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Looking for an artist who can do a Sexy-Somewhat-NSFW wallpaper of Arcade Ahri from lol.

The title says it all but some details -

I am looking to get her drawn landscape lying down in the arcade world looking out at the camera perspective.

I want to change up her look a bit however with tighter shorts, a smaller top, no green under-top, and some cute high heels something like this -
My Queen (6399) by VostroyanSniper761 My Queen (2038) by VostroyanSniper761
+ Some Thicc² so that means like some large breasts/ass/overall thicc²
Arcade Ahri 01 by VostroyanSniper761 My Queen (6383) by VostroyanSniper761
Credit to all these amazing artists btw I love their work ^

So anyway if you are interested in working on this project hit me up I have been wanting to commission a sexy arcade Ahri wallpaper for a long time it's my favorite skin and she has been my main since season 3.

(I am going to keep the offer open for about 3 days or so If you don't hear back right away that is why)

I do all payments via PayPal no exceptions.

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VostroyanSniper761 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2020
Thanks, everyone for your interest and taking the time to post in the forum I have selected an artist for this project at this time but I do a large to mid-sized project every 3-4 months if the winds are favorable so I hope to work with one of you in the future! 
KirkeChan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Maybe I can help?
Commission prices by KirkeChan   Commission prices - semi realism by KirkeChan   Shego - concept art by KirkeChan   Stars  tonight - Ahri fanart by KirkeChan   Ahri  elderwood - fanart by KirkeChan   Request - I don't know a name of this OC by KirkeChan   Frosting - request by KirkeChan   Request - Mizu by KirkeChan   Bat family - sketch by KirkeChan  
FancyFishStudios Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I am open for commissions! Drawing sexy, curvy females are one of my specialties!
I love playing League of Legends, Nami is my favorite champion~

(I'm unsure as to how to make my commission sheet larger, so you would have to click on it Sweating a little... )

FFS Commission by FancyxGrenades

Colored Ahri Tattoo Design by FancyxGrenades   Tidecaller by FancyxGrenades   New Moon Rising by FancyxGrenades   Art Swap - Ocelot by FancyxGrenades   Art Swap - Milo by FancyxGrenades   Sunflower | 3 emoji challenge | by FancyxGrenades   Outfit of the Day by FancyxGrenades   I Dare You to Look by FancyxGrenades   Lydia | OC Fan Art | by FancyxGrenades   DJ Janaga | Commission | by FancyxGrenades   Galaxy for Qinni by FancyxGrenades   SU - Amethyst by FancyxGrenades   SU - Elegance by FancyxGrenades   SU - Garnet by FancyxGrenades   Shion by FancyxGrenades  
shinekoshin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested in ^^

My commission info here, take a look [OPEN] SFW/NSFW/Animation Commission Info
Some samples: 
Mehira AFK Arena X Assassin Creed by shinekoshin Female Ranma Fanart - Sexy version by shinekoshin Seraphine - League of Legends fanart by shinekoshin

Hope we can have a chance to do something together. Thanks for reading ~^w^~
sixmi34 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, there!
I'm Sixmi34, freelance artist specialized in NSFW art.

Here's my commission info:

Mature Content

Commision Info by sixmi34


Style 1:

Mature Content

Ino Yamanaka by sixmi34

Mature Content

Sakura Haruno by sixmi34

Mature Content

Hinata by sixmi34

Style 2:

Mature Content

Tsunade - 500 Followers Special! by sixmi34

Mature Content

Reisalin Stout by sixmi34

Mature Content

Raikoooooooooooooooooooo by sixmi34

Style 3:

Mature Content

Uzaki Hana by sixmi34

Mature Content

Lucifer, the CEO of Hell by sixmi34

Mature Content

Aerith Gainsborough (NSFW) by sixmi34

More sample here:…
and for more explicit sample here:…

Chat/note me if you're interested, or you can reach me here:

E-mail :
Discord: S34#7867

Thank you~ :happybounce:
AniCrys Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Student Digital Artist
CE: Archbishop Ragnarok Online by AniCrys   CM: Doc [Chronicles of Eden - S2 ] by AniCrys   CM: Felucia [ Chronicles of Eden - Season II ] by AniCrys . CM: Yorobi Golka by AniCrys

