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February 14


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Superhero sequential artist required for comic!

jamieme Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019

I am looking for an artist that can join our team to create a superhero comic. The job requires an artist that can do the pencil + inks, or digital equivalent.

The right applicant will:

- Love superheroes

- Be comfortable drawing NSFW content

- Be able to meet deadlines

The job will start off as a 6-page comic, and if we do well as a team a further 6 pages will be made available immediately after.

If interested, please e-mail me at jamiemecomics (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name, sequential art portfolio and links to your social media.

A realistic style is desired with an emphasis on displaying emotion in characters.


Thank you for any interest, and please make sure you e-mail me, with the requested info above, as that's how I'm checking applications.


Devious Comments

jamieme Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019
We are still collecting portfolios, so be sure to e-mail yours in!
jamieme Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019
Awesome art everyone. We are still collecting portfolios too, so e-mail over the requested details. Please note that I need the details to be sent via e-mail and to include your page rate. Thank you.
TFGuillen Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
8199068 Orig by TFGuillen   High Mountains By Tfguillen-da5bc9r by TFGuillen   24909721 10214195852467222 9071845442578977035 N by TFGuillen   Cape by TFGuillen   32087300 634725463537224 2317368760110940160 N by TFGuillen   Page15Ink by TFGuillen   Comic Ink by TFGuillen   A Not That Far Away Moon By Tfguillen-dby03m8 by TFGuillen   Planet Vore With Strange Life Form By Tfguillen-dc by TFGuillen   Page 03Color by TFGuillen   Page05 by TFGuillen   Backcover by TFGuillen   Manga Comic1 by TFGuillen   Communist Solider By Tfguillen-dckdhap by TFGuillen   ConceptColor 1 by TFGuillen   Showcase by TFGuillen   Showcasesmall by TFGuillen   Sketches  2 By Tfguillen-da70pkp by TFGuillen  
Hi, there!

I'm Fred and i'm an illustrator of 8 years of experience in the comic industry and 2 years in video games business.

The companies that I've worked with are Intercom, Pilot Studios, Glow in the Dark Studios, Kongregate, among others.

You can contact Mike Luoma, director of Glow in the Dark Studios or Ben Ferrari, Lead Director of Pilot Studios to request a recommendation.

I don't have problem delivering pieces of work in a marked Deadline, my main goal it's to maintain a dynamic work flow for better results and that's the way I've obtained contracts in many Studios.

I speak Spanish, French and English so let me know what fits better for you.

you can see my portfolio in my website:

or you can go to my Facebook page:…

You can contact me via email:

I'm widely open to negotiations.

It would be a pleasure to work with you in your project.

Hope to see you soon :)

RoeeateR Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
note sent
70ss Purple Knight by RoeeateR  pirate Elf vs Orcs by RoeeateR  Book Cover by RoeeateR  Sketch from 2015 by RoeeateR  Destiny character commission by RoeeateR  Cyberpunk NEW YORK by RoeeateR  Character Concept Art SKETCH by RoeeateR  Snake Eater 2017 Retouch by RoeeateR  Shanghai 2177 concept art 4 Nanits Chronicles 2015 by RoeeateR  Dix by RoeeateR  Timefriend by RoeeateR  Final by RoeeateR  Grimes update by RoeeateR  The Fox and the Hound by RoeeateR  SITH invisibility cloak 1 by RoeeateR  SOUL JACKER book covers by RoeeateR  personal work in progress from 2015 by RoeeateR  MALAZAN / RAEST by RoeeateR  Trinity Ptaky by RoeeateR  link to 360 wip version in the description by RoeeateR  back to the future by RoeeateR  
sushy00 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Professional General Artist
I already e-mailed you when you had the previous offer.
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019
Hi there!

I am very interested too. Sounds like fun would be glad to help.

Just take a look at my gallery on my website and feel free to contact me. Most stuff is on my website.

Cheerioh! Flo
concept-art, illustration, logo-design
RockAlves Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Hi Jamie, how are you?

I've sent you a mail, take a look.

ManaMakeStudio Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Professional Digital Artist

Good time.

ManaMake Studio is at your service. 

Our aim is to become the team for our clients.
We respect your time and guarantee professional directing of any projects.

Would you like to see the published projects? 



System project management file…


About art: comics style illustrations, covers, character weapon armour concept design, 3d sculpting, motion video graphic.

Team of artist, editors, programmers, designers. The editors looking for references, creating layouts of the pages, covers etc.

8 years of freelance exp, personal fantasy world, professional writers and copywriters are able to construct you own project from sketch to final 3d or video product. 

Motion videos…
6MGGgihx2Kg by ManaMakeStudio   IronMan by ManaMakeStudio       2017 by ManaMakeStudio   Ferumith gnomes by ManaMakeStudio   0GWquwQoGwk by ManaMakeStudio   ihXnajLtx8Y by ManaMakeStudio   LNUq6g RmdM by ManaMakeStudio   Cover by ManaMakeStudio    1 by ManaMakeStudio   Jsck Cover by ManaMakeStudio   Back-Cover-2 Spring-Heeled-Jack printres1 by ManaMakeStudio   Manamake-inc-6-7 by ManaMakeStudio   1 by ManaMakeStudio  

koshir Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019
good quality work with constant progress information.

half body 10 $ full 

color full body 15 $ full color

type of payment, paypal

Mascota kotorichan by koshir Dibujo (1)comission hikaru by koshir  Party by koshir  Hikaru by koshir  Commission completed for the manchinesandmonsters by koshir 

Mature Content

MTlady nude by koshir
  la infanta by koshir  aqui la sin fondo de la que subi antes:D by koshir  Personaje de un amigo, fantasia magia. by koshir  Un by koshir  un boceto de un oc que estoy creando. by koshir  rubia by koshir
MannixFrancisco Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Email sent.
FanOfTill Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm really interested in your project and it would be great to work with you.

My portfolio is here.

And some examples are here:

Pg1 by FanOfTill Pg2 by FanOfTill Pg3 by FanOfTill

Please send me a note if you like my work.
Best regards and have a wonderful day~
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