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Web Novel Cover Art Commission

dfbreezy Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
Hello DA, 

I'm looking for ann artist to make a stylized cover for my ongoing web novel called Guild Wars. 

The general line/color style I'm looking for should be similar to my current cover:

As for the style of the commission, it would be similar to that of The King's Avatar, with 2-4 characters (The real-world version and VR version of the MC and FMC side-by-side and back-to-back) with a white background. 

Cover of the King's Avatar:

Price range is 200-250 dollars. Let me know if you're interested. 

Devious Comments

Sae66 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Commission Information [OPEN] detail rate here 
my commission is currently open, feel free to send me a note if you're interested 
say ah by Sae66   Klaude by Sae66   Mikey by Sae66   COMMISSION for bui ngoc (FB) by Sae66   My birthday by Sae66   Commission for Niko (FB) by Sae66   Miconia by Sae66   COMMISSION by Sae66   Sir Alastair by Sae66   butler cafe by Sae66   Warlord by Sae66   Late night in Paris by Sae66  
ombobon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
here's my portofolio
hope you interested :D (Big Grin)
at a distant by ombobon   A sacrifice for a new age by ombobon   A Promise as a Start of an Epic Journey by ombobon   An End Journey by ombobon
Paulusartiss Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional
Hgeard Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Im interested about your job offer, please view my artstation portfolio below:

mail me at
Discord: hgeardart#4927
Instagram: HgeardART
1 by Hgeard   FC - Test Subject RENDERED by Hgeard   5b by Hgeard   4c by Hgeard   2c by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard   4 by Hgeard   6 by Hgeard   7 by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard  
Violeaf-MnF Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! I was so pumped for this job offer that you've posted I wanted to show you atleast a sample of what I can incorporate in the style you wanted.
I made this quick portrait of my oc on the given style and simply colored it similarly to the sample you've shown. I rushed it just so that I'd be able to show you in time and now that I'm looking at it. I wasn't able to add the cool and warm tones to match the style you presented. 
If ever given the chance and opportunity to draw for your amazing Cover Art. I'll make sure to incorporate all details and make it refined till you are satisfied on the end result.
Here's the sample I made:
King Juno Anime v2 by Violeaf-MnF   Juno Anime v2 by Violeaf-MnF  

I hope I'd be able to work on this amazing project of yours!
Thank you very much and have a safe and wonderful day/night!

Discord - ElniYano#2140
Email -

Other art samples:
Kotatsumi7k by Violeaf-MnF   Cie250k by Violeaf-MnF   Jessica Rabbit by Violeaf-MnF   Juno by Violeaf-MnF    Juno Chibi by Violeaf-MnF   Ellie Sketch || The Last of Us II by Violeaf-MnF  
zerucheese Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Greetings, I'm really interested with your offer. My artstyle is anime/manga style and hopes it match that you're looking for ^^
Here's my artwork sample :

Bakugou and Deku Heroes Rising by zerucheese   Ren Amamiya X Kasumire Yoshizawa by zerucheese   Persona 4 X Persona 5 Protagonist + Nanako by zerucheese   Ellie The Last of Us 2 by zerucheese   #SAILORMOONREDRAW by zerucheese   Zorra Chan | OC by zerucheese   SIX FANART CHALLENGE by zerucheese   Legendary Sannin (KIMETSU NO YAIBA EDITION) by zerucheese   Kokushibo VS Yoriichi (NARUTO X KNY CROSSOVER) by zerucheese   JOKO MIGHT !! by zerucheese   MUZAN JACKSON by zerucheese   Linda Melinda DREADOUT 2 by zerucheese   Webtoon Cover Commisions | DeeNation by zerucheese  

If you're interested, you can reply this comment, send notes, or contact me through :
email   :
discord : Zerucheese#3383

sanah20 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Hi there I am interested in your offer!
1979f249-c8ca-4a6d-9d3d-654022280137 by sanah20   0463516b-2239-4ba9-ae35-38bcddab4e48 by sanah20   7838a06a-666e-46be-a50f-52d2b04da272 by sanah20   308f9a97-7fe7-42a1-acdb-cc57780b7deb by sanah20   3ea75174-4051-4f90-b1a8-33e06e9149a4 by sanah20   Caf5cb9e-7fd8-4da0-a0de-9b82c0ed7294 by sanah20   A8210dd9-e470-4b80-a250-55e1358c767b by sanah20   E7b0635f-d78d-447f-99ee-a1f3e0cf183b by sanah20   0d220929-9fa1-4ae3-8d80-c88e0246ab74 by sanah20    7a2fa4c5-5607-404f-a05d-a9e069827c49 by sanah20  
Heomura Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, here are some of my artworks, I'm interested and I think I can do it, if you want to work with me, chat with me via DA chat or contact me via email:

Makima_ Chainsaw man by Heomura   Exu3 by Heomura   My Original character by Heomura   Sayuki Fumino_ Magia Record by Heomura   Warspite Kimono ver. _Kantai Collection by Heomura   Yorigami Shion_ Touhou by Heomura   Lio Fotia_ Promare by Heomura   Yu Miaoyi_ Fate Grand Order by Heomura   Mannenzakura no Uwasa_ Magia Record by Heomura   Commission bungaku shoujo style, Miyabi by Heomura    
whiteguardian Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Please check my Cover art here for your consideration.
Premade book cover gallery
Email :
KirkeChan Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Maybe I can help?
Commission prices by KirkeChan   Commission prices - semi realism by KirkeChan   Fluttershy by KirkeChan   Volpix - painting style by KirkeChan   Request - I don't know a name of this OC by KirkeChan   Ahri  elderwood - fanart by KirkeChan   Stars  tonight - Ahri fanart by KirkeChan   Shego - concept art by KirkeChan  
praslar Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I can mimic the exact style of "the king's avatar" and help you out for only $55 per character illustrated.

  Tv by praslar   Saruei by praslar   Bed by praslar Colo by praslar   Lookdown by praslar   Rivergirls by praslar   Indivisible by praslar   Guerra by praslar  
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Hi there!

I am very interested too. Sounds like fun would be glad to help.
Budget sounds ok for the current cover style.

Just take a look at my gallery on DA(verdilaksbreeding) or on my website and feel free to contact me.

Cheerioh! Flo
concept-art, illustration, logo-design
JuneArtCraft19 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
G'day :D
I am a young freelance artist and animator
I'm pretty flexible when it comes to art. 
( So if there's a particular style that you want, just send me a reference^^ ) 

I have a quick turnaround ( 1 - 3 days )

I am interested in this position and I would like to apply ^^  

I can offer you a variety of art styles and replicate art styles too. 

I'll be leaving other examples of my work ^^
( and Proof I can replicate art styles) 

1593649792283 by JuneArtCraft19 Owari no seraph style by JuneArtCraft19 MhA/bnha by JuneArtCraft19 Rhapsody A Musical Adventure by JuneArtCraft19 Tenshin Ranman by JuneArtCraft19 1561509535454 by JuneArtCraft19 1571021778315 by JuneArtCraft19 1581696843106 by JuneArtCraft19 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by JuneArtCraft19

More examples of my work :

My prices usually vary according to general complexity of the drawing: number of characters, specifications such as full body or head shot, coloured or not, background and other materials, or if a soft or cell shaded style is required. 
So, just tell me exactly what is your idea. 
The client is kept informed of the progress. 
I'll do my best to make you happy!!
I am really fast and hardworking, you will see ^^

I always start the sketch before the payment because the most important thing for me is making you feel secure

Here are other places where you can find me ( to know that I'm legit and for more examples) 

Feel free to message me here ( Most to least preferred way of communication ) 

Discord : 🌻 June 🌻#1838
Instagram : ( @juneartcraft.19 )…
Email :
DeviantArt : Note

🌻 June 🌻
KumagamiHaruna Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, here're my samples and price list, hope you're interested ^^

Comission price (updated) by KumagamiHaruna   Sukeban Sisters by KumagamiHaruna   CEO by KumagamiHaruna   Haruna the apprentice witch by KumagamiHaruna   [Charlotte] Nao Tomori x Yuu Otosaka by KumagamiHaruna   Aquarium by KumagamiHaruna  
MarcosUchiha04 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist

My name is Xen, illustrator and professional mangaka. I have drawn several comic book covers and specialize in drawing fantasy characters. I manage a color style very similar to the one you are looking for and my characters use the same proportion as those of your references. I can make the cover you order for 220 USD and it would take two weeks at most. I leave a link to my portfolio and my email if you want to contact me.




Batalla Campal by MarcosUchiha04   Submmission Abril 01 by MarcosUchiha04   Creando el bastn by MarcosUchiha04   Deis y Liam by MarcosUchiha04   Megidramon Color 01 by MarcosUchiha04   Omegamon 01 Baja by MarcosUchiha04  

Cheers !!
KGxspace Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional
Hello, I am interested. Here is link to my portfolio and some samples below. If you'd enjoy my art, please contact me via e-mail: kgxspace[at] with more details and your expectations.

