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Looking for anime oc artist.

oeg4wraith Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hello There and thanks for taking interrest into topic. I am looking for artist who draws fullbody character in anime style, but I may have very hard request and style I want for my character is really specific. Even my oc in itself is hard to do, and as you see, I have a lot of troubles finding perfect artist who won't make me rob a bank (joke, i meant that most of them are too pricey). So if you are interrested, we can talk things out, I am very thankfull for any help.

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emubi Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
hello! my name is emubi and I'm interested with your job!
if you interested using my service please contact me via :
email :
discord : emubi #9329 (fast responds!)

here's my initial pricelist
COMMISSION PRICELIST 2020Types of art that I will do:As long as the fetish not too hardcore or extreme , I'm pretty much accept any kind of job (even non-illustration like motion graphic/vector/3D) NSFW too!. Contact me for samplesCharacter design from scratch will have price adjustment, contact me for details Terms and conditions :Payment full upfront via PAYPAL (choose "send money to friends and family", so I won't get cut)Max.2 revisions. If its my fault (bad anatomy or not following the brief etc.) will not be counted as revision.More than that it will get additional cost My workflow would be : "sketch† > outline and base color > finishing" each of that step will have a client's confirmation before moving on Worktime depends of the client itself, even without deadline I'll try to finish it ASAP anyway, just discuss it with me The artwork that I made will basically non-exclusive, and will upload it for portfolio purpose. If you want to be exclusive/commercial it will have additional price, contact me for details NO REFUND!, unless I can't finish it, I'm gonna refund it 100% Please prepare your reference (cloth, pose, etc) for minimizing miscomm, if you need help in this department, I would gladly help. For more information, contact me via :email††††† : mouritz.bethelio@gmail.comdiscord†† : emubi#9329...

here's my samples :
Fu Hua - Night Squire by emubi Fu hua - Shadow Knight by emubi Fu Hua - Azure Empyrea by emubi Final Fantasy XV - Stella by emubi Knight Ellinor by emubi Arianne - Staff Mode by emubi Dannika Lobotomy Corporation ver by emubi Pathfinder OC Arisu by emubi Akame Kunoichi by emubi Exalted - Gentle Snow by emubi Exalted - Steel Heart by emubi Exalted - Joyous Onyx by emubi Atelier Shallie - What's the Ingredient? by emubi Arlynn MHW by emubi Clide Lodwick V Bahamut Prime by emubi Tenryuu Kai! by emubi

FlufferNuttiez Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Aiko Bust Portrait | OC by FlufferNuttiez   Seiveril | DnD OC by FlufferNuttiez   Aiko Summer Romper Wear by FlufferNuttiez  
Bust $5 chibi $12 full body $20 - $30

reply if interested?
KatrinLouiseo24 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi are you still looking for artist?
If you are, here's my rate

HEADSHOT ($5 OR 500 points)
::Alistor:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Joel:: by KatrinLouiseo24

BUST SHOT ($8 or 800 points)
::Felaern and Alyndra:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Smirking Jin:: by KatrinLouiseo24

PORTRAIT ($13 or 1300points)
::Gang Boss:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Tariel:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Tori:: by KatrinLouiseo24

FULL BODY ($18 or 1800points)
::Aliyah:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Hoping this moment lasts:: by KatrinLouiseo24

CHIBI ($15 or 1500points)
::Nova:: by KatrinLouiseo24 ::Reaper Bunny:: by KatrinLouiseo24 Eiko by KatrinLouiseo24
Sponkyy23 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
117168991 3154734754574017 2667437824355797357 N by Sponkyy23   116406732 723059701807403 5688123203286753269 N by Sponkyy23        117336722 300971494670328 4704236619296956917 N by Sponkyy23 117193843 986381135132601 5251332599386664918 N by Sponkyy23   117332192 281720266463142 8745217108633646554 N by Sponkyy23   
Money will be saved for school and for upgrading digital art tools. It'll be a great help
Mode of payment: paypal
You can dm me in discord or through Ig
Heres me commission sheet.
aquadango Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I do a fusion of western/anime art. Here are some examples.
Lapis Lazuli - Hit The Diamond by aquadango   Lapis-Baja Wave by aquadango   Spinel - Other Friends by aquadango   Peridot- Shining Star by aquadango   Ralsei - Deltarune by aquadango   Hilda by aquadango   (READ DESC)2020 Commission Page [O P E N] by aquadango  
Dedenee Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! ~I'm Dedene  Star Emote by Gasara 
I'm a freelancer artist ~ If you want to contact me send me a note!
My prices starts from 40$~ for a fullbody commission

