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August 10, 2018


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[PAID] 3+ Month | Seeking Environment Concept Artist

IndieScentExp Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
The Position:
IRONARM Games is searching for a talented Illustrator and conceptual artist to bring our vision to life in fun and challenging ways, including: Conceptual Designs, Illustrations, Designs, Sketches and more.
Designated Tasks:
Develop and present concepts to the creative lead. Communicate ideas through images to collaborate on projects for creating concept images from multiple viewpoints that are accurate and clear to understand. Conveying a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in the game. Making objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, color, texture, shadow, and transparency, or manipulating static images to give the illusion of motion. Generating visual references for objects such as environments, interiors, exteriors or inventing visuals for characters or creatures that do not exist, utilizing Photoshop and other 2D programs / content creation tools as needed. Creating two-dimensional images depicting objects in motion.
  • 3+ Years professional experience in Digital Art specifically creating environment illustrations and conceptual designs
  • Proven Concept/Illustration samples
  • Creating original custom works
  • Ability to create high fidelity pieces
  • Creating concept art and final assets
  • Digitally painting characters, props and environments
  • Reviewing artwork and providing references
  • Knowledge of 2D lighting techniques
  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including but not limited to figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration
  • Knowledge of humanoid and fantasy creature anatomy
  • Desire and passion for the games industry
  • A hard working ethical person willing to go above and beyond to ensure quality and satisfaction in their works
Online Requirements:
  • Discord for general communication, art reviews and meetings
Static References:
(Diablo 3 Designs)

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Devious Comments

I´m open to commission.
Note me if you have any question!
Hope to see you soon,
Backgroun bosque by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Background desierto by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Background glaciar by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Background volcanico by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Comic Blanco Y Negro by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Comic Color by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Pintura Digital Comic by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Realista by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Tinta by BorisOtaegu-greatfox   Concept Art by BorisOtaegu-greatfox  
JuliCamezzana-work Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018
Hi there!
I´m open to commission right now.
Hope that my experience and artworks fits with your project.
Let me know if you´re interested and note me por any question (I would be glad to answer you)
Have a nice day ;)
22 by JuliCamezzana-work   21 by JuliCamezzana-work   20 by JuliCamezzana-work   19 by JuliCamezzana-work   18 by JuliCamezzana-work   17 by JuliCamezzana-work   16 by JuliCamezzana-work   15 by JuliCamezzana-work   14 by JuliCamezzana-work   13 by JuliCamezzana-work   11 by JuliCamezzana-work   10 by JuliCamezzana-work   9 by JuliCamezzana-work   8 by JuliCamezzana-work   7 by JuliCamezzana-work   6 by JuliCamezzana-work   5 by JuliCamezzana-work   4 by JuliCamezzana-work   3 by JuliCamezzana-work   2 by JuliCamezzana-work   1 by JuliCamezzana-work   12 by JuliCamezzana-work  
MirandaRodriguezWork Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
My name is Miranda and I´m open to commission right now.
I have longterm experience in illustration and my artwork can be adjust on demand of clients.
Let me know if you´re interested!
Hope to see you soon,
12 by MirandaRodriguezWork   13 by MirandaRodriguezWork   14 by MirandaRodriguezWork   15 by MirandaRodriguezWork   16 by MirandaRodriguezWork   01 by MirandaRodriguezWork   02 by MirandaRodriguezWork   03 by MirandaRodriguezWork   04 by MirandaRodriguezWork   05 by MirandaRodriguezWork   06 by MirandaRodriguezWork  
Mirerose Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Professional
Hi, my name is Hanna Rose, I'm a professional artist interested in working with you on this. I have 5 years professional experience and have created over 1000 pages of manga as well as producing artwork for books, games and visual novels. Relevant Artwork Samples attached below, more can be viewed on my portfolio.

