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Looking to commission an artist for a half body drawing

TheBlackDuelist Featured By Owner May 10, 2020
Hey guys! 

I'm looking for an artist to draw a picture of two characters in a half body drawing so please let me know if your up for it. It's a paid job of course. 


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Myshumeaw Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I'm interested in your proposal. 
I can do chibis halfbody couple at 30 usd, chibis fullbody couple at 40 usd or anime style halfbody couple at 50 usd.

but depending on the complexity of the idea you want me to make, you can change the price :). I leave you examples of my art so you can see what I do.

Commi chibi neko couple  by Myshumeaw   Chibi Comision Couple Elf by Myshumeaw   Chibi Commi Couple Crystals2 by Myshumeaw   Chbi couple comm2 by Myshumeaw  

Chibi yuri Beccajess by Myshumeaw Couplechibix2 by Myshumeaw   Commi Clown couple by Myshumeaw    chibi comission couple Louise IG by Myshumeaw  

Pinkuviolet hug by Myshumeaw   Srgatomyshu20192 by Myshumeaw   MeriKaito by Myshumeaw   Commi Anime couple Lina by Myshumeaw  


chibis fullbody couple with background included. 80 usd.

Bday Meri 2019 by Myshumeaw Naishunsrgato Home by Myshumeaw    Meawsy Bday 2019 by Myshumeaw   LukaMyshu chibi by Myshumeaw     
HermesMDiaz Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I am interested!
4-batscolorrgbb2 by HermesMDiaz   Mujerrr by HermesMDiaz  
SaMaAg Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi,I'm interested in the job.I'll leave you a link to my gallery.…

single character(bust)-u$s25
single character(half body)-u$s35
single character(full body)-u$s45
background is u$s10 plus
what I don't do:
children in sexual-related content

Armando Huerta tribute by SaMaAg Amy Lee by SaMaAg In concert by SaMaAg
Saioaarte Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant

Hello, my name is Saioa. I am a young freelance artist. My principal Style is Cartoon, semi realistic and a bit of Manga. I love colorful drawings and sketch styles. I usually make fanarts but have designed some character based on the descriptions too. I am used to make forced and strange poses, I love them. My rate is 15€ per character and 20€ detailed backgrounds. Twitter:

Este by Saioaarte   4- Sombras 2 by Saioaarte   Angel+cherry by Saioaarte   Shera Marca De Agua by Saioaarte   Destello Carta by Saioaarte   Bestars 2 by Saioaarte   Pastel Girl by Saioaarte   Img-20200720-wa0010 by Saioaarte   Img 20200720 234124 by Saioaarte   Imanes Hazbin by Saioaarte  
eko999 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Hi! Im interested!

here are my sample works:…
ONIpunk.jpeg by eko999 Warframe commission: Nidus by eko999 Mech Commission: Cherubim by eko999 
Mecha Scyther by eko999  Mecha Scizor mk1 by eko999 Genji Warframe sketch by eko999 
Anti-Venom by eko999 The Barbatos by eko999 Warframe commission: Nidus by eko999 

For rates and info, check out my journal post OPEN Commission page 2020 v2 
or email me at:
Art-Karasu Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there! :) (Smile) 

I am interested in your vacancy. If I am suitable for you, you can write to me by email or in notes.

Great sword by Art-Karasu   Three by Art-Karasu   Ami Krer by Art-Karasu   Klud by Art-Karasu   Waethra by Art-Karasu   Commission info by Art-Karasu    
torakun14 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm Torakun from Japan. I specialize in anime style illustrations. Please send me a note if interested. Or you can send me an email at ^^
White Mage Glamour Commission by torakun14   Velvet Crowe Commission by torakun14   Kohaku by torakun14   Raphtalia by torakun14   Rikka by torakun14  
KyandiDy Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2020  Student General Artist
Hi! I can draw in differents artstyles (@kyandipkin on Instagram to see more),

If you're interested please join me on or @kyandipkin on Instagram!
Have a lovely day!   Tomeii by KyandiDy   Chara - princesse of blood by KyandiDy   Ducks by KyandiDy   Butterfly by KyandiDy   Miss Fortune by KyandiDy   
LauraMarzo Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I would gladly take the offer. :) I can do various styles: from chibi, cartoony and anime to semirealsm. If you are interested please contact me either via pm or via Let me know which style you are going for. While I might not been around on Deviantart for long, I have been drawing/painting for pretty much my whole life. Some of the following images were drawn traditionally but I could of course also draw them digitally.
My prices are listed here:
  Commissions: prices 1
Here you can see the prices for commissions. Please check out the process, examples and terms as well. If interested or if there are any questions contact me via pm on deviantart/insta or via .