For the full info about types and more details about the process, please check my commission info here:
**Commissions Open**
**Commissions Open**
Hello Dear ppl! (・ω<)☆ ~~I'm Dedene  
I'm a freelancer artist ~ If you want to contact me send me a note!
Or can you contact me via Discord!: Ayano#7789

Here some examples of my work:
IPA Outfit ver. 2 by Dedenee   Brunnya by Dedenee   Lucia Von Bravia and Tsuki by Dedenee   Brunnya in the beach by Dedenee   Brunnya by Dedenee   Muse nya by Dedenee   Riviera [OC] by Dedenee   Sinon Sunset by Dedenee    Neopolitan summer by Dedenee    Shino Asada by Dedenee   IPA Outfit by Dedenee  
SnowsFlakes Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey, maybe I´m the artist you are looking for. Here are some examples of my job:

Sakura-01 by SnowsFlakes   steven [Recuperado]-01 by SnowsFlakes   Syl by SnowsFlakes   Trapped Girl by SnowsFlakes  

And my list of prices:
Commissions Open by SnowsFlakes  
Hope to hear from you! 
SnowsFlakes Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi! Maybe I could help you. Here are some examples of my work: 

   Chibi Example. Lucy by SnowsFlakes   Syl by SnowsFlakes   Sakura-01 by SnowsFlakes   steven [Recuperado]-01 by SnowsFlakes   Trapped Girl by SnowsFlakes   

And here are the prices of my commissions: 
Commissions Open by SnowsFlakes  

I´ll send you a note too!
RealistJuliet Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
hello, im interested!

my prices are;
headshot 20$
half body 25$
full body 30$

here are some examples of my work
please send a note if you're interested!
Cerberus by RealistJuliet   tae by RealistJuliet   08072020 by RealistJuliet   ogu 9th by RealistJuliet   03082020 by RealistJuliet  
RenMoraes Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, i'm interested in the Job . I Have Large experience with comic coloring and Digital illustration . Here's my gallery :

............................................................................................................   ...........................................................................................................

                            Draenie by RenMoraes    Walking  Mace by RenMoraes    Apocalypse Cancelled by RenMoraes    Mercenary lady by RenMoraes   GateFinder by RenMoraes
                              Orc Horseman by RenMoraes    Hedron construct by RenMoraes    Comissions by RenMoraes    Unexpected Hero by RenMoraes   Pirate by RenMoraes

Contact me by DA or Facebook : Link                                My email :
Renan Moraes
KuraKaminari Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Artist
Hey, my name is KuraKaminari and I believe my style could fits good with the exact thing you´re looking. So please take a look of my prices here:

My portfolio!
Visual Novel Sample by KuraKaminari Couple of Kisses by KuraKaminari Braquage de bonne foi by KuraKaminari   Corps et ame aux loups by KuraKaminari Bowsetter 2nd Version by KuraKaminari   Bowsette 1st Version by KuraKaminari   Menchi HxH [COLORED VERSION] by KuraKaminari   Machi by KuraKaminari     Alpacastronaut by KuraKaminari Addicted To You - Avicii Fanart by KuraKaminari
kooributa Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Not sure if you're still looking but please consider me if you are interested in my art. :) 
Prices can be discussed after (depending on the preferred style) - I can be contacted here (chat) or on IG: kooributa 

Art Request - Pink Anime Girl by kooributa   Azula by kooributa   Tifa! by kooributa   Blossom  - PowerPuff Girls by kooributa   Sasu Aki by kooributa   Fetechou - Commission by kooributa  
kjus Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I am  so much interested with you that I specialized in anime manga and I been working as webtoon artist as 3yr!
I am available at all times  , send me a note 
or contact me at discord BRMD-DHR#1478

rezero rem! by kjus    fire force iris by kjus   shutendouji~ by kjus   commission open! by kjus   bea! by kjus   shutendouji by kjus  
Revolurt Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I am interested! Here are some of my art:

Suou Patra by Revolurt JK by Revolurt Riesz by Revolurt Akai Haato by Revolurt Asuka-chan Wants to Hang Out by Revolurt
Info about the prices are here:

Open for Commission by Revolurt

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions!
AtelierMayo Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Hello, I'm interested on your offer.
here's some of my work.
Discord: LetheDiana#2291
Azure Lane Shangri-la Summertime by AtelierMayo azurlane-Admiral Graf Spee by AtelierMayo bikko commission 2 by AtelierMayo OC Mei-chan by AtelierMayo DBS GIRL (PUBG) by AtelierMayo
Saber by AtelierMayo   Kuro by AtelierMayo Dusk bikko commission by AtelierMayo   Mei-Chan On Astral Chain by AtelierMayo
Mei-Chan Expression by AtelierMayo   Oc by AtelierMayo
Erickulto Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
EndangeredMoxie Featured By Owner 4 days ago
$20 for complete painting [Limited Time Offer/1 Slot]

Lately, with the current pandemic I find myself being very unproductive. So I decided to make this offer to jump start my productivity.

What I offer here is a completed digital painting of 1 figure with a simple background of choice for the low price of $20. 

Your choice of headshot/halfbody/full body.

Any theme welcome OCs;Fursonas;Anime;NSFW;etc..

Payment will be accepted through Paypal Only.

If additional figures are request price will adjust accordingly.

Examples of work:
Dance with meredone by EndangeredMoxie   Dev Oc by EndangeredMoxie   Redpanda by EndangeredMoxie   Special- Lawlu by EndangeredMoxie   Commission law with OC by EndangeredMoxie   Soccer1 by EndangeredMoxie   Illustration by EndangeredMoxie  
Myshumeaw Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I'm interested in your proposal. I love to make details in the characters and that they are 100% exact to those that the client asks for. <3
I can do chibis halfbody at 15 usd, chibis fullbody at 20 USD , anime style halfbody at 25 USD. or Anime style Fullbody at 40 usd

but depending on the complexity of the idea you want me to make, you can change the price :). I leave you examples of my art so you can see what I do.

   Demon boy Commi by Myshumeaw   chibi warrior IG by Myshumeaw   chibi FF 2 by Myshumeaw   Chibi Warrior Commi 2 by Myshumeaw  

    chibi furry FB by Myshumeaw   Deku chibi by Myshumeaw   Chibi commi Kitsune boy by Myshumeaw   Kirishima chibi by Myshumeaw  

Bday Meri 2019 by Myshumeaw Naishunsrgato Home by Myshumeaw    Meawsy Bday 2019 by Myshumeaw Chibi Contest LGBT by Myshumeaw    Chibi Moonpuff comission by Myshumeaw  

      Innosuke anime by Myshumeaw   AshuEiji by Myshumeaw   Mis bebes2019 by Myshumeaw   NaishunMysho  by Myshumeaw   
Lionsh Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
7a67721f-89f8-491d-b30c-767cd3f5eae7 by Lionsh   9c2fd761-0b9e-4e36-9cf5-4dc25ead7b42 by Lionsh   18eb3c7a-beff-458e-afcc-a2b987841b8f by Lionsh   899611af-bbb6-4c37-a10b-72b7149e004e by Lionsh   7285a174-2ff0-48ca-93c4-f2760d9966cc by Lionsh   93ea1ac9-93f2-4060-b5eb-ba21ba399ddf by Lionsh   74a7dc73-5242-496f-b867-31b9a033165f by Lionsh   E29e3229-d7d0-402d-9f60-956fc4de824a by Lionsh  
Victor-Vestorii Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
If you'd like to include the designing aspect as well, I can do both for only $40.

