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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
386 Sona13Singer
Oct 26, 2016
Pride-related music Obelis
19h 6m ago
5 alex-crocodylia
2h 45m ago
funny metal and rock music videos poseidonsimons
1w 6d ago
36 shanesolo8
2h 53m ago
having problem acconpanying my one finger melody ilusienns
5d 2h ago
14 sezzac155
7h 26m ago
music genres that you hate Slinkgirl95
1w 8h ago
33 Slinkgirl95
8h 30m ago
♫ The Strange Music Taste Thread ♪ DolphinByDefault
4d 16h ago
97 velvetmelt
10h 20m ago
Favorite subgenre? chaseawaythedark
3d 8h ago
10 JinxRemoval
11h 30m ago
What song always makes you cry? terrifyingblobfish
Apr 30, 2020
36 velvetmelt
12h 10m ago
What's the weirdest / strangest band you have discovered since quarantine began? TheRandomGirlXD
1d 15h ago
5 xAllHallowsEve5305x
15h 39m ago
Which music CD have you bought recently? EasyGerman4You
1w 2h ago
9 xAllHallowsEve5305x
15h 49m ago
What is your favorite music genre? JeuneArtisteInquiet
1w 2d ago
29 JinxRemoval
16h 27m ago
What MUSIC are you listening? Kherl-Wallflower
Aug 5, 2019
402 TheCandyRosebud
19h 13m ago
Bang your Head! Katforce
1d 19h ago
9 WhiteNoiseBlackMetal
1d 5h ago
Need recommendations for German music lunageek520
3w 3d ago
83 lunageek520
1d 17h ago
Anyone plays Kalimba? IKrines
1w 5d ago
3 YannickBaguet
1d 20h ago
For all the UNDERTALE fans who love MEGALOVANIA Dompadilla
2d 10h ago
1 Jphyper
2d 8h ago
harmonization, embellishments, riffs! ilusienns
2d 20h ago
2 ilusienns
2d 9h ago
what are all musical technique? ilusienns
3d 7h ago
4 ilusienns
2d 9h ago
Top hottest Pop music 2020 ringtone123
2w 1d ago
7 UwUMoeO-OUwU
2d 17h ago
Musical assumptions! Angelica-Reveries
2w 3d ago
26 UwUMoeO-OUwU
2d 17h ago
music genres that you love Slinkgirl95
6d 8h ago
31 Fujinaka
3d 6h ago
Gimme recommendations (please) chaseawaythedark
3w 11h ago
23 velvetmelt
3d 9h ago
uninspired ilusienns
3d 19h ago
0 N/A
how da ya practice masic if u only know melady ilusienns
3d 23h ago
2 ilusienns
3d 21h ago
DO U KNOW BTS ~ Thisgirl101toocool
2w 14h ago
13 ilusienns
4d 21h ago
Most hated song JeuneArtisteInquiet
2w 6d ago
91 Terranimperial
6d 18h ago