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March 8


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Top Five Underplayed Scenes in Movies

TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer

                (People in Hollywood really do underestimate ‘show don’t tell’, these are just my five picks for scenes in movies that implemented it really damn well, My Top Five Underplayed Scenes)

Dredd – You Look Ready

                If I can just take a second to gush, because Carl Urban gave just such a fantastic performance in this and that’s not an easy thing to do when your face is half covered and you’ve got to force yourself into a perma-scowl, so yeah, bravo, great job, and this is again one of those scenes which the intent bleeds through, despite the bland delivery. All through the film Dredd looks down on Anderson because she’s naïve and inexperienced, it’s not until the last half of the film that we see his respect grow, and this is the culmination. It may not seem like it, but ‘You Look Ready’ is his glowing endorsement, this is her pass, and we didn’t need that scene at the end to tell us.

John Wick – Why did you turn my son away?

                Why did you turn my son away? Because he stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog. (long pause pregnant with anxiety) oh.. You know we actually do get a scene detailing exactly how much of a scary badass John is, but really this one moment says it all. a mob boss calls irate that his family had been snubbed but hangs up, knowing that his kid had just put him in some deep shit.

Batman – Flowers in Crime Alley

                This is an image that always stuck out to me, even as a kid, that every year, Bruce Wayne walks into Crime Alley and plants flowers not on his parents graves but on the place where they were killed. It serves both as an affirmation of his crusade and a reminder of how it began. Though hardly at its best in the film, it has become somewhat iconic for the character, being done again and again, and it’s always poignant.

How to Train Your Dragon – Training Montage

                This is a scene which is made almost entirely for show don’t tell, there are few, if any words and mostly just casual observations. That’s kind of the point of the scene to show how these two, man and beast, manage to form a bond without speaking, just studying and learning from each other, it’s quite elegant because of it.

Ghostbusters – Did you ever consider…

                Understated and painfully underrated, the scene with Winston and Ray driving over the Brooklyn Bridge and talking shop. It turns to philosophy and religion and ends with Winston suggesting that the ghost they’d been capturing had themselves been the result or warning of some oncoming biblical apocalypse, and in response Ray pulls one of the most blatant ‘oh shit’ faces anyone has ever pulled in a movie. Firstly, this scene is important because it helps to illustrate how Winston is useful to the team, no he’s not a scientist, but he has his own unique view and can notice things they miss because of it. Secondly, Ray’s reaction says one thing clear as a goddamn bell, Winston could be right, sure, Ray talks about religious theory about the end of the world, but as a student of these theories he can’t discount the facts as he sees them. Of course they both wind up finding this concept absolutely terrifying and instead choose to listen to the radio.


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Devious Comments

Mr-Timeshadow Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Okay, these are almost the same as yours, except for being completely different ;)
There is Hoagie Carmichael in The Best Years of Our Lives. He has a great scene where he comforts his relative, who lost his arms in World War II and now feels his family is making him "nervous" by doing things like looking at him or not looking at him. Hoagie speaks in a soothing voice while playing a slow, easygoing melody on the piano, and explains how everything will be alright, unless we have World War II, in which case the bombs will fly and everyone dies anyway. 
Holly Hunter in Levity. I don't want to spoil it because it involves a major plot point, but I will say she reads a letter that changes her world in a very painful way. As she reads, we watch her face slowly melt until she begins softly crying.
Kenneth Branagh in Henry V learns that he has scored a major victory, and can't find the words to express himself in that moment. His jaw slowly opens in a silent scream, and he all but collapses. Not long after, he surveys the field of battle, carrying the body of a young victim on his shoulder the entire time until he can deposit the lad on a cart for proper burial elsewhere. Although there is very emotional music, no one says a word, and the emotional displays are underplayed brilliantly by dozens of actors.
TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
fascinating, not really my thing, but pretty interesting
Mr-Timeshadow Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
No problem. To each their own! There are others, but I didn't want to ramble on.
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