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April 8


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Looking for sequential artist for 6-page comic!

jamieme Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019

I wrote a short six page comic about male suicide and the difficulties men have asking for help.

I'm now looking for an artist with a style similar to a previous project (NSFW content enclosed):…

The job is paid, and we are looking for someone that can do both the pencils and inks, or digital equivalent.

If interested please e-mail jamiemecomics(at)gmail(dot)com with your full name, sequential art portfolio, page rate and links to social media.

Thank you for any consideration,


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Devious Comments

Matinpatron Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Untitled by Matinpatron     Beautiful Girl by Matinpatron     Untitled by Matinpatron
      Breaking Bad by Matinpatron  Catina x Aries by Matinpatron
Sample Page 3 by Matinpatron     Sample Page 2 by Matinpatron     Sample Page 1 by Matinpatron      life p 10 by Matinpatron
danizurita Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2019
Hi,I'm a comic book artist. You can see my portfolio in
You can contact me at this e-mail
Thank you
Azraeldeaguiar Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2019
Hello, Jamie! My name is Azrael and I'm an independent comic book artist looking for projects I can work on. My artistic style and personal taste rest on stories of crime, horror in general, fantasy and drama. I will be providing links from my portfolios with sequential pages of my works. If you like my work, please contact me. my email is


LHPAGE1 cpia by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage2 by Azraeldeaguiar     Lhpage3 by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage4 by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage5 by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage6 by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage7 by Azraeldeaguiar   Lhpage8 by Azraeldeaguiar  

Mature Content

Lhpage9 by Azraeldeaguiar

Mature Content

Lhpage10 by Azraeldeaguiar
  SCAR OF ISHIBAL by Azraeldeaguiar   Devilman by Azraeldeaguiar   Pianista Louco by Azraeldeaguiar  

Mature Content

Psychic Manifestation of Astaroth by Azraeldeaguiar
  DJINN by Azraeldeaguiar   Ayahuaska Elf by Azraeldeaguiar  
RoeeateR Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
note sent
    Sketch from 2015 by RoeeateR  Destiny character commission by RoeeateR   Character Concept Art SKETCH by RoeeateR  Snake Eater 2017 Retouch by RoeeateR   Dix by RoeeateR   Final by RoeeateR  Grimes update by RoeeateR    SOUL JACKER book covers by RoeeateR     link to 360 wip version in the description by RoeeateR 
Fellixxx777 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, You've got my pm!

COMMISSION SALE - Valid Until April 10th 2019 by Fellixxx777
balamcomic Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Good day. If you like my art and my lines, I can gladly help you
AtrozitusFamilly001 by balamcomic   PG-IceCream001 by balamcomic   Lhandom-BalamComic-miniatura by balamcomic   Wonderwoman-gore001-balamcomic by balamcomic   Prueva001 by balamcomic   Stan Lee by balamcomic   Sanguieft001 by balamcomic   Llorona by balamcomic   Peque-BalamComic by balamcomic  
mamatrozi Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Mail Sent, Please Check..
constancelea Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
guillo0 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019
Hi Im interested in the advertisement here you sending my link…
alcione Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can do NSFW easy.   Dora vs Stephanie by alcione   Carmina Lanty by alcione Janine Melnitz by alcione Neko Interview by alcione
HeroforPain Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
im a professional and published artist with experience with Portraits, Covers, concept art
I have work on novels, comics, art for tv, logos, Video and board game and a celebrity commission. 
feel free check out my work. I can do many things, 

People, pets, NSFW, can mimic many styles. Will draw almost anything.

email at

Z1 by HeroforPain Z2 by HeroforPain Z3 by HeroforPain Z4 by HeroforPain Z5 by HeroforPain Fire Emblem - Leon by HeroforPain #78 Jason takes Manhattan by HeroforPain

Mature Content

#4 Chun Li Pinup by HeroforPain
#94 Dustin Pixel by HeroforPain
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