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Need artist to do character work starting with one

pylorns Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
I need an artist to work up a full character sketch of a pipe smoking sea captain circa 1870s in search of his sea monster.  This will be used on a website initially.  Additionally, I may want to do a ship, and a Kraken, but we'll start with the sea captain. Please let me know your commission rate and link me to examples of your work. 

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pylorns Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Thanks everyone!
chimeraic Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020   General Artist
Hello! I can do it for 300 USD! The kraken as well would probably cost the same.
sushy00 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my work:

Horsea and the Horsea mermaid by sushy00   commission: home 5 by sushy00   commission: character designs by sushy00   Nona by sushy00   mechmaid by sushy00  

My prices are here:

July CommissionsHi! I am looking for commissions for the month July! Currently 4 of 5 slots are open so I can start working on your artwork right now! Please note me, comment here or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail(dot)com to request a commission. 1. Jamie2. 3.4.5.Here are the options you can choose from (you can also ask me for a quote when your option is not there): Pencil sketchPortrait: $11 USD Half-body: $17 USD Full-body: $23 USD (extra character +$10 USD) Biro Drawing Portrait: $16 USD Half-body: $22 USDFull-body: $33 USD (extra character + $15 USD)(to get the artwork colored it costs around the same as a digital painting) Cell-shading Portrait: $26 USD Half-body: $32 USD Full-body: $38 USD (extra character + $20 USD) Digital Painting Portrait: $36 USD Half-body: $47 USD Full-body: $63 USD (extra character + $25 USD) Icons (maximum size: 150x150 px) Flat-colored icon: $6 USD Cell-shaded icon: $11 USDDigitally painted icon: $17 USD (I make pixel icons too, those are the same price)  Animated icon: $23 USD Comics SFW comics only, NSFW comics are more expensive, depending on their content Pencilling/inking: $27 USD per page Basic coloring: +$29 USD per page Please note me, comment here or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail(dot)com about commissions.  Want to see what I did for past clients? I have a commissions folder right here:…...

Please note me or e-mail me at sushychan(at) if you want to work with me. 
GilbertoBorba Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello friend! !
Check out my Portfolio on my studio site:…
*** If you can not access my site, go to Facebook = Ilustrador Gilberto Borba.
In the photo albums you have my complete portfolio.
Check out my budget =
1 Page =
Layout + Pencil + ink (black digital Ink from Photoshop) = $ 22 dollars.(Cartoon $ 15)
If blank space is left on the page, if it is only the character without scenarios,
you have a discount on the amount charged. Total = $ 15 (Cartoon $ 10)
If you choose colored with digital color
(1 layer Flat Color - Photoshop) = + $ 15 dollars (Cartoon $ 10)
I do not draw explicit sex. Only Paypal.
Many thanks, big hug and I'm available !!
Gil Borb
Facebook = Ilustrador Gilberto Borba
Neotistics Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Hello! If you’re still looking, I’m interested. I can draw detailed outfit and background. Here are my art examples:
Drinking boba tea
You can see more on my Instagram account @/Neotistic. Contact via
Thank you!
pylorns Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Hello all, I've reached out to multiple people now, waiting on a response.
KirkeChan Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Maybe I can help?
Commission prices by KirkeChan   Commission prices - semi realism by KirkeChan   Fluttershy by KirkeChan   Volpix - painting style by KirkeChan   Request - I don't know a name of this OC by KirkeChan   Ahri  elderwood - fanart by KirkeChan   Stars  tonight - Ahri fanart by KirkeChan   Shego - concept art by KirkeChan  
Kordyne Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
I'm open for commissions if you'd like to have a look: Commissions Chart by Kordyne

Here are some examples of my work:
Captain Glowbeard by Kordyne Put Him in a Longboat Til He's Sober by Kordyne Lahil by Kordyne WoW Human Hunter 2 by Kordyne WoW Warrior Monk by Kordyne Goliath in the Library (Lights On) by Kordyne WoW Hunter Fishing by Kordyne

Hope you like what you see!
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Hi there!

I am very interested too. Sounds like fun would be glad to help.

Just take a look at my gallery on DA or on my website and feel free to contact me.

