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Looking for artist for Final Fantasy 14 Commissions (Male characters)

gabmaag Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  New Deviant
Hi all!

I'm looking for artists who would like to draw these two characters:

Couple images, adventures, full bodies, half bodies, sketchy or full coloured, anything goes I just want to commission more of them together!

Drop your details below. Looking to comm a few artists!


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ymymy Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey. I am an artist. I can start in September. I am on Discord every day. let's start with one hour of work. 1 hour costs $ 16. After payment I will add you to the list of works. and I will post a link to the stream
Keiler-art Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey there! I can either make realistic painterly style or realistic animeish style

I'm doing fullcolored portraits for $40 
Detailed fullbody for $100 
Couple halfbody for 100$ 

If you are interested DM me! 

2020-03-24 20-41 2020-03-17 20-48 Nina17reeeeeeeee by Keiler-art   Shio and Saltshaker by Keiler-art    Don't you like flowers? by Keiler-art
M-GO Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there! Your characters are very cute, I'd love to draw them! Here are my prices and samples:
Commission Price Chart 2019 by M-GO    Nune's birthday present by M-GO   Singing to the stars by M-GO   Hades by M-GO   Hot Limit by M-GO   Oscar Knight and The Outcasts by M-GO   Space Drama by M-GO   Muscle man by M-GO   Pastel Guise by M-GO   Connor by M-GO  
arieoll Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello there! Here's my commission info

Winter by arieoll   Spring by arieoll   Emerald Witch by arieoll   Candy Girl by arieoll Oz Summer by arieoll   Nya!! by arieoll   Suki Kirai by arieoll

And if you have fiverr, I'm currently having a sale there:
AnakKecilBrengosan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello friend, i'm a professional artist.
i can make high quality art for you.
you can contact me via note or email at
this a few of my sample of character, monster, and weapon.
my other art in the gallery or
This is a few of my art.

Thank you.
Alucard by AnakKecilBrengosan   TWO HEADED OGRE by AnakKecilBrengosan   Vexana Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan   Arcane Idol Illustration by AnakKecilBrengosan  Masha Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan
Dystoth Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey there!

I am interested and will work at a rate of $40.00USD per illustration. Here is a link to my portfolio:


Connected by Dystoth   Bridging Cold by Dystoth   Growing Vagabond by Dystoth   Dystopian Goth | Character_01 - Malevolent by Dystoth   Favourite Spot by Dystoth   Horror Character 01 by Dystoth  

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you and regards,

miu-ne Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
Hi, your character look lovely and I'd love to draw them!!!
Here are some samples of my newer work, let me know if you like any of these styles
Range is from 20 to 40 USD per character 

Girl W Caatt 3 Final by miu-ne Yffff Final Final by miu-ne 200512 Play New Final 2 by miu-ne wip by miu-ne Photo Study Tw Crop by miu-ne
oaj99 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! I'm interested in drawing these characters! I have a a style that has realistic proportions while colouring/shading is takes heavy inspiration from anime. A drawing would cost from $30-100 per drawing depending on how much of the characters' body is drawn and level of detail.

You can check my gallery out:…

Here are some examples:
Roy Mustang by oaj99   Miles Morales by oaj99   Lupin (OC) by oaj99   Renesha by oaj99   Hyakkimaru by oaj99  

You can contact me here on DA, or through my email:
yueokinawa Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi :icongabmaag: 

I'm Yue - 2D fetish artist drawing anime/manga style. I can draw male character with this style if you're interested. 
. Price: $25/character (Full body or half body commission + full color) 
. Dakimakura: $60/2 sides 

Commission: Simon Blackquill by yueokinawa   Inosuke fanart by yueokinawa  
cobe-raikyo Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡
I'm very interesting with your Commission.
* This is some Example my work:

Milim Nava Fanart by cobe-raikyo Nezuko Kamado Fanart by cobe-raikyo Commission by cobe-raikyo Youtouchi - Onmyoji Fanart by cobe-raikyo Muichiro Tokito Fanart by cobe-raikyo Nami - One Piece fanart by cobe-raikyo Sunshine by cobe-raikyo   [Onmyoji] Momo no Sei by cobe-raikyo Commission by cobe-raikyo   Sephera - Arena of valor Premier League Contest by cobe-raikyo  

This is my commission price: Commission (Open)Star!Commission info Star! 

