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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Weirdest movie you've ever seen JJWsmith
4d 5h ago
20 JJWsmith
17m 28s ago
Well, Ducktales is ending HCShannon
2d 11h ago
5 HCShannon
32m 26s ago
That One Scene seblev2790
1d 10h ago
11 TFSyndicate
1h 26m ago
Stupidest character critique JDX629
4h 21m ago
-1 N/A
If game of thrones was an anime JJWsmith
1w 1d ago
6 JJWsmith
5h 12m ago
My Ideal wrestling Federation Lucian1981
6h 4m ago
-1 N/A
Earwig and the Witch - Studio Ghibli CG Movie RubenRaphaelArt
1d 10h ago
10 TheCunningCondor
7h 22m ago
Still one of my favorite movie lines of all times believeinya
16h 59m ago
1 Capt-Snowflake
8h 41m ago
Do any Canadians here remember Sesame Park? Sagwanut
1d 1h ago
2 Mirria1
8h 58m ago
Plot holes in popular media JJWsmith
1w 4h ago
13 Shadow-Dimension
9h 55m ago
What movie/tv show scared you the most as a kid? Cartimay
1d 21h ago
3 Cuestionador
18h 20m ago
What movie were you obsessed with as a kid? Cartimay
4d 3h ago
15 Smithnikovat
21h 9m ago
Favorite Don Bluth films Cave-Cat-87
3d 9h ago
31 Cave-Cat-87
1d 8h ago
types of anime you hate? Slinkgirl95
3w 6d ago
85 Smithnikovat
2d 18h ago
types of cartoons you hate? Slinkgirl95
2w 6d ago
74 WanderingWolf09
3d 6h ago
what are your thoughts on the new Lion King? StarbucksLover2000
Oct 22, 2020
17 LuckyNumber113
3d 23h ago
Star Trek: TNG vs DIS believeinya
1w 6d ago
16 WanderingWolf09
4d 31m ago
types of anime you love? Slinkgirl95
3w 5d ago
59 WanderingWolf09
4d 1h ago
help finding the name of an anime AlydaBookworm
4d 23h ago
1 AlydaBookworm
4d 2h ago
Sia is in big trouble because of this movie... hfechik98
1w 3d ago
41 LizzyChrome
4d 5h ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
1,759 DivineEqualizer
4d 8h ago
Clifford first look The-Future1
1w 10h ago
26 The-Future1
4d 18h ago
Great Pretender in all its glory TheCunningCondor
1w 2d ago
0 N/A
If you were in the world of Xiaolin Showdown... Triagonal
1w 34m ago
5 Shadow-Dimension
5d 14h ago
MCU venom (hypothetical) The-Future1
5d 20h ago
-1 N/A
An ideal Hetalia couple stevemacqwark
1w 13h ago
3 stevemacqwark
6d 1h ago
Sonic X is a guilty pleasure of mine. DadudeTDM
2w 3d ago
20 izavier55
6d 5h ago