Cheerioh! Flo
concept-art, illustration, logo-design
Mehdi-kun Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, that sounds fun! DM me for more details :D
Bilgewater Cannoneers by Mehdi-kun   Crab abomination by Mehdi-kun   Spectral carrier by Mehdi-kun  
JoseMan881 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi I'm open for commission! Just send me a message if you're interested, my prices starts at $20.
here are my samples.

Ezekiel Smirk by JoseMan881   Ellie and the gang by JoseMan881   Neocolamus Character Sheet by JoseMan881   Kaja a servant of an unknown Old god by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 20 by JoseMan881   Study Session by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 15 by JoseMan881   Art Collection 16 by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 7 by JoseMan881  
MarcosUchiha04 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist

My name is Xen, illustrator and professional cartoonist. I can draw in an Amerimanga style or use a more realistic register for your captain. The funds are good for me. I leave you a link to my prices and my portfolio. You can contact me through my email.


Prices:  Tabla De Precios 02 by MarcosUchiha04


Paildramon 01 Baja by MarcosUchiha04   Batalla Campal by MarcosUchiha04   Creando el bastn by MarcosUchiha04   Valk y Deis 01 by MarcosUchiha04  

Cheers !!
CarloGarde Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist

Earth Sandy Copy by CarloGarde   Color16 by CarloGarde   Xmen2 (2) by CarloGarde       Titania Carlogarde copy by CarloGarde   Ddpvypm-9b6e9273-c734-435b-8856-68204871aa94 by CarloGarde     Cci15062020 0003 by CarloGarde   Garde Marquez by CarloGarde   CCI20052020 6 copy by CarloGarde   Spider Woman -jpg by CarloGarde Cepheus Beast by CarloGarde   Please check me out. looking forward. 
SamiDrawer Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Sami-cecchetto-simon-f-b (2) by SamiDrawer   Finished by SamiDrawer   Riot Scientist by SamiDrawer   Page 11 by SamiDrawer  
DanielvoArt Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello my name is Daniel
I find your offer very interesting and I would like to collaborate with you
These are some examples of my drawing style. If you think I can fit what you need just contact me!

Commissions 1 by DanielvoArt Commissions Part 2 by DanielvoArt
Conqueror by DanielvoArt Dtiys Morrigan by DanielvoArt Spider Nest by DanielvoArt Abyssal Mermaid by DanielvoArt

Commission Info:…
AlvinGasga Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I think i can give you what you want. As you can see, I've got a lot of styles. from Painterly semi realistic to stylized cartoon. It depends on you what kind of style you want. challenge me!
View my portfolio here:

I can offer you 50$ per illustration
send me an email:

sample works:
Rajo : The Giant Moon-Eater by AlvinGasga Dr. Strange by AlvinGasga Sirena by AlvinGasga Dreille (Fan Art) by AlvinGasga Kimiko The Empress (Fan Art) by AlvinGasga

Mature Content

Kulukupap by AlvinGasga
The Devil by AlvinGasga Sansilmo Bird by AlvinGasga Pili by AlvinGasga
BadMoonArtStudio Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist


We are interested in working on this project with you and we are confident to deliver quality results. We have done many projects related to Character Designs and we are still doing now as you can view on our Website. 

Here is our Website and other platforms:

If our works are what you are looking for please feel free to drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hear from you soon, have a nice day!

Studio Producer

LJMorgue Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, i'm interested, you can see mor info in my Commission Info

Tyler Vitto by LJMorgue    Theo by LJMorgue    cold blooded men by LJMorgue
FabianCobos Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm a professional comi Illustrator and comic artist, and I can provide you with quality character design for your project.
Here you can see samples of my work. You can contact me via email to to review details of payment and time delivery for your designs.
if you prefer you can send me a note too.
Characters by FabianCobos Girl Col by FabianCobos Cast by FabianCobos