$45 + depending on the complexity of your request. If you're interested here's a link for more to know more about the process...…

Thank you! 
kjus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! i am so much interest with your commission that i have 3yr experience of webtoon !
my price is 40~60usd per character within 24~48hr
for more information please see my contact me note or discord BRMD-DHR#1478
RAM by kjus  [adoptable] neko sailor! Starting price with 15$ by kjus  commission open! by kjus  maid marie! by kjus  high quality sample by kjus  shutendouji by kjus  bea! by kjus 
Nuartilar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I'm Interessed, i think i draw like what are you searching for, and i do a lot of League of legends Commissions and fan-art
Some of my work

Ahri Spirit Blossom by Nuartilar   Star Guardian Neeko by Nuartilar   Soraka s commission by Nuartilar   Lillia by Nuartilar   Janna by Nuartilar   Star Guardian Janna by Nuartilar   Bewitching Janna by Nuartilar   Nami Splendit Staff by Nuartilar   Ahri K/DA by Nuartilar  

Mature Content

Star Guardian Janna NSFW by Nuartilar
Muzakki Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I'm Fariz Muzakki, a freelance digital artist. I accept any request for character illustrations.

I'm interested in your VN sprite commission. I believe I can imitate the style of your former artist. I charge USD 64 for a full body sprite (plus 3 additional facial expression as bonus).

Here are some samples of my works.…

Tita Alanya (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   A-Wing Fighter (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Dryad (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Beach (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Laneia Avery (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Magnum (Original Work) by Muzakki   Ria (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Constancy (Original Work) by Muzakki   Katya Vanina (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Brawl (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Energy Sucker (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Zombie Buster Girl (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Spike (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Night Stroll (Commission Work) by Muzakki

Let me know if you are interested to hire me! I'm quickly responsive to email ( and Discord (muzakki91#7944).
gin-1994 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020
kishdoodles Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I'm interested :)

26-8-2020 (3) Sentry by kishdoodles   21-2-2020 (1) Updated Dollhouse by kishdoodles   29-4-2020 (3) Tyrande Portraitsmol by kishdoodles   12-5-2020 (3) Atelier Ryza Square by kishdoodles   2-9-2020 (1) Frantic Creativity Dtiys by kishdoodles   13-9-2020 (4) Vaporwave Jon Ad by kishdoodles

Here's my info:  Commission InfoI'm taking commissions! Payment through PayPal invoices (USD) or Paynow / Paylah (SGD). Opening with 4 slots. If you intend to commission me, please read my Terms of Service. By commissioning me, you have automatically agreed to the terms provided. What I Will / Won’t DrawBelow is a general guideline for what I will or will not draw. Please keep my art style in mind when ordering; my forte is human illustrations. Things outside my comfort zone might not be as high of quality as something I am used to doing.Allowed ContentOriginal Characters / Fan art / Humanoid charactersGoreSemi-NSFWNSFWMechaAnthro / FurryMonsters (Depends on what they look like.)Complicated Designs (Will likely incur surcharge)Hard Vore (Ask regarding Soft Vore)Disallowed ContentCharacters intended to be or appearing underage in any sexual or suggestive context.BeastialityExtreme Fetishes (Ask)Any sort of hateful content, such as racism, transphobia, homophobia, and characters with Nazi/Soviet/etc. imagery or paraphernalia.You must be over the age of 18 to commission adult content. Breaking this rule is extremely serious and will result in blacklisting/blocking on all social media, email, and any other means of contact. By ordering anything 18+/NSFW you are agreeing that you are at or above the age of 18.Currently, there are 3 slots available. Contact me via email (, Discord (Kish#5324), or Instagram DM

If you're interested, email me at or on discord at Kish#5324 
monoaxe Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm interested. $50-100 range  Image0 (4) by monoaxe   Image0 (5) by monoaxe   Kukikkkkcontest by monoaxe   Testi by monoaxe   Lifeeeeeffttgg by monoaxe   Bbbbb1 by monoaxe   Eppepepep-3 by monoaxe   Meeeeep by monoaxe   Boop-3 by monoaxe   Teir by monoaxe   Ykaieddjdjdj-9 by monoaxe  
CarloGarde Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist

   Cci09152020 0004 by CarloGarde     Cci09152020 0002 by CarloGarde       Cci09052020 0003 by CarloGarde   Cci09052020 0001 by CarloGarde   Cci08282020 0009 by CarloGarde   Cci08282020 0001 by CarloGarde     CCI08192020 copy (1) by CarloGarde           Ddpvypm-9b6e9273-c734-435b-8856-68204871aa94 by CarloGarde   Spider Woman -jpg by CarloGarde   Star Sapphire Carlosgarde Color Miguel By Miguel17 by CarloGarde  please check me out. Ill give you a good deal.
Straban Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist


I'm interested in this job.

my email: or write a note please

I can paint in many styles If I get a good direction, guidance and references.
Mary Jane / Spiderman by Straban Irelia / League of Legends by Straban Tifa Lockhart / Final Fantasy 7 Remake by Straban Spider Gwen / Gwen Stacy / Spiderman by Straban Irelia vs Sion  /  League of Legends by Straban  Lara Croft / Tomb Raider by Straban  Supergirl / DC Comics by Straban  Jill Valentine / Resident Evil 3 Remake by Straban

GinoIntroini Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
A work like that I usually do it for $15

Ecchi by GinoIntroini  

Mature Content

Minita by GinoIntroini
  Lust by GinoIntroini   

Mature Content

Quicksand3 by GinoIntroini
  Jem by GinoIntroini  
DakzpeR Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello ! I would like to work with you on your project ! Here are some sample sof my work 
Dark Magician Girl by DakzpeR Dakzpers Arcane Idol by DakzpeR Wonder woman by DakzpeR Ligerine Elf by DakzpeR Devil Girl by DakzpeR Yang by DakzpeR

Mature Content

Redhead Commission by DakzpeR
Harpy by DakzpeR
AdrianKendallArt Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, I'd love to help you with this pinup. Here's some character art examples from my portfolio:

Mature Content

Mirror by AdrianKendallArt
  dr. girlfriend by AdrianKendallArt   Bluehorn by AdrianKendallArt   planet dance by AdrianKendallArt   witchsona by AdrianKendallArt   Cake by AdrianKendallArt   latali (commission) by AdrianKendallArt   Cake 2 by AdrianKendallArt   Honey (Commission) by AdrianKendallArt   Mecha Maiden Moeka (Commission) by AdrianKendallArt   AshMoonDesigns (Commission) by AdrianKendallArt  

If you have any questions, DM me or email

Lemohnade Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello! My name is Lemohna and my commissions are open! I sell half and full bodies for $10-$15!

Here are some examples of my art:

Peach~ by Lemohnade Alex by Lemohnade Commission for mr._.armadillo94 by Lemohnade Sailor Moon can wear her mask too by Lemohnade

If my art is what you're looking for, feel free to send me a note!
Stay safe, and have a nice day!!
meruudraws Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist

Mature Content

Shion from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime by meruudraws

Mature Content

2B Nier: Automata NSFW fanart. by meruudraws

Mature Content

Retro Anime Screenshot - Transformations by meruudraws

Mature Content

(Re-upload) Furry Love Piece commission  Gardevoir by meruudraws

Mature Content

Kitty Oc by meruudraws

This is what my style looks like! If you like what I do for your project, please contact me!
Masterpoy029 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020
I've been waiting for this project because im obsessed with Ahri too.please check my albums if you're interested please dm me.
VivianMeow Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested, here are some samples of my work:
My deviant:
Thanks you!
Artemis - FFXIV   [COMMISSION] by VivianMeow    Commission - FFXIV by VivianMeow    Commission - Mirabel Fairfax (Cover Book) by VivianMeow    Katarina - LoL Fanart by VivianMeow    Personal work by VivianMeow    Card art by VivianMeow     Commission by VivianMeow     Xayah  - LOL by VivianMeow
benjgalutan Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Viper Valorant Fan art by benjgalutan   Tifa Lockhart Fanart 3 by benjgalutan   Boa Hancock Bath Time by benjgalutan   Jill Valentine Fan art by benjgalutan   Ada Wong fan art by benjgalutan   wonder woman comic cover fan art by benjgalutan   The Ugly Bastard page (webtoon series) by benjgalutan   Character Pinup illustration by benjgalutan   Digital paint 2 by benjgalutan

