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August 5, 2019


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Commission!! - Robot diving for Frisbee

LudwigVanBadman Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019
Hi Guys

I'm looking for a logo for the kids Ultimate Frisbee team I run. I'd like a black and white drawing of Optimus Prime laying out to catch a disc, only it can't actually be Optimus Prime due to copy write. I'd like a fairly dramatic perspective with the disc and his hand in the foreground and I'd like to put K.U.L. (the name of the team) on the disc.

The logo is for a baseball cap so it will need to be roughly a 5x4 aspect ratio. 

Please feedback below!


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ymymy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Digital illustrations in any style.
adoptables-to-claim Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! id love to help

Cheese by adoptables-to-claim   Furry by adoptables-to-claim   Grey Crow by adoptables-to-claim  
Wenart Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
PaladinPainter Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm interested, here you can find examples of my work

Taking commissions.:bulletgreen: Greetings !
:bulletgreen: I have over 7 years experience in digital art.
:bulletgreen: I've made art for various games (which includes the characters, backgrounds, tools, weapons, environment).
:bulletgreen: Few of these games are published on Steam, 2 of them are visual novels where the player gets to choose from various scenarios.
:bulletgreen: I've also made multiple book covers, logos, banners, promotional materials.
:bulletblue: None of the above can be seen here, I can provide links in a private conversation.
logo sample ---> 


Here is some background work
This is a complete walkthrough of the game…
At the end of the video you can see my name in the credits (at 1:04:08)
And because this was part 4, not all backgrounds can be seen there.
This is some additional footage of the same game (more backgrounds)…
There are moments where the characters go offscreen and you can pause the video to see the clean backgrounds.
There's much more backgrounds in the sequel of the same game which will be released in 2 months time.

my mail is
whiteguardian Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm very interested with your project.

My name is Robet Xu. I'm a Freelance Illustrator since 2010.
I work for Art Collection, Cover/Poster Art, Character Design/Fanart, Comic Page, Digital Coloring/Painting, Game Asset, Illustration, Landscape/Background Design, Reference Sheet, Transformation Art, etc.
I work fast and professional. Satisfaction is guarantee.

Please check my example here for your consideration.

Looking forward to hear from you.
XxFenrierxX Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist

I’m interested,; take a look at my portfolio for reference at:…

My price for this commission is $55


Mail me at  so we can talk about details, Thanks.


Looking forward to work whit you.

Baileyi Logo by XxFenrierxX Fenrier Arts Logo by XxFenrierxX Ulfhednar Logo by XxFenrierxX Comission: DS  Emblem by XxFenrierxX Comission: X Wings by XxFenrierxX Crest by XxFenrierxX Comission : Divine Dynasty by XxFenrierxX Comission:Dragon Mug logo by XxFenrierxX Comission MNS Emblem. by XxFenrierxX

Theredtiedevil Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will do it for $10:

Marvelposter by WalterBl  
FanOfTill Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm really interested in your project and it would be great to work with you.

My portfolio is here.

And some examples are here:
Birdeater 2 by FanOfTill Necromancer by FanOfTill Act of creation II by FanOfTill  Hunter and prey by FanOfTill
Rising by FanOfTill HERESY! by FanOfTill The Fall by FanOfTill

Mature Content

Commission - the pale Beauty by FanOfTill

Please send me a note if you like my work.
Best regards and have a wonderful day~
DarklyWhite Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019

You can follow one of the preset prices below or pay by the hour, my current hourly rate is at $16.50-$22 an hour(Streaming optional with full price). 

Prices are negotiable~.
There's very little I won't do, you can contact me to discuss anything that isn't included.

Now taking writing commissions!

30$ per 1000 words for writing from scratch, $15 per 1000 words for edits, negotiable. Ask to receive writing sample :)

Some general info.
- OCs, fanart
- SFW and NSFW, nudity, pin up, porn etc. 
- different body shapes and extra anatomical features. 
- simple or complicated/extravagant backgrounds, poses, clothes, angles, perspectives. 
- furry.
- animals.
- mecha, robots. 
Slots left.
1. Sylvester(Completed)

Prices are negotiable.
Any of the following price breakdowns are negotiable.
Hourly Rate
You can follow one of the preset prices below or pay by the hour, my current hourly ra
Aquamarine by DarklyWhite  Cahsaan'kuatharyyithan the Grinning Fire by DarklyWhite 

Mature Content

Shadow by DarklyWhite

Mature Content

Robot by DarklyWhite

My bro:
Prices are negotiable.
Any of the following price breakdowns are negotiable.
Hourly Rate
You can follow one of the preset prices below or pay by the hour, my current hourly rate is at $25-$30 an hour(Scheduled streaming optional with full price). 

I currently stream on twitch :)
Clean Sketch 25% price.
Lineart 40% price.
Flat Colored 55% price.
Cell Colored 70% price. 
Cell Shaded Color 85% price.
Fully Rendered Color 100% price.
Black and White is 75% of final cost
Battlefairies - Clubs by Warmics  Joan of Arc by Warmics    Alice by Warmics  
HeroforPain Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019   Digital Artist
Hello, My name is Zach  T. Jordan.
Im a professional and published artist with experience with Portraits, Covers, concept artI have work on novels, comics, art for tv, logos, Video and board game and a celebrity commission. 
feel free check out my work. I can do many things, 

People, pets, NSFW, can mimic many styles. Will draw almost anything.

email at

Feel feel to check out my examples
Z2 by HeroforPain Z3 by HeroforPain Z4 by HeroforPain Z5 by HeroforPain Fire Emblem - Leon by HeroforPain #78 Jason takes Manhattan by HeroforPain

Mature Content

#4 Chun Li Pinup by HeroforPain
#94 Dustin Pixel by HeroforPain #70 Me by HeroforPain
constancelea Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
I can help out.
ChrisMoschler Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there, I'm interested. My name is Chris Moschler, and I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I have done a lot of work in the past similar to what you're looking for, and have experience with branding/logo design, embroidery and apparel design, as well as illustrating robotic and mechanical characters. I'm sending along my contact info, as well as a few samples of my work down below. If you're interested in working with me or have any questions at all, feel free to reach out through notes or email!

KamiKazi Patch Design by ChrisMoschler    Mockup1 by ChrisMoschler   Unibot by ChrisMoschler Cyborg Dinos by ChrisMoschler
SilvyChan Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist


my name is Silvia and I am a freelance artist. I read your job offer and I'm very interested.

I often work on logos and your idea sounds really nice so I would be glad to help you out with this. My style is a combination of eastern and western influences, which makes it quite flexible. I also always work on high-quality digital files so printing them would not be a problem at all.

I link you some of my artwork along with my pages. If you are interested, I would be glad to discuss further details privately. 

Thank you very much for your time,


Fan To Critic by SilvyChan Phoenix Phab by SilvyChan Restaurant Logo by SilvyChan Avatar Mouse by SilvyChan SgtPenguinz Avatar by SilvyChan Easter Cyborg by SilvyChan Samurai by SilvyChan Goblin by SilvyChan Spidercolor by SilvyChan Dragon Commission by SilvyChan……

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