sweetart Shot 4 by Lady-Sweetart   Tsuyu 2 by Lady-Sweetart   
sergeant16bit Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
[OPEN] Commission Card as of June 2020 by sergeant16bit


As You can see, I can do a variety of art styles

Spartella: Bronze Age Disney Style by sergeant16bit Brass Brush by sergeant16bit Toontober: Sakaki by sergeant16bit Toontober: Dirk the Daring Super Smash Bros by sergeant16bit Rule 63/Gender Bend Altered Beast by sergeant16bit Shantae as Rouge the Bat by sergeant16bit Comm: Azumanga Sailor Fuku Monika by sergeant16bit
MarxeDP Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, i'm very interested


Untitled by MarxeDP   Jerry Male Character by MarxeDP   Jerry Female Character by MarxeDP   Jerry female halfbody by MarxeDP   Jerry male halfbody by MarxeDP   4 by MarxeDP   6 by MarxeDP   7 by MarxeDP   11 by MarxeDP   14 by MarxeDP   12 by MarxeDP   16 by MarxeDP   17 by MarxeDP   18 by MarxeDP  
HVasya Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello! I'm writing to apply for the job position as a concept artist for your character! :)

Here is my portfolio:
Practice coneptart by HVasya   Practice coneptart by HVasya   C1 by HVasya   C3 by HVasya   Commision anime by HVasya   Sarah by HVasya   Dragon storm by HVasya   Dragon storm by HVasya   Bangalore-Apex Legends fanart by HVasya…

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to look over my application and portfolio. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Instagram: sushininjaa
FabianCobos Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm a professional comic artist and Illustrator and I want to apply for your job offer, I have an anime influenced style and I have pretty much experience doing character design, my rate per character sheet starts at $65 with five views of the character and the front view with color, if you need all views with color or extra details like face expressions that will be additional cost.
You can contact me via email to or discord to fabcob#3110

Tiradora Claire by FabianCobos Characters02 by FabianCobos Girl Col by FabianCobos
Ro color by FabianCobos Captain Expedition by FabianCobos Rocket Boy by FabianCobos Trailblazer by FabianCobos Bersek by FabianCobos
Fabian Cobos
Illustrator & Comic Artist

kumokuu Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020
Hello i'm interested 😊
For charcter sheet, 2 fullbody + 3 headshoot $100
Detail sheet add extra price
So, it is my sample
Design Oc Commission by kumokuu    Giyuu Tomioka by kumokuu  
Rindou Kobayashi by kumokuu   Mel0dey Dtiys by kumokuu   
JuandaMR Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello, mya name is Juan David, a colombian Illustrator and I'm very interested about the Job Offer, let me share with you some samples of my work and a link to my Portfolio.

- H E A D A C H E - by JuandaMR   Mouse Warrior #CharacterDesignChallenge by JuandaMR   Goddess of Nothing by JuandaMR   Aggron - #CharacterDesignChallenge by JuandaMR   INK BRIGHT by JuandaMR   Veleno the Bocadillo and Milky by JuandaMR   Larva Tank - #CharacterDesignChallenge by JuandaMR   THE ZULY'S CURIOSITY by JuandaMR   One Kiss by JuandaMR   Akuma - #Characterdesignchallenge by JuandaMR   God of War - Kratos and Atreus by JuandaMR   Zuly - Character Design by JuandaMR   Exotic Dragon - #CharacterDesignChallenge by JuandaMR  



Thanks for your time
Sdois Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm interested! Here are my values:


Bust: 3 - 5 USD

Full Body: 5 - 9 USD


Face: 5 - 9 USD

Bust: 8 - 12 USD

Half Body: 13 - 17 USD

Full Body: 19 - 27 USD

To see my drawings in NSFW visit my PIXIV ->…

Mature Content

Zombie -Sexy V by Sdois
  Zombie by Sdois   Middle by Sdois  

Mature Content

[NSFW] Lili 2 by Sdois
Face - Lili by Sdois   Shaua3 by Sdois   [CM] Persfone by Sdois   [CM] Ian by Sdois   [C] Turbo by Sdois   [C] Stabitha Moon by Sdois   [Raffle] Lotus by Sdois   [OPEN] Commission in DollarsPRICE TABLE,~ CHIBIBust: 3 - 5 USDFull Body: 5 - 9 USD~ ANIMEFace: 5 - 9 USDBust: 8 - 12 USDHalf Body: 13 - 17 USDFull Body: 19 - 27 USDBACKGROUND: 2 - 27 USD The amount may vary within that base, depending on the difficulty.Extra characters: The base value is added again, example:12 USD + 12 for the extra character;,I draw: Nudity; Gore; Women; Man; Children; Fetishes; NSFWNOT drawing: Furry; Animals; Muscle; Very "masculine" man;MY TERMS:- After payment it will not be possible to cancel the order, and there will be no refund;- The use of the drawing will be only personal, I do not allow commercial use in any of my works. If you want to negotiate something like this, talk to me BEFORE placing the order;- I ask you not to remove my signature from the drawings or in the PNG versions.ABOUT MY SERVICES:- I collect payment only after I send a sketch of the pose (YCH);- Only payment via Paypal is accepted;- In addition to the final drawing, I will give the drawing with the characters in PNG with transparent background, being multiple characters or just one. Depending on the order, I even deliver the background design itself;- I do not charge for changes at the end; however, I can refuse the request if it is impossible or too complicated to change it;- I like to keep the client informed of everything, so with each step I take in the drawing, you will receive a message from me asking if you want me to change anything.Interested? See the form in the comments!If you feel you are not someone you can trust, you can check my other Commissions work in my folder: COMMISSIONS ART and if you find it necessary, speak personally with some of my old clients. Questions? Feel free to ask!To see my drawings with nudity I recommend accessing my PIXIV.Example of my recent works:,,,Some older drawings:,,,,,Contact : ; Pixiv ; Facebook ; Twitter ;...

