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3d modeler needed - Simple style - paid

themightyflog Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2020
I'm looking for some well made but simple style 3d models similiar to "Final Space"  

Please send my pictures or video of things you've modeled.

Thank you

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Dilk-Python Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2020
Hello I have a lot of knowledge working on characters like this :)…
Nneila Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you need characters? or what?
YacareKB Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2020
Hi! I'd love to help you with that!
Here are some of the 3D model's I've made:…
And here are my prices:
3D Commissions price sheet by YacareKB

If you like my stuff you can send me a note here, or an email at (I also have Discord: Yacare#6661 and Telegram YacareKB ), you can pick the medium you prefer.

I look forward to hear from you, and if not, good luck on your search!
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