Fabian Cobos
Illustrator and Comic artist
Ankonox Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, we are Ankonox. We are interested in your proposal. We'll be looking forward for you.……
Hgeard Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Im interested about your job offer, please view my artstation portfolio below:

mail me at
Discord: hgeardart#4927
Instagram: HgeardART
1 by Hgeard   FC - Test Subject RENDERED by Hgeard   5b by Hgeard   4c by Hgeard   2c by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard   4 by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard   6 by Hgeard   7 by Hgeard   1 by Hgeard   Are-jay-peralta-arth-asset by Hgeard   Are-jay-peralta-kayle-rendering-2-final by Hgeard   Are-jay-peralta-asset by Hgeard  
AnakKecilBrengosan Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello friend, i'm a professional artist.
i can make high quality art for you.
you can contact me via note or email at
this a few of my works, my other art in the gallery or
This is a few of my art.

Thank you.
Alucard by AnakKecilBrengosan   TWO HEADED OGRE by AnakKecilBrengosan   Vexana Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan   Arcane Idol Illustration by AnakKecilBrengosan  Masha Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan
sanah20 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
Hi there I’m really interested in your offer! We can discuss the prices later!
1979f249-c8ca-4a6d-9d3d-654022280137 by sanah20   7838a06a-666e-46be-a50f-52d2b04da272 by sanah20   308f9a97-7fe7-42a1-acdb-cc57780b7deb by sanah20   3ea75174-4051-4f90-b1a8-33e06e9149a4 by sanah20   Caf5cb9e-7fd8-4da0-a0de-9b82c0ed7294 by sanah20   A8210dd9-e470-4b80-a250-55e1358c767b by sanah20   E7b0635f-d78d-447f-99ee-a1f3e0cf183b by sanah20   7a2fa4c5-5607-404f-a05d-a9e069827c49 by sanah20    0463516b-2239-4ba9-ae35-38bcddab4e48 by sanah20  
prabowo96 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist

I'm happy to draw a sea captain for you. Here are my samples:

Hello, Wolvie... by prabowo96 It - Movie Poster by prabowo96
Lovely Couple by prabowo96

Hope we can work together.

Thank you,

SENSATI0NAL Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! How are you? I really want to help you I leave my portfolio here if you want to see it, all the information is there, have a nice day!
blomtart Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im interesed in help you 
Medium body 3 $
ghost by blomtart   27 Sin Ttulo 20200708120147 by blomtart   Tanjirou kamado by blomtart   Ochako uraraka by blomtart  
Full body 5 $
Naruto by blomtart   soft boy by blomtart   Aestheric girl by blomtart  
wempzical Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant
hi im interested and willing to the a low budget job but a high grade art 10-30$
Skull by wempzical   2 by wempzical   Vr by wempzical   Wt by wempzical   pR1 by wempzical   Tp by wempzical   Dc2 by wempzical   Lw by wempzical  
kathecute Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
1594412991270 by kathecute  
Pencil sketches 2 $
20200711 232736 by kathecute  
YCH Designs $ 4
embedded_item1566719041606 by kathecute  

Simple black and white drawing (digital) $ 8
embedded_item1566717539904 by kathecute  

Simple color drawing (digital) $ 10
Img 20200629 134957 278 by kathecute  

Full color drawing (digital) $ 15
1587425810082 by kathecute  
Realistic black and white drawing (traditional) $ 20
embedded_item1588693101441 by kathecute  
Realistic color drawing (traditional) $ 25

No Game No Life 0 By Kathecute Dcm6g1y by kathecute  

aquareladaalma Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
hey there! my commissions rate are $50 for icon, $60 for waist up and $75 for full body +50% for each additional character and +$30 for simple detailed background. here are some examples of my art, i variate between styles so i have a big range.
Gambit by aquareladaalma   Jessika by aquareladaalma   Me And Paulo by aquareladaalma   Self Portrait by aquareladaalma   Harley Quinn Six Fanarts by aquareladaalma   Peter Parker Six Fanarts by aquareladaalma   Samira Six Fanarts by aquareladaalma   Smile by aquareladaalma  
Bakeon0 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested in this project :) I like the feeling of "hunting cryptids" thing
Here is my price list, if you're interested you can note me or mail me at

Commissions Price List - Full Painting by Bakeon0 Commission Price List - Cell Shading by Bakeon0
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