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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Scariest scenes in movies? (spoiler alert!) ladystarbucks
1d 7h ago
3 LadyYomi
1h 8m ago
Underrated/bad cartoons that you secretly enjoy smfagirlsdoodles
1d 13h ago
11 morganicfoods
1h 15m ago
Most Disturbing Anime in Existance GeorgeSHosokawa
1w 2d ago
13 GeorgeSHosokawa
1h 37m ago
Who is a fat boy from Recess? MCsaurus
1w 2d ago
25 MCsaurus
2h 47m ago
Favorite Meh And Hated Cartoons, Sitcoms, Animes Movies, Videogames, Comics And Music DiegoFandomToons
4h 5m ago
1 CometColt
3h 30m ago
Favorite Cartoons, Sitcoms, Preschool Shows, Movies, and Video Games jcpag2010
5h 34m ago
4 jcpag2010
3h 36m ago
Spell out your name with movies you like Cra-ZShaker
5d 11h ago
30 Cra-ZShaker
4h 2m ago
what are your favourite examples of tv and movie cliches and tropes etc Slinkgirl95
May 22, 2019
35 ElleRochelle
5h 1m ago
What is everyone currently watching? gravexflowers
May 2, 2019
110 ElleRochelle
5h 23m ago
Your Favorite Anime Villains? Hestia-Edwards
5d 3h ago
8 Kim-cat3120
6h 4m ago
Youtubers You Would Recommend TukooTukoo
2d 8h ago
36 gyisel
7h 42m ago
Movies made for TV??? DivineEqualizer
3w 4d ago
87 gyisel
7h 44m ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
1,324 Kim-cat3120
8h 38m ago
Bugs Bunny in Dynamite Dance MichaelJohnMorris
1w 3d ago
8h 58m ago
Amphibia Omnivault
3d 58m ago
7 Kim-cat3120
9h 1m ago
The Worst Movies Ever! ladystarbucks
4d 8h ago
88 ladystarbucks
10h 58m ago
French shows LapisLazuliIsACutie
May 15, 2019
26 TheCandyRosebud
11h 27m ago
cartoon styles which inspire you TheCandyRosebud
May 14, 2019
89 TheCandyRosebud
11h 27m ago
CGI Burnout maniacaldude
May 18, 2019
94 BreakerOfOaths
13h 42m ago
First Contact Movies and Shows IsaacWebcomic
1d 6h ago
2 CometColt
15h 37m ago
Popular Characters you don't like? kyrtuck
1w 2d ago
15 Mrgreen36
16h 32m ago
Popular movies and tv shows i havent scene JJWsmith
1d 11h ago
3 Jphyper
1d 2h ago
worst cartoon intros and outros Slinkgirl95
1w 1m ago
14 Slinkgirl95
1d 4h ago
Great Moments in CGI history HCShannon
3d 19h ago
13 Agent-Sarah
1d 6h ago
Favorite adult animation anyone? JohnSpartan1982
6d 3h ago
35 ToonEGuy
1d 10h ago
Dropping an Anime. SmashFang
2d 6h ago
12 Kaizaki-Arata13
1d 11h ago
The 2020 Sonic Movie Spike-Core
1w 4d ago
19 GameTrek
1d 12h ago
best cartoon intros and outros Slinkgirl95
5d 34m ago
17 Megan1289
1d 15h ago
Favorite Fictional Characters? Mortchen
5d 22m ago
14 Frogman417
2d 5h ago
Have you heard? JJWsmith
2d 11h ago
2d 11h ago
Disney Talk MathPotato
3d 16h ago
2d 11h ago
Unfair or Die 89ScottHyde68
3d 8h ago
2 phoenixleo
2d 13h ago
TV Cartoons You Hate But Everyone Else Loves? FrostyTrifle1993
2w 4d ago
75 FrostyTrifle1993
2d 14h ago
characters everyone likes but you hate! Littlekennyuwu
1w 1d ago
20 AlyDreamer
2d 16h ago
what things do you hate at the movie cinemas? Slinkgirl95
Mar 25, 2019
100 Omnivault
3d 44m ago
Mystery Anime Question AlisiaLanet
5d 11h ago
2 AlisiaLanet
3d 2h ago
For Prince Fans Who Had Seen Graffiti Bridge... Rosie-Love98
3d 7h ago
0 N/A
Modern Disney Pt. 2: The Madness Continues maniacaldude
Jan 23, 2019
189 FrostyTrifle1993
3d 8h ago
Anime and Anime Viewing Recommendations maniacaldude
Feb 4, 2019
127 maniacaldude
3d 9h ago