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May 22


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Sketch Head artist

Alexis-OMA Featured By Owner Edited May 22, 2020  Professional General Artist
Looking to hire a sketch artist to help me flesh out my characters facial features/expressions. 

Each sheet will consist of 9 head shots like the one enclosed in this thread below. Different expressions with different characters. 

Payment is $25 each sheet via PayPal If interested please send a sample of your work to:

Look forward to hearing from you
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 8.58.48 PM by Alexis-OMA  

Devious Comments

Haruarrt Featured By Owner May 27, 2020  New Deviant
Hello! if you are interested in my work, we can talk on dm I accept payments by paypal! c:
<3 <3
3diosas1 by Haruarrt   Chique1 by Haruarrt   Gouache by Haruarrt   3lineas by Haruarrt   Olasychiargb by Haruarrt   Snake1 by Haruarrt   Torso1 by Haruarrt   Voodo.1rgb by Haruarrt  
GilbertoBorba Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello friend! !
Check out my Portfolio on my studio site:…
*** If you can not access my site, go to Facebook = Ilustrador Gilberto Borba.
In the photo albums you have my complete portfolio.
Check out my budget =
1 Page =
Layout + Pencil + ink (black digital Ink from Photoshop) = $ 22 dollars.
If blank space is left on the page, if it is only the character without scenarios,
you have a discount on the amount charged. Total = $ 15
If you choose colored with digital color
(1 layer Flat Color - Photoshop) = + $ 15 dollars
I do not draw explicit sex. Only Paypal.
Many thanks, big hug and I'm available !!
Gil Borb
Facebook = Ilustrador Gilberto Borba
sushy00 Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Professional General Artist
Interested but I charge more than that. 
shchetochkin Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
If you still need someone I can offer my skills. 
I'm an illustration and character design artist 
I work with vector and 2D graphics.
 2 by shchetochkin  
Heirozen Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
Hi! I'm open for commissions.
Commission Info
J-amesT Featured By Owner May 23, 2020
Take a look:o (Eek) to my gallery!thxGraystripe icon 
Crishzi Featured By Owner Edited May 23, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
hey i would love to help out. Im just hesitant to send an email since i had issues before that gmail does not sent all my emails or i dont get emails sent to me from another country for some reason. So  believe dA notes are the easiest prefered method for me, personaly.
Tattoo redesign- Bioshock Elizabeth by Crishzi Kosuke Akashiro by Crishzi Cutiepiemarzia by Crishzi WIP Caelilin Summers by Crishzi wip bust commission by Crishzi
GBSartworks Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
CarloGarde Featured By Owner May 22, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist

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EmilyOni Featured By Owner May 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Id be happy to do this for you! Here's my portfolio, and feel free to send me a Note if you're interested! ^^
Could we discuss prices or would that be your set budget?…
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