Flower girl by LauraMarzo Flowers (finished) by LauraMarzo Flowers by LauraMarzo Sarcastic Angel by LauraMarzo it's a boiii 2 by LauraMarzo It's a boiii by LauraMarzo Glowing Roots by LauraMarzo Simple Complexity by LauraMarzo Katara Fanart by LauraMarzo Hands by LauraMarzo

Mature Content

The light within by LauraMarzo
My adorable boyfriend by LauraMarzo Commission-sheet 1
See what the different commission-types look like.  
Commission-sheet 2
Here you can see what each commission type looks like.
Check out my instagram: lalartworks
Commissions: prices 2
Here you can see what "bust, knees and full" refers to.  

simple backgrounds are for FREE!:

Commissions: simple backgrounds
Simple backgrounds are for free (if it is not the main object of the commission) and you can see them here.  
Commissions: complex backgrounds
These are "complex" backgrounds.

complex backgrounds are only + 5-10€:
chetanranjan Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I am very interested in this work.
Here are some samples of my work and a link to my portfolio. Let me know If we can work together. My email:…
Chunli vs werewolf by chetanranjan Sailor moon Redraw by chetanranjan Like a moth to the Flames by chetanranjan Crystal Giant by chetanranjan
yumeartjpg Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I do cute anime art style and I am very interested in your project. I would love to work together with you <3 My price ranges from $15 to $30 USD, opening for headshots to full-body. Here are some examples of my works:
Yukuchiru by yumeartjpg   Kittirea by yumeartjpg   Full-Body Commission for Cruze by yumeartjpg   Sei Shonagon by yumeartjpg  

I look forward to hearing from you!
ShiEbi Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Hope you might get interested! ^u^)/

=Anime Commissions=
=Chibi Commissions=
=Semi-Realistic Commissions=

Smile For The Picture | Naruko Uzumaki | Fanart by ShiEbi   Smile Once in a Blue Moon | Haliantha by ShiEbi   It's All Part Of Growing Up | Megumi by ShiEbi Strawberry Garden | StrawberryDani by ShiEbi   Shining Shimmering Shiina | Shiina by ShiEbi   90s COMM | Silvaze126 by ShiEbi   I-I'm not blushing, bakero! | Toshiro Hitsugaya GB by ShiEbi   Rhopalurus Junceus | Queen | OC by ShiEbi
Night-Gazer101 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sakura-streetfighter Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I recently made my own indie game and was atually looking for professional people to work with, either for commercial or personal purpose.
I'm interested to draw for you if my art style is to your likings. Here is an example of my work.
Makise Kurisu illustration by sakura-streetfighter   Makise Kurisu Sprites by sakura-streetfighter   Chani (commission) by sakura-streetfighter Visual novel sprites - Rem by sakura-streetfighter   The pircture of Dorian Gray by sakura-streetfighter   Acker by sakura-streetfighter   Castiel wedding (comission) by sakura-streetfighter   Raymond by sakura-streetfighter   Garden illustration by sakura-streetfighter   Winter memory by sakura-streetfighter   Library by sakura-streetfighter    Forbidden game! by sakura-streetfighter   Rayan and Fa by sakura-streetfighter  
Six fanart challenge by sakura-streetfighter   Ruth by sakura-streetfighter   Carmilla by sakura-streetfighter   Alexander by sakura-streetfighter  

My prices start by 18$ minimum to 66$ maximum, it all depends on the type of drawing and your character.

For more details here on my commission list :

Commission ListCURRENT STATUS: [OPEN] Bullet; Green

Note: You can ask for which tool you prefer : Pencil or Ink + for a flat colored backgrounds ! 


✘ Claiming the artwork as yours.
✘ Remove any part of my signature from artwork.
✘ Sell prints of it or sell use of the file in any way.
✘ Post or publish sketches, previews steps, original file of my work somewhere.
I hope you have a great day ! Take care !