Megaphone I draw:
Bullet; Green Real
Bullet; Green Semi Real
Bullet; Green Chibi
Bullet; Green Fantasy
Bullet; Green Manga style
Bullet; Green Hentai / Yuri / Yaoi / Porn
Bullet; Green Fanart/ character from manga/anime etc 
 Fetish human x animal
 Anthro / furry
   I don't draw:
 Sci Fi / Alient

Check more works in my porfolio here :

Hope i would get a chance to working with you
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Thanks you very much ! (*¯ ³¯*)♡
Hipmlee257 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2020
Screenshot 20200710-171617 Instagram by Hipmlee257  here my art style
Discord888 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi!! lovely characters! 
I'm currently looking for getting commission in this style! I have a lot of fun drawing these!! so maybe if you're interested I'll make it for 70$  on the quest by Discord888   family by Discord888  

But I also have regular commissions open: NEW COMMISSIONS INFO 
dance dance by Discord888   space lesbians by Discord888   DND character commission by Discord888   shadow by Discord888  

DM me here or on my email: : ) 
henrypardo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
hello gabmaag
check my website and let me know what you think…
NikoxBelmont Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love FF14, I would be more than happy to draw them for you. Feel free to pm if you want to order from me!

Commission SheetMany people seem to really like my art and I figured that it's about high time that I did some RLC commissions. I am looking forward to working with you.Rules:Be patient with me or I can't deliver quaintly art work. (I do work full time)If you have a deadline, let me know in advance.I have the right to decline your request if I see fit.I'll either take full or 1/2 payment upfront, Paypal only USD.Up to 5 reqests maximumSlots (Open): List:Dos:Furries/Athros/FursonasAnime characters/Video gameFanartSimple backgroundsAnimalsCouplesSoft Yuri/Yaoi "Themed" ArtArmourSFWOCSPlantsMaybes:WeaponsDetailed backgroundsNSFWComplex characters/OCsDon'ts: Too Hardcore Yaoi/Yuri "Themed" ArtYiffHate themed artRealismOverly huge groups(no more than 2 characters per drawing)Blood and gore(Can do little blood upon request)*If you don't see anything on my lists that I didn't listed, feel free to ask me*Prices:Head shots:$5Bust shots:$6Half Body:$8Full body:$12Multiple characters are extra so example(2 headshots of characters = 10$)If you want like to order sketches, lineart or colored just let me know when you are ordering from me. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Also prices can vary depending how complex the commission is.Contact me on deviant art, gaia(username Niko Belmont), or discord. You can also ask me for my email as well.Samples: (More samples in my gallery)

Knight by NikoxBelmont  
Stop! by NikoxBelmont  
Naruto Couple by NikoxBelmont  
Chibi panda girl by NikoxBelmont   Yaoi Couple by NikoxBelmont   Yaoi Couple 2 by NikoxBelmont  
1Enary1 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Hope you doing well!
Your commission sounds really interesting.
It would be my pleasure to work with you.

Pixel Wing - Black (Left) Pixel Wing - Black (Right)  
Commissions - OPEN by 1Enary1   Commissions OPEN: UpdateBUST with simple background - 50$,  BUST with detailed background - 55$,  BUSTS with 2 characters- 90$  
HALFBODY with simple background - 60$, HALFBODY with detailed background - 65$, HALFBODY with 2 characters - 110$
FULLBODY with simple background - 80$, FULLBODY with detailed background - 85$, FULLBODY with 2 characters - 150$
  Orlantar the Arcane - Commission by 1Enary1 <

Pixel Wing - Black (Left) Pixel Wing - Black (Right)  
Yaira - Commission by 1Enary1   Caspian-Commission by 1Enary1   Tobias - Commission by 1Enary1   The Experiment by 1Enary1   The Seer by 1Enary1     

via NOTE
or email:

Thank you for reading this! small heart - darker blue
aliceXchain Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for couple i can draw it chibi, or normal (for couple headshot-knee-up only) anime style, the price is around $15-$45
here is my sample : Gbf Fes 2019 by aliceXchain   Commission-Kenny by aliceXchain  
for more sample and detail you can check my commission info :  Kuro_Saki's Commission~ | OpenYahho~ Saki here~This is my Commission info :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal use onlyPayment via PaypalI can post the commission watermarked in my social media, and for portfolio purpose (ofcourse you can tell me if you didn't want me to upload)free simple background, you can also request the background if it still count simple (complex background will add more fee)Payment/Down Payment after sketch confirmed-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OKOCFanartKemomimiShounen Ai/ Boys LoveShoujo Ai/ Girls LoveSemi NSFW (like fancervice)NOComplex FurryHeavy Mecha-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHIBIHeadshot/Icon | $15 /Character (additional char +$10 each)Full Body | $25 /Character (additional char +$20 each)Normal CommissionHeadshot/Icon | $25 /Character (additional char +$20 each)Half Body/Knee up | $35 /Character (additional char +$30 each)Full Body | $45 /Character (additional char +$40 each)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE SAMPLEMY GALERYIf you intrest and for further discussion you could DM me ^^
Stefdiamel Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi. I'm interested to draw for you. I like the univers from FFXIII.
The price is negociable and I'll do my best to propose you a good service, full of communications, stetchs and as much modifications you want to, until you get satisfaction.

There is some of exemples of my art.
Tribal black and white by Stefdiamel   Fly Away by Stefdiamel   Galerius61 by Stefdiamel  

Mature Content

Pretty love by Stefdiamel

Send me a note, if you're interested.
CrylyDiNoir Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hi! i'm running a special deal just for you!

plantillla de diseos de personaje C  by CrylyDiNoir   Commission  Sheet 2  by CrylyDiNoir    John Munoz 2  by CrylyDiNoir  

       g 2 , 6 A  by CrylyDiNoir   G5,6a by CrylyDiNoir  
      Profile1 by CrylyDiNoir   


Contact:  - - NOTE ME 
HoneyLemonshan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I'm Honie and I'm a hobbyist artist. I just got back in deviantart, my works in this account are from 2017 and below. My new works/new artstyle is in my instagram (where I'm mostly active so far), you can check it out if you want! / my portfolio

I'm open for portrait commissions right now! 
simple color = 30 usd
full color/rendered = 40 usd 

Though, prices may change depending on the complexity of the design.

Contact me:

Asss by HoneyLemonshan   vrnxG0b  (1) by HoneyLemonshan   Jolyyyyy by HoneyLemonshan   Drowning by HoneyLemonshan  
emubi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello my name is emubi and I'm interested doing your job!

please contact me via:
email    :
Discord : emubi #9329 (fast responds)
or notes is fine too!

here's my initial prices:
COMMISSION PRICELIST 2020Types of art that I will do:As long as not too hardcore or extreme, I'm pretty much accept any kind of job (even non-illustration like motion graphic/vector/3D)Character design from scratch will have price adjustment, contact me for details Terms and conditions :Payment full upfront via PAYPAL (choose "send money to friends and family", so I won't get cut)Max.2 revisions. If its my fault (bad anatomy or not following the brief etc.) will not be counted as revision.More than that it will get additional cost My workflow would be : "sketch† > outline and base color > finishing" each of that step will have a client's confirmation before moving on Worktime depends of the client itself, even without deadline I'll try to finish it ASAP anyway, just discuss it with me The artwork that I made will basically non-exclusive, and will upload it for portfolio purpose. If you want to be exclusive/commercial it will have additional price, contact me for details NO REFUND!, unless I can't finish it, I'm gonna refund it 100% Please prepare your reference (cloth, pose, etc) for minimizing miscomm, if you need help in this department, I would gladly help. For more information, contact me via :email††††† : mouritz.bethelio@gmail.comdiscord†† : emubi#9329...

here's my artwork samples :
Fu Hua - Night Squire by emubi Fu hua - Shadow Knight by emubi Fu Hua Azure Empyrea by emubi Exalted - Gentle Snow by emubi Exalted - Steel Heart by emubi Exalted - Joyous Onyx by emubi Arianne - Rapier Mode by emubi Arianne - Staff Mode by emubi Knight Ellinor by emubi Akame Kunoichi by emubi Zaku II S and Char Aznable by emubi Pathfinder OC Arisu by emubi Clide Lodwick V Bahamut Prime by emubi Atelier Shallie - What's the Ingredient? by emubi Fu Hua the 4 Battlesuits by emubi
caturchandra Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
hello, .....
I'm very interested in this job
these are my works:

Conqueror by caturchandra Admiral by caturchandra COMMISSION: SABLE LYNX by caturchandra COMMISSION: ELECTRA by caturchandra COMMISSION: COMMANDER by caturchandra COMMISSION: DEER CENTAUR by caturchandra COMMISSION: MANTRA by caturchandra COMMISSION: GAYLEN(OC) by caturchandra COMMISSION: WHITE WIDOW by caturchandra COMMISSION: VAMPIRE MERMAID by caturchandra COMMISSION: LADY SCI FI by caturchandra My Queen by caturchandra The Crow by caturchandra Spell by caturchandra

if you are interested in working with me
send me note or email me at
thank you and have a nice day
Pompiggu Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Linlye Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, this is my commission sample
OPEN | COMMISSION  [C] V I C T O R by Linlye   [C] Dragon Raja by Linlye   [C] Rock on you by Linlye   [C] Joseph | IDENTITY V by Linlye   [C] A kiss for you by Linlye
MeriemMarkemal Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello hello! I’m currently taking these types of commissions if interested! Between 30$ to 50$! 
Undertale fanart by MeriemMarkemal   Gift for NIMIYA520 by MeriemMarkemal  
If you are interested in anything else from my gallery let me know!
pandacrissbow Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Student Digital Artist

Heyo! Just gonna leave my journal and examples.

Business as usual by pandacrissbow   Summer Secret Santa 2020 by pandacrissbow   Vampire Portrait by pandacrissbow   The Last Airbender by pandacrissbow  
ShyguyzArt Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Dark Sun Gwyndolin by ShyguyzArt Cloud vs Sephiroth by ShyguyzArt The Sin Eater by ShyguyzArt New Post by ShyguyzArt In Love by ShyguyzArt

I have done a lot of character design/visualizing for games and books.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio


DrawTrash2710 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello, I am interested on working with you! here are some of my work!

for more check out my instagram:…

Ixtali4 by DrawTrash2710   Wontu by DrawTrash2710   LilyPokemon by DrawTrash2710   B by DrawTrash2710   Battle Grandma by DrawTrash2710   MantoDeDragon by DrawTrash2710   Livani by DrawTrash2710   Somegirl by DrawTrash2710   Soemgirlidk by DrawTrash2710   Someghirls by DrawTrash2710   Amalu by DrawTrash2710   Girlthing by DrawTrash2710   9h by DrawTrash2710   Jester by DrawTrash2710   Happy Pride by DrawTrash2710   Dtyiad by DrawTrash2710   Reuni by DrawTrash2710   Mega Gengar Pokemn armor by DrawTrash2710  
bookshelfarts Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  New Deviant
Hello, I can provide you with a physical art piece!
kemmochi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Toriichi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I'm interested with your project~
here's my portofolio and my pricelist , please note me if you interested with my art style

Finish YCH The Best Meal Type 1 by Toriichi Finish YCH The Best Meal Type 2 by Toriichi Finish YCH The Best Meal Type 3 by Toriichi Finish YCH The Best Meal Type 4 by Toriichi Commission for Kurohige by Toriichi Commission for Eddie_Jones by Toriichi Commission for TurboDuelistJay 2 by Toriichi DN: Halloween by Toriichi (CLOSED) Adoptable auction 09 by Toriichi Commission: JHensley87 by Toriichi Kamado Slibings by Toriichi Chessmatsu by Toriichi Doppo Kannonzaka by Toriichi Love is war by Toriichi Phosphophylite by Toriichi Live2d: WinterMiku by Toriichi
CrylyDiNoir Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I'm an Artist with experience in SFW Art! and i have a good DEAL FOR YOU! 

