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Looking for artists to feature on my upcoming YouTube channel

AngelicSavant Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2020  Professional Writer
Exactly what it says on the tin.

I'm launching a review channel this month, and I'm hoping to feature several artists every episode in the credits to help them to get more exposure.

This is obviously unpaid, but there will be free exposure involved. If you're interested, please respond in this thread with a link to your gallery and this brief form:

Name/Screenname (only include what you're okay with making public!):
Brief bio or any other info you'd like to share with a potential audience (around 200 chars)

I want to feature as many artists as possible, so I hope to get around to all interested parties eventually. Please share this with any friends who you think might be interested!

Here is a link to the project so that you can determine whether you'd like your art attached to this program. (It will be rated PG-13 - soft R) I will, of course mention that featured artists don't necessarily share my views and opinions.

I will DM each submission when the time comes for their feature :)

Thank you!

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Sereniq Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello! this is so nice of you to do, a lot of artists need more help with exposure. 

Name: Sereniq
Specialty: Semi-Realism fantasy art, illustrations & concept art. 
Bio: Art student trying to improve my work so I can make a comfortable living out of something I love doing. 

acouaria Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Student Digital Artist
name/screenname: acouaria

bio: im chara ,im 17 years old ,im from greece ive been drawing since i was young  because of stress and drawing helped me .my dream is making this my job also i have point commissions open.

speciality:fanart,anime,semi realistic,colorful artwork…
JoseMan881 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Name/Screenname: Joseman881
Specialty: 2D Character Art/Illustrator
I draw my OCs based on a novel I'm writing, and I also like illustrating scenes of characters!

fungaloidE Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I go by the name  Fungaloide. 
Specialty: Cartoony or semi realistic portraits and fantasy characters.
Brief bio: I'm from Lithuania, 22 yo, open for commissions. Besides what I specify in I really enjoy getting to know more about games design and I'm a big fan of mystical and spooky things.
Some examples of my work.
Lost in the dark by fungaloidE   ICON 1 by fungaloidE   Alien girl (artrade) by fungaloidE   NEON part3 by fungaloidE   Demon girl OC by fungaloidE   WIP by fungaloidE   Inktober day 3-4 by fungaloidE  
Zippdown Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant

name: Kian Reglos
specialty:anime fanarts, character illustration, female character

brief bio: I'm 18 years old artist looking for commission work, and living in the Philippines 

Artstyle Pre by Zippdown   Jinx by Zippdown   Katipunan by Zippdown   Ne by Zippdown   Trunks by Zippdown   Kokushibou by Zippdown   Magwawalis Meh Meh by Zippdown  
ymymy Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
have a nice day. I am looking for work for every day. I can draw, I translate the drawing process, I make a stream. I draw according to the schedule, I allocate hours of the day for each work. Customer receives free hours. You will know exactly the day and time the illustration was created. I draw in different styles. I can animate, copy the style. We will agree on a schedule for creating illustrations and streams. You pay a test hour of work. After completing the work, I will send you the result. Continuation of the work means that you liked the previous stage of the work - the deadline, type of illustration, my drawing style. Examples of how I create emotions, poses, stories on my page. Look at my page for comics, characters from stories, movies, original digitally created by me. All the work you get in digital form.
barnowl117 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Name/Screenname: Purple
Specialty: furry/animal art, SFW only
Brief bio or any other info you'd like to share with a potential audience: I'm an asexual female artist who's mostly just having a fun time! I love making colorful pieces of fun animals. I do take commissions on occasion. My dA is fairly inactive, I'm posting more art on Twitter ( I also have more art and comm. prices on my carrd ( 

thanks for the chance ^^; don't know if you'll feature a furry but, eh, worth a try
WailordLucy Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for this wonderfull opportunity!

Name: Paola
Screen name: WailordLucy

Specialty: Animals of all kind

Brief bio: I'm an art student from Croatia. I'm currently drawing/painting pets and other kinds of animals in a semi realistic style for my own survival! Hopefully I can do this for a living :D
RoxsanKleit Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Name: Roxsan Kleit
Specialty: Illustration
Brief bio: Hello, I am from Venezuela, I have always liked to draw and paint, I am 21 years old and I want to live making illustrations and improving with each drawing
Snowflakebottles Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so neat!

Screename: Snowflakebottles
Specialty: character design, cartoon style
Brief bio: I draw cartoons! Thats about it! I'm hoping to get into college for character design/animation, or something in the video game industry!
cyberaeon Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020   Digital Artist
Hi there! Wow, this is nice of you to do. So, as with the ones before me, I would also like to add my name and gallery, if possible.

The link to my gallery is:…
Name: Alexandra Albu 
Screenname: cyberaeon
Specialty is character portraits, more in the semirealism line, but I can do illustrations as well. I love drawing, it is my passion, my comfort and my frustratingly annoying friend.

Thank you for this :smile: 
nathan0604 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sounds interesting. hope your project  works 
Name/Screenname Nathan_Belmonth

Brief bio: pixel artist, doing a little bit of everything   (around 200 chars)
JigokuPie Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! This is actually really wonderful and I hope you succeed!

Name/Screenname: Rebecca Harrie……

Specialty: Digital art, concept art, characters art and illustrations!