Contact : ; Pixiv ; Facebook ; Twitter ; DeviantArt
rikuJe37 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi There!
I would like to do this commission for you!
here are my samples Hi! 
Fe'ar by rikuJe37   Sakurra Schoolgirl by rikuJe37   Tanjiro by rikuJe37   Sakura Halooweeeen by rikuJe37   Hawks B Miriko Tutor by rikuJe37    DnD Viking practice by rikuJe37  
acecore2k Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I'm interested in the commission. I'll add a few examples of my style and you can find more about my commission rates here, let me know if you're interested in working together through messages/notes or my email, Thanks, hope that you find the artist that better fits your idea! 
Azukkar (Original Character Commission) by acecore2k   Storm (XMEN) by acecore2k   M. Bison/ Vega (Street Fighter) by acecore2k   Ivy (Soulcalibur) by acecore2k   Psylocke X-Men by acecore2k   Fran (Final Fantasy XII) by acecore2k   Deadpool by acecore2k   Character Sheet/ Circel - Original Character by acecore2k   Street Fighter Costume Design/ Asura Armor by acecore2k  
NinjaDaLuaHT Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HI there! I'm Cadu and your offer is really interesting. Here some of my works:

Sonata (Guandao V.) - COMM by NinjaDaLuaHT   COMM - Dr. Vistora by NinjaDaLuaHT   It's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll have by NinjaDaLuaHT   Protagonist - P1 Remake (fanmade) by NinjaDaLuaHT   Saint Paula - Sao Paulo 466th anniversary by NinjaDaLuaHT   Ciel but she is REMADED! by NinjaDaLuaHT   Tomoko Mizoroge - D(emon)gray-man Slayer by NinjaDaLuaHT   Lucifer from Helltaker by NinjaDaLuaHT   

I'm also confortable in using some other artstyles. But now, the prices:
Full-body: $50 USD
Half-body (above knees): $40 USD
Head: $20 USD
Chibi (full-body): $35 USD
Chibi (Half-body): $25 USD
Chibi (Head): $15 USD
Each extra character/pose in the same draw: +20 USD
Simple BG: $20 USD
Complex BG: $50 USD
We can also negotiate the price if you want less features (like simple colouring or just the lineart) or a huge order.

NT. Payment by Paypal only.

My Devianart page (if you want to see more of my works):…

It'll take up to 7 days (usually just 3) since we accord the request.

If you're interested, send me a DM, a message to my Discord Cadu#3041 or an e-mail to
Or just reply here, I'll be glad to answer ASAP.

Hope we can work together!
skittelsaddict Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020
I'm a illustrator who is interested in your project. Here some examples of my work.
Master Study by skittelsaddict   7805f6a7d9caf9e93faa21ce7dca7627 by skittelsaddict   Image by skittelsaddict   Untitled by skittelsaddict  
You can reach me here or at
Thank you for your time.

sushy00 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my work:

Gloria reference by sushy00   Joselynn reference by sushy00   Nick and his pet reference by sushy00   commission: character designs by sushy00   Jackrabbit reference by sushy00  

Please note me or e-mail me at sushychan(at) if you want to work with me. 
2REALTIDYDESIGN2 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 20, 2020  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist

GviElRojo Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello! I’m a concept design artist and illustrator and I’ll be very pleased to contribute with some cool art to your project!

Take a look at my portfolio at the following link:…

The cost for a character sheet will vary depending on what you need and can be totally customizable, can start at $50 USD for a three views and a hero pose in a sketchy style, or up if you want more refinement color, shading etc.

Let me know if you're interested.

Have a great day!!
Marcos-A-Rodrigues Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi. I'm very interested in work with you. You can check my portfolio at my profile or here:
We can negotiate the prices. Feel free to contact me and discuss about the project.
M-GO Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested! I have no problem drawing or designing firearms too ^^ I'll post my prices for character sheets and some samples:
Chara Concept Prices 2019 by M-GO   Quince Color1 V2 by M-GO   Scifi Guys by M-GO   Sarah by M-GO   Health Enforcer Tengu by M-GO