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November 12, 2015


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Possible payment by Wikipedia for sketches

lawndart8675309 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
I posted a few days ago asking if artists would be interested in creating and donating portraits. Money seemed to be an issue.

I am now thinking of approaching individuals at the Wikimedia Foundation about payment for sketches.

So, how much would an artist charge for an original, simple pencil portrait sketch of a person?

See also:……

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Devious Comments

JonathanChanutomo Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

Hello, my name is jonathan chanutomo.

i'm interested in this commission. you can check my deviantart gallery


and if you interested in my style, you can sent me a private note

or email me at

. thx a lot!


The Truth and The Ivory by JonathanChanutomo FROZEN by JonathanChanutomo Father Nilo 36th Birthday by JonathanChanutomo Swallowed by the Dusk by JonathanChanutomo Blue Blooded by JonathanChanutomo Dewi Srikandi by JonathanChanutomo The Butcher by JonathanChanutomo photo to painting by JonathanChanutomo She Tiger by JonathanChanutomo

Mind Fucker by JonathanChanutomo Charlie the Charming Charmeleon by JonathanChanutomo

Mature Content

Revelation by JonathanChanutomo

Mature Content

Lioness of Judah by JonathanChanutomo
Sour Sally by JonathanChanutomo Seductive Piratess by JonathanChanutomo

Mature Content

Bianca the Mouse by JonathanChanutomo
la Socialite by JonathanChanutomo La Gitana by JonathanChanutomo zombie doodle by JonathanChanutomo Fighters by JonathanChanutomo Everyone want Slave Leia by JonathanChanutomo PPF Photography Crew by JonathanChanutomo Boba Fett and Encased Lady by JonathanChanutomo Evelyne's Secret by JonathanChanutomo The Maiden and the Unicorn by JonathanChanutomo Rei Ayanami by JonathanChanutomo Kuntilanak and Sundel Bolong by JonathanChanutomo Wrath of Kraken by JonathanChanutomo Potestates Tenebrarum by JonathanChanutomo From Morrigan with Love by JonathanChanutomo
Veritas by JonathanChanutomo Weird Monster by JonathanChanutomo Flaming Rex by JonathanChanutomo Happy Birthday Vivi by JonathanChanutomo Novita Tanjaya and Her Family by JonathanChanutomo Doe A Deer a Female Deer by JonathanChanutomo For One Last Time by JonathanChanutomo

Kafuku Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
To answer your question:
Some people tend to charge $1-20 depending on the drawing.
I know some people who charge $15 for full-colored body sketches w/ background vs. someone else might
charge $20 for a colored full body with no background.

It really just depends on the artist. I would say, unless the artwork is astonishing, don't buy commissions that cost $40+ (that's just me, though.) 

(You may have found someone already, but just in case...)

I do commissions (portrait OR full body)
Portraits are 00.75 USD (cents) colored w/ full background
Full Bodies are $1.00 USD colored w/ full background.

You can look for more info here:  $1 Full Body Commissions$1 FULL BODY Commissions 
Additional character per. drawing will add 00.50
Ask me about NSFW
I do not accept points. (yet.)
My prices are final
I have the right to deny anyone of service
Examples of le art:
*I can do portraits for 00.75*

You can contact me via this journal entry, deviant Notes, or email. (

(it has my most /recent/ artwork.) 
ErnestVentures Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I would be up for it. Example of my stuff…
Manuzan Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
Hello, I'm interested, this is what I do:

Harley Quinn by Dascia    Study 2 by Dascia    Practice by Dascia     Warrior by Dascia    Kat by Dascia  

 Alexander - Commission by Dascia    Rihanna - Sketch by Dascia   Daenerys by Dascia   Portait by Dascia 

Please visit my journal for more samples and prices: November Commissions are open!
CGHow Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i believe this belongs to the projects forums until payment is confirmed.
lawndart8675309 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
Yes, you may be right. I am sorry. I am new here. To be extra clear again, I do not represent Wikimedia and no discussions have taken place with them about this. This post is simply a probe to see if the community here would be interested and affordable. 
Peliga Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
I can do an image like this for $25:…
Saphinel Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello I am interested, I can do a portrait like this one->

Realistic Pic by hikaru117 (this is only a sketch) 
since is only sketch Ill say around 10-15$
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