Thank you!

  Commission Sketchpage: Male Morgan by KGxspace   Commission - Ryala by KGxspace   Commission - Badass Morgan by KGxspace Commission Rivienne by KGxspace Commissions by KGxspace Gavin and fairies commission by KGxspace Bday Comm Color by KGxspace Luna 2015 by KGxspace Summer Festival Reigisa Illustration by KGxspace     
crisomnia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  New Deviant
Hello, I am very interested in working with you.
I have experience in making characters for writers and can adapt to many different styles so I think I could be suitable for the job.

If you were to consider me, here are some of my previous artworks:

Final by crisomnia     Winged Girl Sparkles Za Printanje by crisomnia     42d29cda-c07f-497c-92b9-cfac78e2861c by crisomnia     46237f8c-144a-40fe-8726-f643736036a5 by crisomnia      3801cb0e-69d7-47b8-a83c-df7a81ffc660 by crisomnia      Uredeno by crisomnia     Uredena Zenica S Filterom by crisomnia     WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 20.30.36 by crisomnia     Witchling4 by crisomnia     Final Final by crisomnia             

If you have any questions or if you are interested in working with me you can contact me via notes or email (
I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.
CarloGarde Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist

Earth Sandy Copy by CarloGarde       Anthros by CarloGarde   Item 5 by CarloGarde   Titania Carlogarde copy by CarloGarde   Ddpvypm-9b6e9273-c734-435b-8856-68204871aa94 by CarloGarde   Cci15062020 0004 by CarloGarde   Cci15062020 0003 by CarloGarde   Garde Marquez by CarloGarde   CCI20052020 6 copy by CarloGarde   Spider Woman -jpg by CarloGarde  Please check me out. looking forward.
SamiDrawer Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Pecorine Sama by SamiDrawer   No Game No Life Poister by SamiDrawer   Endeavor Finished by SamiDrawer   Dragina by SamiDrawer   
Azamangauchi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant
hello, i'm interested in the job. I am an illustrator, comic artist, and character designer and I can easily develop your cover for the price of 150 dollars. see my examples below. if you like what you find, please contact me.

Sonic Cangaeiro - my color by Azamangauchi   Hunter2 - color by Azamangauchi   Hunter by Azamangauchi   Cover Commission by Azamangauchi   Undyne - Undertale fanart by Azamangauchi   Penitent One - Blasphemous (game) by Azamangauchi  
SakuraAlice33 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I'm very interested!
I always kept in touch with my clients and send them a wip for an update! (we can discuss it on discord if you have one)
Here are my art examples

::Comm:: Victory by SakuraAlice33   :Comm: Xayah (Classic skin League of Legends) by SakuraAlice33   Tsundere x Sadist (Webcomic) by SakuraAlice33   Zodiacs {Capricorn} The Sea Goat by SakuraAlice33
Zodiacs {Aquarius} The Water Bearer by SakuraAlice33   Look at me + (Speedpaint) by SakuraAlice33   ::Commission:: Nick by SakuraAlice33   ::Contest Entry:: Under the Tree by SakuraAlice33
I hope it stays forever~ ::Mystic Messenger:: by SakuraAlice33   Melancholy by SakuraAlice33

kindly send me a reply if your interested, thanks <3
Quacx3 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Student Digital Artist

Hi! I'm interested in the work. I put some examples of my work here. :3

And my commission info :3

Commission Quacx3 - 2020 - Open
Vietnamese traditional dress :3 by Quacx3   Practice by Quacx3   There was nothing for me. by Quacx3   Window by Quacx3   Miko Girl In The Rain by Quacx3  

LJMorgue Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, i'm interested. 

Commission Info

Mature Content

Klarion by LJMorgue
   cold blooded men by LJMorgue    Tyler Vitto by LJMorgue    Theo by LJMorgue
Miyancaoi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there,
I am ANCA - a freelancer digital artist based in Indonesia.
I am available all the time for commission work and I am interested with your project.
I can work with any kind of anime style coloring, for both SOFT SHADING and CELL SHADING
My work flow is depend on the complexity of the piece, I need 3 days to a week in finishing my art
My price are vary and negotiable, depend on the complexity of the work, but mostly I start in $75.

And here some sample arts of mine...


Mature Content

GAME SPIRITE by Miyancaoi
LET THE SUNSHINE IN by Miyancaoi LESLEY THE CHEERGUNNER by Miyancaoi SUMMER of 1997 by Miyancaoi PONY TAIL by Miyancaoi

Mature Content


Hope these suit you...

