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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules morbidman187
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Looking for artist for vampire boshua
5d 19h ago
66 XanderSmithDesign
3m 56s ago
Looking for artist for fallout artwork for my wife’s anniversary. Pinkeyewillis
17h 53m ago
32 CherubGem
11m 53s ago
Concept Artist mestophales
23h 36m ago
38 XanderSmithDesign
12m 9s ago
Looking for a thumbnail artist Xenicaxd
20h 50m ago
13 CherubGem
12m 44s ago
LF Guestartists for CS! AzuKage
1w 1h ago
10 AzuKage
21m 49s ago
Pencils/Inks for new comic series [Paid - $100-200 a page] backtothelab
2d 9h ago
39 ManaMakeStudio
29m 27s ago
LF Artist to Draw Male OC's, using light novel as source. Black and White Sketch TxWillis
17h 7m ago
22 artisticallystrange
31m 28s ago
Looking for jewelry/accessory/merch maker with online store to collab with. Kastraz
32m 3s ago
0 N/A
Looking for WoW character portraits (possibly several once) SFW+NSFW Serethaen
2d 9h ago
31 artisticallystrange
32m 11s ago
Anime Artist Needed - Design me a My Hero Academia OC Paforex
1w 18h ago
68 artisticallystrange
33m 46s ago
Seeking Artist for Fan Art Ayo-of-Asgard
2w 5d ago
48 artisticallystrange
35m 27s ago
LF Pet Portrait Artists (Canine) Poodlette
2d 12h ago
23 quinta-esencia
49m 25s ago
Needing to hire (an) artist(s) for a Visual Novel game crimson-cases
2d 1h ago
50 vzilefreak
58m 57s ago
Looking for any style Sterncross
Jun 26, 2018
433 jc013
1h 1m ago
Looking for comic artist clumsyninja87
1d 15h ago
40 GilbertoBorba
1h 7m ago
Seeking Anime Style Artist SakuraUkiyo
1w 1d ago
85 runno20
1h 9m ago
Hiring Artist to Illustrate Characters Grade-AMasterpiece
3d 23h ago
72 GilbertoBorba
1h 11m ago
Superhero OC commission TheHybridWriter
2d 9h ago
48 quinta-esencia
1h 13m ago
Cover needed for Comic Book [PAID - up to $2000] backtothelab
2d 9h ago
48 GilbertoBorba
1h 15m ago
Small Job - Digital Cartoon Design - £5-15 chibbsyy
1d 1h ago
10 GilbertoBorba
1h 19m ago
Looking for anime artists (VN, YouTube art, merchandise) - normal, fanservice, hentai MattSDDNet
Sep 4, 2018
90 Hershells
1h 26m ago
Anime Style Artwork for Halloween DannimonDesigns
Sep 14, 2018
178 Hershells
1h 27m ago
Looking to commission ANIME OR ANTHRO ARTISTS! MochaTheDog
2w 3d ago
126 Hershells
1h 27m ago
looking for artist for my oc character. JSDoom83
Sep 8, 2018
87 Hershells
1h 28m ago
Looking for Anime-Style artist for a commission! ExoticButters64
4d 12h ago
44 Hershells
1h 28m ago
Looking for NSFW artist! tamdanidamsel
2w 5d ago
65 Hershells
1h 38m ago
Artists wanted for commissions Beatriz88
Sep 7, 2018
104 Hershells
1h 40m ago
Looking for Anime, furry, MLP ect artists 20-25$ CreativeChibiGraphic
Jul 31, 2018
188 Hershells
1h 42m ago
Need artist for two drawings Not too expensive please. dragonschool
1w 2d ago
79 Hershells
1h 46m ago
Comic-style fanart commission Xeno851
2w 3d ago
44 danizurita
2h 31m ago
Draw portraits/photos of a friend of mine me Blucatt1k
1m 4h ago
98 D34THM3T4L
2h 40m ago
Artist Needed for Lord of the Rings Fanart $90 to $110 Budget celticbard76
3w 5d ago
85 danizurita
2h 40m ago
looking for character concept artist for graphic novel (paid) cowboyblvd
1w 3d ago
35 D34THM3T4L
2h 43m ago
One background or environment piece - Paypal only Maizi-chan
3d 12h ago
30 D34THM3T4L
2h 51m ago
In need of a sketch artist Wysdrem
1w 1d ago
48 D34THM3T4L
2h 52m ago
Looking for artist SUDDENobsession
Aug 28, 2018
206 D34THM3T4L
2h 53m ago
Need help with an OC cheerleaderslam
Sep 10, 2018
146 D34THM3T4L
2h 55m ago