Brief Bio: Hi there! I'm a fresh graduate looking to survive! My main passion is lore, intense and creative stories which draw in the reader/viewer and I suppose I can express that the most through art! I'm always working to improve myself and hope one day I can make a children tv show like adventure time! Thank you for your time!
annsquare Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Screenname: annsquare

Specialty: watercolors

Bio: bringing a whimsical and colorful touch to painting a variety of subjects including characters, portraits, animals and landscape

BaddStarX Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw anime style, from serious to cartoony. Chibis also. Looking to do commissions or find a permanent residence on someones team to create things.
LJMorgue Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name/Screenname: Luis José Morgue

Specialty: Digital Art (Semi Realism and Cartoon(ish))

Bio: I just have an itch to draw and inprove in it. And turn it into an actual career.
digiArtCommission Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name/ Screen name: digiArtCommission
Specialty: Digital Art, Realistic
Bio: I've just started doing digital art since 2017, digital portraits to be exact, and I never thought I would have the potential to do so until then. My style is realistic or sometimes semi realistic and I only use a tablet to draw using a software application called Autodesk SletchBook. Drawing faces or people is my specialty. Ever since I was a child, I have always loved to draw people. Maybe it is through drawing faces that I get to express my self.
digiArtCommission Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
seanbianchi Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Professional General Artist
This is awesome! I would greatly appreciate it if you could include my work.

Name/Screenname: SeanBianchi
Specialty: I'm an experienced character and concept artist and illustrator.  I specialize in realism/semi-realism, and bringing characters and creatures to life in a believable way
Bio: I'm a high school art teacher, concept artist, and illustrator.  My medium of choice is digital art, particularly photoshop, and I've been creating artwork for private and commercial clients for the last 5 years. I especially enjoy creating sci-fi and fantasy creatures, as those are my favorite universes! You can easily find me on DeviantArt, ArtStation, and Instagram under the same username.

Again, thanks so much from the opportunity!
PinkeyApple Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Student Artist
This is such a great idea! 
Don't know how many artist you are going to need, but if i'm still in time here is my form:
Name/screenname: Melissa/PinkeyApple 
Specialty: Anime drawings (both digital and traditional) and characters redesign
Bio: I'm Melissa and i'm a 23 years old italian artist. I just graduated a Fashion Design university in Florence and i'm hoping to make this my full time job. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga, as well as drawing them. I'm trying to connect my two passions, anime and fashion, in my works c:
Deviantart gallery:…
kaiji13 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020
I am interested in your project, I charge for my drawings $ 40 (special offer).

, I leave you examples below, if you are interested please send me a note and I will answer you as soon as I can :) (Smile).

fast working time, you see the daily progress and communication via discord.

Asuka comission by kaiji13 Kyu de Huniepop by kaiji13

Mature Content

marnie by kaiji13
hika idol by kaiji13 Dibu 1 Subir by kaiji13 Commission completed for the manchinesandmonsters by kaiji13 la infanta by kaiji13 Un by kaiji13
MaxSasori Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Oh hello ! 

I really find this would help out some artists out there ! That's kind of you !
Here's my entry ^w^ 

Name: Max Sasori
Speciality: Digital art / Character illustrations, fanarts

Bio: I'm Max, and I'm a digital artist. I usually make illustrations of characters in a semi-realistic style, I'm still learning and practicing a lot but I'm trying to grow as an artist, following my dream to take my art career to the next level ! I've been really inspired by anime/manga but I kinda found my own style out of it. I still mostly draw anime fanarts though !

Thank you !
IvanMercenario Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
This is not how art works.
Dalirya Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Student Digital Artist
She is not commissioning any artwork, just asking for your previous ones, like showing your portfolio.
HIRVIOS Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah I agree,
This kind of sounds like you'll be using unpaid work to boost your yt career, 
Is there any proof that people who watch yt videos actually go out of their way to then search up the artist and offer them work?
GoofballPaul Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
This project sounds fantastic! ^0^
But, since you are offering a free service/proposing a colaboration instead of lookign for a service to pay for, shouldn't this be in the projects forum instead of the job offers one?   : S
Brian051 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  New Deviant

Here are my details.

Name/Screename: Brian the Artist

Bio: I come from a traditional fine art background, and also I have spent a number of years as a digital media designer, advertising concept designer and branding consultant with large brands across the world.  

Speciality: realism, conceptual art, commercial art, manga,


Deviant Art:

Thank’s very much and if you have any questions then you can email here -
Vusiuz Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020   Filmographer
Name/Screenname: Vusiuz / Vusiuzrender
Specialty : Doing 3D character commision things with 2D Non Photo Realistic Render (NPR) Style, im bad at making background tho lol...

Gallery :…
SoftBoiledArt Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
Name/Screenname: Soft Boiled Art.

Specialty: I mainly do Pin Up/Art Noveauesque simple anime illustratios with Copic Markers.…
Violeaf-MnF Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Your action is so helpful for many aspiring artists (like me)  to be able to get featured and supported in such a good way.  I hope this project of yours will go to success, wishing you the best of luck ^^
Here's my entry

Name/Screenname (only include what you're okay with making public!):
El Ya Creates

Freelance Concept Artist (character art, world building, etc.) 

Brief bio or any other info you'd like to share with a potential audience (around 200 chars)
I am a Filipino artist who tries his best to serve clients and audiences the best quality of artworks that I could possibly offer, while I pursue my passion into turning this hobby into an actual career.  I hope yall stay safe and have a wonderful day/night! ^^
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