Your artwork shall be delivered in 1-3 days ! 

You can find more of my work on my instagram : saku.chann

Here is also my email adress :

If you have any question don't hesitate to message me !

Looking forward to hear from you.

Have a good day !
PenGhost Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Im interested

Captive by PenGhost   Sample Characters by PenGhost   Riku Hiroe - Special Content by PenGhost   Toru Harada Concept Art by PenGhost   Gameplay test by PenGhost  
Graphic--Ops Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Check out my gallery
TheRafa Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I think I can do this.
Here are some samples:
[COM] Hades and Persephone by TheRafa   X-22 by TheRafa   Fairy Stone by TheRafa   King and Queen by TheRafa  

Prices are fair, it should be around 100-150 USD each character. Please check my info:
Commission infoThank you for checking my commission site. I hope we can work together.I can draw:Original character FanartMale HumanFemale HumanRobot / MechaMonster / AnimalsSFW / NSFW (some nude)LandscapeI don’t draw:Gore (a bit blood is ok)Hardcore stuff (*that* kind of stuff!)Chibi (well, I don’t draw them now)Complex interiorMy offers and prices:Portrait (75$)Bust (100$)Half Body (150$)Full Body (225$)Price is for one character, colored, full shaded. Adding another character adds +100% of original price. Please keep in mind that prices may rise for complex commissions.Simple Background: Free (up to three colors)Medium complex: about 50$ (depends on details)High complex: about 125$ (depends on details)Complex request may increase pricesSamples of my work:Portrait: 75$Bust: 100$Half Body: 150$Full Body: 225$Robot / Mecha: Depends on the complexity. About 175$ - 250$Animals or monster: Depends on the complexity. About 250$Payment: Paypal only.Process and Terms of Service (TOS):Step by step: Sketch -> payment -> Flat colors -> Full shaded I reserve the right to decline a commission request.After I accept your commission, I will do a sketch and send it to you. (cancelling commission here is ok)While in sketching stage, revisions are allowed.Please keep in mind: The more specifications you make, the more you restrict my freedom as an artist. This is an option, but it might also prevent some interesting interpretations of your idea.Once you've accepted the sketch, payment is next.After the payment is done, I will finish up your commission.I will keep you updated the process. When the sketch has been approved, some minor changes are fine (e.g. colors), but anything bigger (character's pose, background, expression, etc.) will cost extra!I draw semi-real to close-realistic. If you need photorealism, it will be much more expensive.If I can't finish your commission and you've already paid, you WILL receive a refund from me, depending on commission stage. You will receive the unfinished commission.Commission status: Check my trello site: do I order?Contact only via email: Request.Therafa@gmail.comSubject: CommissionArt type : Portrait / Bust / Half Body / Full BodyNumber of characters: 1, 2, 3....Character details: Characters habit, age, hair color, eyes, clothes, etc. Please use pictures as references. I do not like text, because it can be misunderstood.Size: The size of the image will be the default size. If you need a specific size, please tell me.Character pose: Standing, sitting, lying…Background: Simple (means up to three colors) / medium / complex. Describe clearly, please!Other: Questions, etc.If there is a deadline, please let me know right at the beginning so I can plan ahead. If you don't, I cannot guarantee that the commission will be ready in time.I do non-commercial commissions. If you ask for commercial commissions, please state clearly what it will be!
serpentwitch Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Professional Filmographer
Centacorn by serpentwitch   Witch by serpentwitch   Street Fighter x FF -- REFINED by serpentwitch   Elgerian by serpentwitch   Celadoron - FINAL REMAKE by serpentwitch   Felgirth - Bhalnore color by serpentwitch  
03JINX Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Hey! Here's some half bodies I've drawn. 
Heirs: Fernsby Twins by 03JINX   Commission Art by 03JINX   Twins by 03JINX  