Hoja de oferta especial 1  by CrylyDiNoir Commission  Sheet 2  by CrylyDiNoir
 This is my NSFW page just for soft nudes
and this is my sfw page but still in building process

I always start the sketch before the payment because the most important thing for me is making you feel secure with your money.
1579477664595 by CrylyDiNoir    Star Girl  (2) by CrylyDiNoir   Damien D Rock by CrylyDiNoir   San Valentin Ideas  by CrylyDiNoir   1579479617696 by CrylyDiNoir  
I'm running this deal because i need to buy a computer only if you wonder n.n i've been drawing in a very little smartphone almost for 2 years and i want to improve tools.
So if you feel uncorfortable i can sketch before the payment n.n  i work very hard! 
Don't doubt contact to me my art it's not a shame.
TrangLuu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020  Hobbyist
Hi, I'm interested
Please take a look at my info here
Commissions (OPEN)
Contact me via
Rocket Team by TrangLuu   Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji by TrangLuu   Yoosung (Mystic Messenger) by TrangLuu   Jumin Han by TrangLuu   Untitled by TrangLuu   V by TrangLuu   Zen (Mystic Messenger) - watch undress clip below by TrangLuu   Original by TrangLuu   Seven (undressing video in the description) by TrangLuu   Ray (undressing clip in the description) by TrangLuu   Ngao Binh by TrangLuu   Sesshoumaru by TrangLuu   Cloud by TrangLuu  
ymymy Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
have a nice day. I am looking for work for every day. I can draw, I translate the drawing process, I make a stream. I draw according to the schedule, I allocate hours of the day for each work. Customer receives free hours. You will know exactly the day and time the illustration was created. I draw in different styles. I can animate, copy the style. We will agree on a schedule for creating illustrations and streams. You pay a test hour of work. After completing the work, I will send you the result. Continuation of the work means that you liked the previous stage of the work - the deadline, type of illustration, my drawing style. Examples of how I create emotions, poses, stories on my page. Look at my page for comics, characters from stories, movies, original digitally created by me. All the work you get in digital form.
KatouShinobu Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Star! Price depends on details of your character
Bust up: 25$ +20$/Characters
3/4 Body: 40$ +35$/Characters
Full Body: 50$ +45$/Characters
Chibi: 30$
Dakimakura: 1 Side:50$ / 2 Side 95$

Jarvan IV Pool Party by KatouShinobu  Wilbur by KatouShinobu  Champion Leon by KatouShinobu
NSFW Boys:
cyberaeon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020   Digital Artist
Hey! I'm interested.

Examples and rates:
Lirelen by cyberaeon   Fardiel by cyberaeon   Mathei by cyberaeon   Maik by cyberaeon   Sylla by cyberaeon   Commission details by cyberaeon   
monoaxe Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'd love to work with you! please contact me if you're interested:  ER6FIS6XsAAr-PB by monoaxe   Untitled by monoaxe   EcHtF1YX0AA BIU by monoaxe   EbyQr QXkAEhd8k by monoaxe   EPyuaGVX0AA9Uqy by monoaxe   EZOvsF1WkAEpt0Z by monoaxe  
TnRR21 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020   Digital Artist
Hi, I m interested in. 
Here is my Commission Information: 
DIGITAL COMMISSION OPEN*************************************************************************************
Discord: TnRR21#3578
Facebook: *************************************************************************************LINK PORTFOLIO:
Deviantart :
Instagram: *************************************************************************************
Welcome to my Commission Service, where you can book me : Concept, Original character, Full Illustration, .... ( included NSFW ). *************************************************************************************Price and Sample: Portrait (with simple background ) : 25$ (+15$ per Additional character ) Full Body : 50$ (+20$ with Simple background ) Full Illustration : 100$ ( +20$ per additional character ) Comercial commission will take x2 the Original price ************************************************************************Term and Condition:
Payment : Paypal only
- Partial payment : 50% before i sketch and 50% remain when you approve the final ( with low quality image .( I will not send you full image until you pay the rest)
- Full payment: Pay all before we start and placed at the top of the priority list .
Workflow: 1 Sketch ( silhouette ) - 3 times to edit the sketch - Final with 2 times to edit (10% of the price any plus edit .) Please pay for the PayPal fees when you send the money. If you do not pay the invoice within 1 week and say nothing, I will assume you donít want to commission anymore and cancel it. ************************************************************************ Thanks for reading.

Some of my samples :
   Archer Sua Lai by TnRR21   Bigguy Sua Lai by TnRR21   Blacksmith Sua Lai by TnRR21   Forest Sua Lai by TnRR21   God Sua Lai by TnRR21   Knigt 1 by TnRR21   Mons1 by TnRR21   Robot by TnRR21   SW insp sua lai by TnRR21