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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules morbidman187
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
[Commisson] Looking For Someone Who Can Write Strange Stories WeirdGrossStories
23h 15m ago
1 stjusthusband
3m 51s ago
LF Artist for FFXIV OC sciencenomenclature
2d 19h ago
53 AshleyLun
30m 24s ago
Looking for cute festive art of my boys! :) YudaMori
2d 4h ago
56 TianaSama
44m 24s ago
I'm still looking for a CvS artist. But it's for one character. RedDragonCats17
1d 22h ago
20 RedDragonCats17
51m 41s ago
Looking for an Artist for Upcoming Project - Long Term - NSFW Ryan8934
2d 23h ago
38 Giangia
1h 12m ago
Job Opportunity- Illustrator/Sketch Artist Needed LiquidTribe
1d 3h ago
43 Giangia
1h 27m ago
[PAID] Looking for someone to make youtube thumbnails, ANIME STYLE KatCsernis
3d 17h ago
38 monoaxe
1h 53m ago
Looking for NSFW art Miqo-S
5d 6h ago
66 Raquelarellano
1h 54m ago
LF JoJo style artist to draw my SO and puppy as her Stand for a Christmas gift! versep
4d 1h ago
19 monoaxe
1h 55m ago
Local Toronto Artist wanted to draw characters for 2D game teslafrank
2d 9h ago
6 sanah20
1h 57m ago
concept artist $300 per illustration janyro
1w 1d ago
63 halfdragon62
1h 58m ago
Looking for Cell-shaded anime like style iroyzo
1w 1d ago
87 monoaxe
2h 6m ago
Looking for a 2D character model sheet reference Artist NexosDrago87
1d 16h ago
43 monoaxe
2h 14m ago
Looking For Someone to make a animated Lyric Video! EtherealDawnswe
5h 17m ago
0 N/A
Three anime/manga style portrait pictures jeffloves2write
20h 11m ago
36 NinjaDaLuaHT
2h 35m ago
Looking for long-term graphic novel cooperation with comic artist. Budget 100+$/page TheAbyssalSoul
2d 7h ago
27 TheAbyssalSoul
2h 40m ago
Oc art Sejuani-X
Sep 19, 2020
174 CREAMsart
2h 52m ago
NSFW OC Commission | $75 for Single character illustration Dial80
Nov 4, 2020
94 CREAMsart
3h 9m ago
NSFW Mixed Wrestling FrenchJJ
5d 4h ago
25 CREAMsart
3h 17m ago
$2,000-4,000/month gig, looking for Anime or Manga artist LitRPG
Jul 19, 2020
469 CREAMsart
3h 20m ago
Looking for a monster artist Prince-Stratus
1d 1h ago
31 chimeraic
3h 21m ago
Tigers on the Rebound Voiceofjon
6h 48m ago
6 Voiceofjon
3h 26m ago
Anim series characters needed loadmastersrock
1d 2h ago
18 CREAMsart
3h 27m ago
Front/Back sheet needed for original character NewsprintMafia
1w 2d ago
103 CREAMsart
3h 33m ago
(Paid)Looking for 2d art for NSFW Adult Game(Commercial)(Animated gameplay sprites, BGs, other) agileelephant13
5d 6h ago
19 CREAMsart
3h 45m ago
Looking for a good offer on a set of pinups, between 5 and 10, Genderswap themed, Lineart FGVectors
2d 3h ago
37 CREAMsart
3h 47m ago
Screenplay writer needed Rocklion3000
4h 35m ago
-1 N/A
Looking for hentai commission in anime and gaming style ggdkakxbdhh
12h 34m ago
15 Nix1598
4h 50m ago
NSFW scene between weredragon man and elven woman Manasong
22h 53m ago
32 Nix1598
4h 55m ago
Immediately - Needing an artist of African Decent FOR NEW HAREM CHARACTER princerara
1d 8h ago
12 TnRR21
5h 21m ago
Board game Cyberpunk/Raypunk type design. Taking quotes. JakoWithLime
2d 7h ago
30 TnRR21
5h 35m ago
Looking for Pulp Adventure Cover Art CliffhangerMag1
2d 12h ago
24 TnRR21
5h 37m ago
Creative fantasy monster designs redlone
6h 41m ago
9 dbellis
5h 38m ago
1w 2h ago
5h 53m ago
Looking for a comic artist walterconV
12h 47m ago
0 N/A
Looking for an anime artist that can *exactly* match a particular character design (NSFW) MattSDDNet
1w 2d ago
35 xkalipso
6h 5m ago
Femdom Animator Wanted tazsizemore
6d 53m ago
2 xkalipso
6h 8m ago