This is a journal detailing my prices and even more examples:
POINT Commissions: OPENOPEN ALL YEAR (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE)TO-DO LISTSLOT 1:SLOT 2:SLOT 3: HEADSHOTBase Price: 300 Points (+50 points for complex design)-> 30% for another characterBUSTBase Price: 500 Points (+50 points for complex design)-> 30% for another characterHALF BODYBase Price: 800 Points (+100 points for complex design)-> 20% for another characterFULL BODYBase Price: 1000 Points (+100 points for complex design)-> 20% for another characterBACKGROUNDFlat colours: 0 ptsGradient: 0 ptsSimple shapes/ patterns: 50 pts____________________________________________________________________________COMMISSION FORM- Please tell me down below (comments) if you would like to request a commission then I will add you to my prioritize/waiting list. -MAX 2 DIFFERENT ORDERS/ PERSON-FILL OUT THIS FORM AND SEND ME A NOTE (Title: commission order):Commissioner's Info:Name: Email:Contact info: (Where I can reach you: email, DA, IG)Type of commission: (Headshot, bust, half-body, line art)Background: (Flat, gradient, simple shapes/pattern)Character's Info:Name:Gender:Pose + expression: (Optional)Reference:Extra:____________________________________________________________________________PROCESS1) I will be choosing 3 people to prioritize. After I finish those commissions, their name will be replaced by someone else on the waiting list. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!2) I will contact you via private messages once you are off the waiting list. Please provide an email for me to send the artwork to. Any will do, but preferably an iCloud email (Higher quality pictures, PNG).3) Please provide me as much information about the character you want me to draw (reference sheets, images of preferred clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc)4) I will send you three sketches to choose from. During this stage, please inform me of any changes. - Afterwards, I will show you a base-coloured version of the work, in order to see if there are any changes you want to make. Also, take this time to state where you would want the lighting to come from (above, below, side).5) Please pay half the price immediately. The other half will be due after the sketch has been finalized. I WILL NOT FINISH THE COMMISSION UNLESS THE OTHER HALF IS PAID. __________________________________________________________________________________TERMS OF SERVICE- All drawings will include a watermark that you may NOT remove. - Prices may change based on demand.- I, JINX, have the right to reject any order I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason. COPYRIGHT/ USAGE POLICYI, JINX, claim the rights to the produced drawing, not the buyer. Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork toPromote myself with the artwork everywhere. Publish books with itDisplay the artwork on my social media platformsThe buyer is allowed to: 1. Use the piece for personal use unless agreed otherwise. You may upload it on your social media platforms. 2. Print the artwork and claim the characters as theirs, but not the artwork. 3. Use the artwork on their Youtube Channel in monetized videos as long as the artwork itself is not the main subject for the earnings. The following is considered copyright infringement:Claiming the artwork as their own.Removing my watermark from the artwork.Altering the artwork without my consent.IMPORTANTThe sudden cancellation of a commission after the sketch has been approved will have you (the buyer), blacklisted from future commissions, and you will be refunded. WAITING LIST
lite33 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi ~^ ^~
My name is Artem and I am a beginner artist and I am learning to draw
I live alone in the Russian-occupied Donbas
I will be interested In your opinion and your help is important

preferably human or human-like characters : )

head - 20$
half - 30$
full body - 45$

a lot of complex parts +10-15$
additional item +3-10$
NSFW +15$
background +10-15$

Payment PayPal
I work only on an advance payment or you can pay 50% before the sketch and 50% after the sketch stage ^ ^

my character portfolio:…

priest concept by lite33   Marie de La Grange by lite33   Christ-chan by lite33   red crusader by lite33   slavic elf by lite33   Knight of the Countess by lite33   priestess doodle by lite33  
LauraRamirez Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello :D my commissions are open, here are my prices: COMMISSION INFO

And here are examples of my work:

Lee Epic Pose by LauraRamirez   Eastern-collared-lizard by LauraRamirez   Fancy Crocodile by LauraRamirez   Black Mambas - Page by LauraRamirez   Pixie and Brutus (humanized) by LauraRamirez
Donald Duck's epic mullet by LauraRamirez   KitBull by LauraRamirez   Hyena Color Mood Study by LauraRamirez

Thank you for your time, good day :wave: 
Victor-Vestorii Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
$30 for half-body with style similar to these:
Jay-Bhan Veilfeather - Character design commission by Victor-Vestorii   Cordas - Character design commission by Victor-Vestorii   Kuroi - Character Illustration Commission by Victor-Vestorii Nana Chan --2nd Attempt --2nd Attempt by Victor-Vestorii   Black-gold Higata and his ten-tailed Phoenix by Victor-Vestorii  