For further information, catch me on my email ---

Best regards
AnakKecilBrengosan Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello friend, i'm a professional artist.
i can make high quality art for you.
you can contact me via note or email at
this a few of my works, my other art in the gallery or
This is a few of my art.

Thank you.
Alucard by AnakKecilBrengosan   TWO HEADED OGRE by AnakKecilBrengosan   Vexana Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan   Arcane Idol Illustration by AnakKecilBrengosan  Masha Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan
Neotistics Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Hello! Iím interested. I can draw aesthetic stuffs, detailed outfit and background. Here are my art examples:
Drinking boba tea
You can see more on my Instagram account @/Neotistic. Contact via
Thank you!
Sae66 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Student Digital Artist
my commission is currently open Commission Information [OPEN]
feel free to send me a note if you're interested 
Klaude by Sae66   Mikey by Sae66   My birthday by Sae66   Commission for Niko (FB) by Sae66   Miconia by Sae66   COMMISSION by Sae66   Sir Alastair by Sae66   butler cafe by Sae66   Warlord by Sae66  
Mihyuu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I’m interested! 

Examples of previous cover art:
Blind and Bereft Illustrated cover by Mihyuu

Examples of arts: (please click into the images to view full size.)

Jingrui | Lanterns by Mihyuu Floating Abyss Palace by Mihyuu Jingrui by Mihyuu Jingrui | Blood in the Water by Mihyuu
Blind and Bereft by Mihyuu Claudia Claudius Caelum by Mihyuu Merlin, the Dragon by Mihyuu
Sun by Mihyuu Commission by Mihyuu

Feel free to note me if you have any question. :)
monoaxe Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm interested!  ER6FIS6XsAAr-PB by monoaxe   ER6FIS3XkAAdag3 by monoaxe   Untitled by monoaxe   EcHtF1YX0AA BIU by monoaxe   EYv08wmXYAAA D5 by monoaxe  
artfullys Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional General Artist
I'm so interested, note sent
kathecute Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Pencil sketches 2 $
20200711 232736 by kathecute  
YCH Designs $ 4
embedded_item1566719041606 by kathecute  

Simple black and white drawing (digital) $ 8
embedded_item1566717539904 by kathecute  

Simple color drawing (digital) $ 10
Img 20200629 134957 278 by kathecute  

Full color drawing (digital) $ 15
1587425810082 by kathecute  
Realistic black and white drawing (traditional) $ 20
embedded_item1588693101441 by kathecute  
Realistic color drawing (traditional) $ 25

No Game No Life 0 By Kathecute Dcm6g1y by kathecute  

sthanheykel Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I've worked with some webnovel covers before, you can see some of my previous artwork below:

Wizard's Pupil by sthanheykel   Legend Of The Sengoku Heroes by sthanheykel   80971411 P0 by sthanheykel   Capa Vol2 by sthanheykel   teto colossal SEM LOGO instagram by sthanheykel    Preparing For War by sthanheykel   Lille Concept Art by sthanheykel   Perfect Garden capa by sthanheykel  

You budget sounds perfect for me. Let me know if you're interested.
HeyMarii Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant  Digital Artist
I'm intrigued about your webnovel, so here are my samples of my work. If you think my art style suits your project, kindly let me know!

Sun King by HeyMarii   His Glory by HeyMarii   Elizabeth by HeyMarii   [CM] Arlen by HeyMarii

Mature Content

[CM] Upside Down by HeyMarii
  Me and My Mongrel by HeyMarii   Cu Alter by HeyMarii   Fb Img 1593318571862 by HeyMarii   Warrior by HeyMarii
Karidzka Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
Hello, i am interested with the work

Full Body - 50$
Additional Character - 45$

Half Body - 35$
Additional Character - 30$

Background 5-10$

I have a paypal and discord. Please note me, if you are interested

This is my sample work
Page 1 by Karidzka   Ruri by Karidzka  

Mature Content

Kyaru by Karidzka

Mature Content

Mash Kyrielight by Karidzka
  Nya by Karidzka
Transform into Gardevoir by Karidzka  

Mature Content

Transformation Scene by Karidzka
souryu-7 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hii, I'm interested

Here is my commission info :
Commission Info

please note me if you are interested

This is my sample work :

Mature Content

Tamamo Swimsuit by souryu-7

Mature Content

White Heart by souryu-7

Mature Content

Levia-tan~ by souryu-7

Mature Content

Alice by souryu-7

Mature Content

Little Hellcat! by souryu-7
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