My portfolio:
My email:
Discord: Hanna-Rose#5600

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

All the best,
Hanna Rose

Out of the darkness by Mirerose   Montage by Mirerose   Looking to the sky by Mirerose   BioHack by Mirerose   NSS2 Prologue 08 by Mirerose   NSS2 Prologue 16 by Mirerose   NSS2 Prologue 32 by Mirerose   NSS2 Prologue 42 by Mirerose   Mirror Mirror by Mirerose   Nightshade Issue 1 Variant B by Mirerose   Nightshade Issue 1 Variant C by Mirerose     Scream by Mirerose    She who plays with fire by Mirerose    Nightshade Strike 2: Outside Bella Diamante by Mirerose   Nightshade Strike 2: Recovery by Mirerose   Maple Boulevard (Nightshade Strike 2) by Mirerose   Nightshade Strike 2: Power by Mirerose   Nightshade Strike 2: Testing by Mirerose   Overlooking the Aspen Metropolis by Mirerose    The Varga Beast by Mirerose   Jasper by Mirerose   The Fear Snatcher by Mirerose   Skyward by Mirerose    Relapse: Page 16 by Mirerose   Murder's Mistress: Page 21 by Mirerose   Murder's Mistress: Page 22 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch01 P01 by Mirerose   Relapse by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P03 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P04 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P05 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P06 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P07 by Mirerose   Ns2 Ch04 P08 by Mirerose   
TFGuillen Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Page14 by TFGuillen   ShowCase by TFGuillen   BadgesSHOWCASE 3Text by TFGuillen   8199068 Orig by TFGuillen   24909721 10214195852467222 9071845442578977035 N by TFGuillen   A Not That Far Away Moon By Tfguillen-dby03m8 by TFGuillen   Alex Mercer From Prototype Final Result By Tfguill by TFGuillen   BactaranRepublic by TFGuillen   Canvas2 by TFGuillen   Cape by TFGuillen   CharacterConceptArt by TFGuillen   ConceptColor 1 by TFGuillen   High Mountains By Tfguillen-da5bc9r by TFGuillen   Ink by TFGuillen   Let S F Word Rock Murica Folks By Tfguillen-dapbnv by TFGuillen   Page01 by TFGuillen   Page02 by TFGuillen   Page03 by TFGuillen   Page06 by TFGuillen   Page06ColorB by TFGuillen   Page07 3 Colors by TFGuillen   Page10Color by TFGuillen   Page15Ink by TFGuillen   Page16Ink by TFGuillen   Page17Ink by TFGuillen   Page18Ink by TFGuillen   Page29 by TFGuillen   Page30 by TFGuillen   Planet Vore With Strange Life Form By Tfguillen-dc by TFGuillen   Showcasesmall by TFGuillen   Sketches  2 By Tfguillen-da70pkp by TFGuillen  
Hi, there!

I'm Fred and i'm an illustrator of 8 years of experience in the comic industry and 2 years in video games business.

The companies that I've worked with are Pilot Studios, Glow in the Dark Studios, Kongregate, among others.

You can contact Mike Luoma, director of Glow in the Dark Studios or Ben Ferrari, Lead Director of Pilot Studios to request a recommendation.

I don't have problem delivering pieces of work in a marked Deadline, my main goal it's to maintain a dynamic work flow for better results and that's the way I've obtained contracts in many Studios.

I speak Spanish, French and English so let me know what fits better for you.

I've attached some samples of my work but you can also see my portfolio in my deviantart page & website:

or you can go to my Facebook page:…

I'm widely open to negotiations.

It would be a pleasure to work with you in your project.

Hope to see you soon :)

ymymy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Hobbyist
Under the link of my portfolio with the price and stages of work. Also a link to my work. try to order me a sketch of $ 5. If I arrange that full-color illustration I'm announcing for $ 50 anime style.
nFatin Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Professional Digital Artist

I'm a concept artist/illustrator from Canada. Specialized in environment design, and can present my visual ideas in both 2D and 3D. I have experience both as a freelancer and in the studio.
You can view my portfolio here… I can forward my resume/cover letter via email if needed. 