You can check more samples at my gallery.
forthcracy159 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2020  Student General Artist
POINT COMMISSIONS OPEN {5 SLOTS}READ ME I only accept OC/original characters and fanart that have an official guideline for fan fiction and not violated in that. (ex: UNDERTALE, Touhou Project)  Payment is upfront, dA Points only. There are no refunds.   You can ask for an edit 2 times.  Do not use my works for commercial use. I will finish a commission for 1 week~ 2 months. PLEASE CLARIFY INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUTFIT. DESCRIPTIONS OF BOTH TEXT AND IMAGES ARE DESIRABLE. I MAY BE SLOW DUE TO REAL LIFE PRIORITIES (IN WORK, ILLNESS, ETC) I AM DOING MULTIPLE COMMISSIONS, SO I CAN NOT COMPLETE IT IMMEDIATELY. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT WILL TAKE TIME TO DONE.  Use the artwork in every noncommercial way. Use the artwork in every nonprofitable was These commissions are for PERSONAL use only.   By requesting a commission, you are agreeing that you will only use the illustration for personal use and will not reproduce and distribute the material for anything other than personal use. I may (or may not) upload the finished illustration to my DA or SNS.First come first served. REQUEST, ART TRADE ARE OPEN TOO!HOW TO ORDER 1. Fill out the order form and send it to me via note or profile comments.– Type: – References: – Character expression/personality: – Other: 2. After confirming the payment, I will start working on the commission. *I will send a rough sketch to you. 3. I will complete the commission within a 1 week~ 2 months. 4. I will send you the full-size image by ICONS (HEADSHOT) 200PtsBlack and white: 280Pts (200Pts+80Pts)Colored: 360Pts (200Pts+160Pts)Sketch: 200PtsCoroled(Little complex) :400Pts (200Pts+200Pts) THIGH UP 320PtsSketch: 320PtsBlack and white: 400Pts(320Pts+80Pts)Colored: 480Pts(320Pts+160Pts)Colored(Little complex): 560Pts(320Pts+240Pts)DETAILS+200PtsADD CHARACTERS(MAX2)+200PtsI WILL DO Nazis (Also uniforms)Male charactersBloody and gore (Male characters only)I MIGHT DOSci-Fi MachineKawaii girlI WILL NOT DOFurry/anthro Nudity and sexual themes BLMLPI CAN OFFER COMMISSION 5 PEOPLE1. Suffer by forthcracy159   Nazi Monster by forthcracy159   Attack by forthcracy159   BRAAAAINNNS... by forthcracy159   SCP-1968 by forthcracy159   Dying by forthcracy159   Not a Human Person by forthcracy159   Don't you mind your back? by forthcracy159  
henrypardo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello TheBlackDuelist
check my website and let me know what uou think please…
MartianBean Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020   General Artist
check this info:
commision open
e-mail : or send me a note.
some of my works:
Agatha on the road
Don't Lose Your Waaaay
check my gallery for more.
thank you for your attention 
cobe-raikyo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡
I'm very interesting with your Commission.
* This is some Example my work:

Milim Nava Fanart by cobe-raikyo Nezuko Kamado Fanart by cobe-raikyo Commission by cobe-raikyo Youtouchi - Onmyoji Fanart by cobe-raikyo Muichiro Tokito Fanart by cobe-raikyo Nami - One Piece fanart by cobe-raikyo Sunshine by cobe-raikyo   [Onmyoji] Momo no Sei by cobe-raikyo

This is my commission price: Commission (Open)Star!Commission info Star! 

Megaphone I draw:
Bullet; Green Real
Bullet; Green Semi Real
Bullet; Green Chibi
Bullet; Green Fantasy
Bullet; Green Manga style
Bullet; Green Hentai / Yuri / Yaoi / Porn
Bullet; Green Fanart/ character from manga/anime etc 
 Fetish human x animal
 Anthro / furry
   I don't draw:
 Sci Fi / Alient

Check more works in my porfolio here :

Hope i would get a chance to working with you
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Thanks you very much ! (*¯ ³¯*)♡
ferulaboy Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, hope you interested
Color no Background 15$(regular/sfw), $20(nsfw) +8$ additional bacground (not complicated)
need help adopt [open] by ferulaboy open commision by ferulaboy

Mature Content

commission : harper (harperlittleton) by ferulaboy

(OPEN) bumblebee girl adoptables by ferulaboy open commision by ferulaboy commision : missmistery2 by ferulaboy commission : cornet (musical adventure) by ferulaboy commission :  (kailuz) by ferulaboy commission : (dog-girlfriend) by ferulaboy
TheLiev Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven by TheLiev Holmes by TheLiev

SUMMER HYPE INSANITY by TheLiev The Dragon of Hololive by TheLiev

Sweet Summer Smile by TheLiev   Beneath the Captain's Cabin by TheLiev

The Comet we saw that Afternoon by TheLiev

For Inquiries, please DM me or email me:

Thank you!

