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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
386 Sona13Singer
Oct 26, 2016
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
258 kimmidarkline
Sep 18, 2016
More Tunes Leehon
4d 8h ago
10 Xehiros
1h 42m ago
Does industrial music fit well in horror movies? Tell me about it! silentmemoria
1w 3h ago
4 BellaGBear
1h 43m ago
Best song to have as a ringtone? JadeHoyer
6d 2h ago
8 MumMum222
3h 20m ago
Spotify Wrapped 2018 / Top 100 TheRandomGirlXD
1d 18h ago
4 Thiefoworld
11h 11m ago
Nigerian pop or Korean pop? 0amgine
2d 14h ago
4 mightybearrr
11h 15m ago
Your most played song Sereida-Arts
Mar 5, 2018
482 Troll--zaya
15h 12m ago
harsh noise winsloww
2w 4h ago
25 dan04k
15h 58m ago
The band Helmet tuxedomartyamvhub
1w 2d ago
5 dan04k
17h 5m ago
I love nickel back JJWsmith
3w 18h ago
23 JJWsmith
18h 21m ago
Whose story in the music world would make a great biopic? Mrgreen36
4d 20h ago
22 PookieArt
19h 28m ago
Favorite cover songs LAguns89
2w 2d ago
26 JuniorJedi7
1d 6h ago
What music you listen to while making art?? vt2000
Oct 25, 2018
213 Tin-Can-Colossus
1d 13h ago
rap is the worst music genre punkrockrebel95
Oct 29, 2018
179 simplykit19
1d 18h ago
What are you listening to right now??! TaleOfOldSaul
Jul 8, 2017
1,129 Smithnikova
2d 3h ago
which music genre needs to die? eliyah-chan
1w 2d ago
63 Smithnikova
2d 3h ago
Favorite Eminem song? MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
2w 2d ago
47 MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
2d 9h ago
Whats your Top 10 favourte bands/artists Capitan-Lagarto
Oct 24, 2018
64 alexmicroheroes
3d 22h ago
Post The Last Good Song You Listened To IsaacChamplain
2w 1d ago
22 Pharaodox
4d 10h ago
Best albums of 2018 Uvodd-AF
1w 17h ago
8 Scorching-Whirlwind
4d 14h ago
What was the name of this band? SchrodingersMeerkat
1m 11h ago
29 DEMONrhino66698
4d 15h ago
What's your favorite songs and bands? ProjectLullaby
1w 2d ago
42 PGillustrations
4d 16h ago
Since the holidays have started, what are your favorite holiday songs? xXTheDemonicLordXx
1w 1d ago
4 seblev2790
4d 16h ago
You're favorite xmas/Kwanzaa or Hanukkah song TaintedTruffle
1w 6d ago
19 simplykit19
4d 17h ago
Timele$$ Mu$iC Jeedii
2w 2d ago
8 NockeyNoo
4d 21h ago
Recommend a band or singer to the deviant below you TheRandomGirlXD
2w 2d ago
23 WhiteBoneDemon
5d 1h ago
"Aesthetic-sounding" songs! lippijubu
2w 3h ago
18 Zeemes
5d 11h ago
A song that seems to not exist. Ichinzen
1w 22h ago
2 winsloww
5d 12h ago
Bands Like These seblev2790
5d 15h ago
0 N/A
This song is just to addicting. It's always on repeat BintoBax
5d 19h ago
1 SpaceLorenz
5d 16h ago
name that song/artist vangogh2005
3w 2d ago
29 vangogh2005
5d 20h ago
h a m i l t o n eliyah-chan
6d 17h ago
1 UltramarineWitch
6d 16h ago