Thank you, 

CiCiY Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
Hello ,
I am interested on your job . Here are some of my previous artwork :

RiverBank by CiCiY   Old Ruin by CiCiY   Hub Area by CiCiY   Enviroment Art_Museum+Gobekli Tepe Cave by CiCiY   Enviroment Cappadocia by CiCiY   Savanah by CiCiY   Leaving Home _Concept Art Commission by CiCiY   Reading Room by CiCiY   cabin Interior by CiCiY   Sketches by CiCiY   Fantasy Forest by CiCiY   Outpost by CiCiY   Room01 by CiCiY   Background Test by CiCiY   Ruin by CiCiY   Forge Room by CiCiY   Hall by CiCiY   Cabin by CiCiY   castle by CiCiY   Boomzap test by CiCiY   Clearing Background by CiCiY   Battle Mangrove_Pier Solar by CiCiY    Bola Kampung Movie enviroment concept by CiCiY   Bola Kampung Movie enviroment concept by CiCiY   Bola Kampung Movie enviroment concept by CiCiY  

Thanks for reviewing and looking forward to hear from you , you can contact me via email :
ymymy Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist
sketch open commission 3 by ymymy if you need ideas. I can create ideas in sketches. so it's easy to see an idea in a sketch for only $ 5. after the approval of the sketch. further down. The price for the anime is $ 50 USD. examples of works by reference. I draw comics every day
constancelea Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Sending portfolio.
VILLAS7 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
Hi, my name is Carlos Villas and I would love to work with you on this project!  Here`s a link to my portfolio, please take a look and let me know what you think
You can contact me by email:
thanks for the time, looking forward to hear from you, and please feel free to contact me with any doubts you may have about me or my artwork
Enviro 1 by VILLAS7      Monster Profile2 by VILLAS7   Hunter 2 (dark Theme Art) by VILLAS7   Crimson Hills Cover 2 by VILLAS7   Crimson Hills - Elizabeth by VILLAS7   Ian Parker Storyboard 1 - 3 by VILLAS7   Chutulu2 by VILLAS7   Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.06.16 PM by VILLAS7   Minotaur by VILLAS7   Archer2 by VILLAS7   Robo1 by VILLAS7   Rokil by VILLAS7   Winged Creature2 by VILLAS7   Broken Treaty by VILLAS7   Infiltrator by VILLAS7   Chief by VILLAS7   Crow1 by VILLAS7  
RoeeateR Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I can do it.
note send

DnD group commission by RoeeateR   Final by RoeeateR  WORLD PEACE by RoeeateR  Timefag5  by RoeeateR  Trinity Ptaky by RoeeateR  Destiny character commission by RoeeateR   Cyberpunk NEW YORK by RoeeateR  link to 360 wip version in the description by RoeeateR  Shanghai 2177 concept art 4 Nanits Chronicles 2015 by RoeeateR  Nanits Obycajny lide process by RoeeateR   Tales from the Blood Fairies by RoeeateR  Tales from the Blood Fairies - young/old by RoeeateR  Nanits Concept Art 2016 by RoeeateR  MALAZAN / RAEST by RoeeateR  NUKE TOWN FINAL wip by RoeeateR  mf by RoeeateR  Snake Eater 2017 Retouch by RoeeateR  Lesny madman by RoeeateR  Moh3 by RoeeateR   
  Dix by RoeeateR   The Fox and the Hound by RoeeateR  Concept Art for Nanits Chronicles 5 by RoeeateR

Bibs by RoeeateR   Grimes update by RoeeateR  Clive Barker's Undying by RoeeateR  SOUL JACKER book covers by RoeeateR

  Heretic by RoeeateR  Ranger Final by RoeeateR   Termite tower 2f by RoeeateR
Sucdeportocale Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Professional Digital Artist

I'm interested in joining your team. Here is a link to my portfolio:…
If you like my work you can contact me at

Thank you for your time,
Tanzenkat Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm an experienced concept artist & illustrator and would be interested in working with you! You can see more of my work at