Here are my previous works that include designing the character:
Jay-Bhan Veilfeather - Character design commission by Victor-Vestorii   Cordas - Character design commission by Victor-Vestorii   Nefarian - Aasimar Mage by Victor-Vestorii   Designing commission work -- Talonfeather by Victor-Vestorii   Kuroi - Character Illustration Commission by Victor-Vestorii  

Mature Content

Ferrand -- Illustration Commission by Victor-Vestorii

For other samples, you can always check my gallery.

For only illustration, it will only takes roughly a week to finish. But with designing it will take longer.

What do you think about this offer?
Saioaarte Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant

Hello, my name is Saioa. I am a young freelance artist. My principal Style is Cartoon, semi realistic and a bit of Manga. I love colorful drawings and sketch styles. I usually make fanarts but have designed some character based on the descriptions too. I am used to make forced and strange poses, I love them. My rate is 15€ per character and 20€ detailed backgrounds. Twitter:

Angel+cherry by Saioaarte   4- Sombras 2 by Saioaarte   Comission Jpeg by Saioaarte   Mao Mao by Saioaarte   Pastel Girl by Saioaarte   Destello Carta by Saioaarte   Shera Marca De Agua by Saioaarte   Bestars 2 by Saioaarte  
Art-Karasu Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there! :) (Smile) 

I am interested in your vacancy. If I am suitable for you, you can write to me by email or in notes.

Great sword by Art-Karasu   Three by Art-Karasu   Ami Krer by Art-Karasu   Klud by Art-Karasu   Waethra by Art-Karasu   Commission info by Art-Karasu    
Mokolat-Illustr Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

• I can draw : anime, adapt or mimic style. I have patience and easy communication for talk about your character and what do you need.
• Time : illustration take me one to four weeks to do.
• Price : depend of complexity and specification of your commission.
Commissions informations :  Commission infos 2020
Contact : deviantart note or
SamiDrawer Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
No Game No Life Poister by SamiDrawer   Pecorine Sama by SamiDrawer   Endeavor Finished by SamiDrawer   Akito WM by SamiDrawer  
M-GO Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I'm interested! Hope my style suits what you want. My price for full body is 75$, my samples:
Singing to the stars by M-GO   Nune's birthday present by M-GO   My Melody cleric by M-GO   Couple Portrait by M-GO   Hot Limit by M-GO   Hades by M-GO   MANGO by M-GO   Dullahan School girl by M-GO   Female knight by M-GO  
arieoll Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello there! Here's my commission info

Winter by arieoll   Spring by arieoll   Emerald Witch by arieoll   Candy Girl by arieoll Oz Summer by arieoll   Nya!! by arieoll   Suki Kirai by arieoll

And if you have fiverr, I'm currently having a sale there:
miu-ne Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested!!
Here are some examples of my works (for full body 20 to 40 USD, depending on details)
I can also match a style if you have examples

Girl W Caatt 3 Final by miu-ne 200507 Taras Ocs Final 2 by miu-ne 200213 Girl In Serbian Traditional Attire Final 2 by miu-ne Photo Study Tw Crop by miu-ne 200314 Hbd Indi Full Size by miu-ne 200613 Miku Redraw Final Final by miu-ne 200628 Mamacrooon Dtiys Final 2 by miu-ne
ShiEbi Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Hope you might get interested! ^u^)/

=Anime Commissions=
=Chibi Commissions=
=Semi-Realistic Commissions=

Smile For The Picture | Naruko Uzumaki | Fanart by ShiEbi   Smile Once in a Blue Moon | Haliantha by ShiEbi   It's All Part Of Growing Up | Megumi by ShiEbi   Strawberry Garden | StrawberryDani by ShiEbi   Shining Shimmering Shiina | Shiina by ShiEbi   90s COMM | Silvaze126 by ShiEbi   I-I'm not blushing, bakero! | Toshiro Hitsugaya GB by ShiEbi   Rhopalurus Junceus | Queen | OC by ShiEbi   Anime Me COMM | Nekokowa | Redreaper1951 by ShiEbi   What're You Lookin' At? | Yuuna by ShiEbi   Songbird | Mary Lucy by ShiEbi   Icon COMM | Chihiro | Redreaper1951 by ShiEbi   Galaxy Remake | Senpai by ShiEbi   Pattern On | JeagerEX by ShiEbi