EmmonArts Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020  Student Digital Artist
You can check out my prices and examples here:
NikoxBelmont Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Consider me? Thanks for even looking!…
AZ-FG Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi I', interested in your job offer. Here my art:
Racer by AZ-FG  
If you interested in my art, contact me at
Linlye Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, this is my commission sample
OPEN | COMMISSION  [C] V I C T O R by Linlye   [C] Dragon Raja by Linlye   [C] Rock on you by Linlye   [C] Joseph | IDENTITY V by Linlye   [C] A kiss for you by Linlye
EarlyOnion Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020
Hello there~ I draw mainly semi-chibis like this, and that last one is as non-chibi as I can go.

Here's my commission info if you are interested ^^ : ⭐️ [Onion's Comm Info (Digital)] ⭐️

43-054 [Prize] Angel for The Lady by EarlyOnion 43-043 Oh Heyyy by EarlyOnion 43-053 [Comm] Clarice and the Pussycats by EarlyOnion 43-051 [RO] Between Farming and Hunting by EarlyOnion
emubi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello my name is emubi and I'm interested doing your job!

please contact me via:
email    :
Discord : emubi #9329 (fast responds)
or notes is fine too!

here's my initial prices:
COMMISSION PRICELIST 2020Types of art that I will do:As long as not too hardcore or extreme, I'm pretty much accept any kind of job (even non-illustration like motion graphic/vector/3D)Character design from scratch will have price adjustment, contact me for details Terms and conditions :Payment full upfront via PAYPAL (choose "send money to friends and family", so I won't get cut)Max.2 revisions. If its my fault (bad anatomy or not following the brief etc.) will not be counted as revision.More than that it will get additional cost My workflow would be : "sketch  > outline and base color > finishing" each of that step will have a client's confirmation before moving on Worktime depends of the client itself, even without deadline I'll try to finish it ASAP anyway, just discuss it with me The artwork that I made will basically non-exclusive, and will upload it for portfolio purpose. If you want to be exclusive/commercial it will have additional price, contact me for details NO REFUND!, unless I can't finish it, I'm gonna refund it 100% Please prepare your reference (cloth, pose, etc) for minimizing miscomm, if you need help in this department, I would gladly help. For more information, contact me via :email      : mouritz.bethelio@gmail.comdiscord   : emubi#9329...

here's my artwork samples :
Fu Hua - Night Squire by emubi Fu hua - Shadow Knight by emubi Fu Hua Azure Empyrea by emubi Exalted - Gentle Snow by emubi Exalted - Steel Heart by emubi Exalted - Joyous Onyx by emubi Arianne - Rapier Mode by emubi Arianne - Staff Mode by emubi Knight Ellinor by emubi Akame Kunoichi by emubi Zaku II S and Char Aznable by emubi Pathfinder OC Arisu by emubi Clide Lodwick V Bahamut Prime by emubi Atelier Shallie - What's the Ingredient? by emubi Fu Hua the 4 Battlesuits by emubi
Pompiggu Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello I'm interested!  I primarily do portraits to haflbodies!
Commissions Thread! (OPEN)
Kaiser by Pompiggu Enkh by Pompiggu Doczxs Commish by Pompiggu

Mature Content

Thaddeus Boone by Pompiggu
angel bebe commission art by Pompiggu

Mature Content

Fitsroyal's Oc v.3.66 by Pompiggu
LarysaNieobecna Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. Here are some examples of my work if u'd like to check:
Shaded Cloth by LarysaNieobecna Finished drawing of Fanalis from Magi, also by LarysaNieobecna An0ther day, another lips by LarysaNieobecna An eye drawing training by LarysaNieobecna