Old Watchtower by Tanzenkat   Eden Lab by Tanzenkat   7th Sea: Intro Scene by Tanzenkat   Path of Exile: Scion by Tanzenkat   7th Sea: Vesten by Tanzenkat   The Bone Tree by Tanzenkat   Three Fates, Book IV by Tanzenkat   Six Celestial Swords, Book I by Tanzenkat  
PrivateCompanyMan Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Professional General Artist
Char Banner By Mechamerc-db41rc7 by PrivateCompanyMan Characters 2  By Mechamerc-db41wsy by PrivateCompanyMan
Env  By Mechamerc-db4yu54 by PrivateCompanyMan Mechs  By Mechamerc-db4yu4e by PrivateCompanyMan
1150533 10201981795170982 1666542359 O By Mechamer by PrivateCompanyMan Studies By Mechamerc-db4yu3s by PrivateCompanyMan

Portfolio: privatecompanyman.artstation.c…
Discord:   PrivateCompanyMan#0785

Thank you for your consideration,
Rusembell Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I very interested in the work. 

Take a look at my prices in this link | commission info | please, and I leave some examples here too. If you would like to work with me, just send me a note or via email:

Commission Sidepoke by Rusembell  Commission:. Lotus girl by Rusembell  Stay away - Rapture Poster by Rusembell  Peonia by Rusembell  Commission: C. Lynn CR by Rusembell  Commission: Smithkakarot by Rusembell Premio 1er lugar Concurso Dic16 by Rusembell  Elizabeth - Burial at Sea by Rusembell  Taurus by Rusembell  Catrina 2017 by Rusembell  Commission: Portada para The Playground by Rusembell  Catrina Tehuana - Detalle by Rusembell  Commission: Flaorth by Rusembell  Sirena de Algas by Rusembell  Winter ring - scenneta by Rusembell 

Mature Content

Commission: Archangella to Jublies by Rusembell
  Commission: Hanamura Yosuke by Rusembell  Another Heaven by Rusembell  Commission: Smithkakarot - Platinum 01 by Rusembell  Fanart - Aigis by Rusembell  Catrina 02 by Rusembell  Catrina 01 by Rusembell  FanArt: Persona by Rusembell  Comision: David by Rusembell  FanArt - Tohru Adachi and Magatsu Izanagi by Rusembell  FanArt: Kanji Tatsumi by Rusembell   Second Heartbeat by Rusembell  Halcon y Liebre by Rusembell 

Have a nice day~
DarklyWhite Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
My bro~:
Commissions OpenCommission Sheet
Hey everyone!
The following are basic rates subject to change depending
on the detail and complexity of the pieces.
For additional info, quotes and questions, feel free to email me at
Tier 1 starting at 220 usd.
           Day 33 - Fairy by Warmics
Tier 2 starting at 320 usd.
Camila Scorn by Warmics Commission - Kaveri by Warmics Sylvanas Windrunner with Timelapse Link by Warmics Heretica - Kina by Warmics Elven Prayer by Warmics Fanart - Jaina Proudmoore by Warmics  Heretica - Succubus Rain by Warmics Day 36 - fairy by Warmics Femtorias by Warmics 
Heretica - Elinora The Young by Warmics  Elinora Anime by Warmics   Fanart - Jaina Proudmoore by Warmics  Sylvanas Windrunner with Timelapse Link by Warmics  Heretica - Elinora Adv by Warmics  Elven Prayer by Warmics  Sister Saphia Reg by Warmics  

Prices are negotiable~.
There's very little I won't do, you can contact me to discuss anything that isn't included.
Some general info.
- OCs, fanart
- SFW and NSFW, nudity, pin up, porn etc. 
- characters of any age, gender, and skin color
- different body shapes and extra anatomical features. 
- simple or complicated/extravagant backgrounds, poses, clothes, angles, perspectives. 
- furry.
- animals.
- mecha, robots. 
Slots left.
1. spammishking(Completed)
2. Bjursan(Completed)
3. Gearwulfen(In Progress)
4. Briannastatic(In Progress)

Prices are negotiable.
Any of the following price breakdowns are negotiable.
Hourly Rate
You can follow one of the preset prices below or pay by the hour, my current hourly rate is at $12.50-$16.50 an hour(Optional streaming). 

Clean Sketc
Cahsaan'kuatharyyithan the Grinning Fire by DarklyWhite 

Mature Content

Shadow by DarklyWhite

Mature Content

Robot by DarklyWhite
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