Hi, Im interested. You can email me at
Hi, Im interested. You can email me at
lunaishdraws Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I'm a freelance digital artist and i'm interested on working for your project but before that, here's the sample of my artwork

aerith gainsborough fanart by lunaishdraws axegirll dtiys character by lunaishdraws rey Ayanami fanart by lunaishdraws

Price is $10-30 per Character, depending on complexity. Note me if you're interested.
ErotixXx Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020
TUMBLR(nsfw) likes are very welcome ;) (Wink)
TAPAS(nsfw) "The Order" webcomic --->
wakwham Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist

Here is a sample of my work for you to check:

Guitar Lady by wakwham Freyja by wakwham

Mature Content

Down with the crown by wakwham
Lux and Ivy by wakwham Inktober2019, Day 17, Ornament by wakwham DTIYS - discreetlydraw by wakwham Woman of dark desires by wakwham Glass Hero: Mirela by wakwham Demigoddess by wakwham Punx by wakwham Ghastly Conjurer by wakwham Big axed by wakwham

If you're interested, send me a note or e-mail me at

My other pages:
ArtStation | Instagram

Here is my commission price guide:

Comissions guide 2020 by wakwham
kennythemesht Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I am interested to work with you 
I sent you a note with my commission info,I hope you have a good day
MangakaOtoko Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi for this illustration my base price is 70$ if you interested, send me a note  to talk about details!! 
some examples of my work:
Frederica Baumann by MangakaOtoko   Eriko by MangakaOtoko   Kokkoro by MangakaOtoko   Rem by MangakaOtoko   Komurasaki by MangakaOtoko   Rem by MangakaOtoko   Marnie by MangakaOtoko   Rem by MangakaOtoko   Marnie Reverse Bunny Suit by MangakaOtoko   Rem x Ram x Emilia by MangakaOtoko   Katarina X Maria by MangakaOtoko   Miku by MangakaOtoko   Commission by MangakaOtoko   Echidna by MangakaOtoko   Hime X Ahri by MangakaOtoko  
MatheusIzaias Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020   Digital Artist
Hi! I think  my style will match with what you want. Here are some samples:

Chun-Li v1 by MatheusIzaias   Chun-Li v2 by MatheusIzaias   Dark magician girl v1 by MatheusIzaias   Dark magician girl v2 by MatheusIzaias   Peach v3 by MatheusIzaias   Daisy v3 by MatheusIzaias   Rosalina v3 by MatheusIzaias
Hope i can help you. If you are interested, send me a note. Have a nice day.
El--G Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm interested
If you think I can help you, do not hesitate to get in touch

Tifa2 by El--G   TIFAa by El--G   Mili by El--G   R by El--G  

Mature Content and Widowmaker by El--G
  Noname1 by El--G   Nonamesz4 by El--G   sailorCGodios by El--G   Arquer3 by El--G   Goblin Slayer No Helmet By El  G Ddai34p-fullview by El--G  
NathanielGirls Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi maybe i can help :)

Comission by NathanielGirls   Sam Simpson - Totally Spies! by NathanielGirls   Peach Assault ! (Commission) by NathanielGirls   Raven by NathanielGirls  
constancelea Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll send over my portfolio. :D
Everybery Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I`m a professional artist. I have a huge experience in drawing book covers, fanart, OCs and etc so I`m very interested in drawing for you. I usually work fast  and with high quality.
COMMISSION - Dio Ref sheet by Everybery   COMMISSION - Kalieth by Everybery   COMMISSION - red dress girl by Everybery   COMMISSION - YCH Eden by Everybery  

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Minerva and Elise by Everybery