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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Total Dramarama indigobunny99
2h 30m ago
2 Big-K-2011
10m 57s ago
I hate 4Kids! gagargargar
2d 11h ago
48 Big-K-2011
19m 55s ago
What movies need sequels? DikaWolf
11h 23m ago
23 DikaWolf
44m 49s ago
Favourite Starter Pokemon? ;u; Kattling
20h 21m ago
10 nikkikirkland
55m 56s ago
The last anime you've finished and what you thought of it Mrgreen36
2w 12h ago
30 believeinya
1h 32s ago
Worst movie and cartoon show ever?And why Right-Braine
Jan 19, 2019
28 indigobunny99
2h 25m ago
Frozen 2 actually looks sick! pelcogo
5d 16h ago
172 simplysherbert
2h 27m ago
Suggest me horror movies! GazeRei
Jan 16, 2019
41 indigobunny99
2h 28m ago
Vic Mignogna got #MeToo 'd Megamansonic
6d 9h ago
29 simplysherbert
2h 32m ago
You're in Charge of Creating Your Own Anime MelancholyAndBlithe
4h 13m ago
8 Harrystylesisallmine
2h 56m ago
Who’s your favorite backyardigans character? Harrystylesisallmine
3h 14m ago
0 N/A
Pixar's SparkShorts TheCunningCondor
4h 41m ago
1 simplysherbert
3h 34m ago
So The Orville has its own Tasha Yar now ... believeinya
22h 5m ago
5 Ferres
4h 35m ago
Mythical creatures origins documentary? Louisetheanimator
18h 29m ago
22 tcr11050
6h 17m ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
893 Kim-cat3120
7h 59m ago
13h 25m ago
1 niotabunny
10h 49m ago
Saddest crying character moments in animation Jimma1300
1d 21h ago
6 MahouShoujoIceStar
11h 26m ago
Anime and Anime Viewing Recommendations maniacaldude
2w 3h ago
36 Theglowingfairy
11h 36m ago
Avatar The Last Airbender- best episodes? shahuskies
12h 56m ago
1 KaizenKitty
12h 8m ago
Modern Disney Pt. 2: The Madness Continues maniacaldude
3w 5d ago
75 leesydreamy
13h 4m ago
Favorite Underrated Animated Film? Cra-ZShaker
2w 10h ago
46 IKrines
15h 54m ago
NEW Star Wars - Star Trek Fan Club Folder Now Open lexxii
2d 13h ago
3 apocspost
16h 52m ago
Cartoon scrappy doo vs movie scrappy doo heroicsonnyjim
2d 12h ago
12 Chidori1334
17h 25m ago
What makes horror movies truly scary? TheunbeatenPessimist
1d 3h ago
5 TheCunningCondor
1d 10m ago
More "What an Idiot" moments from TV katamariluv
1w 6d ago
31 pelcogo
1d 39m ago
Name idea?? (Darkiplier fan-girls group) PinkMoustacheWolf
1d 13h ago
2 PinkMoustacheWolf
1d 2h ago
Favorite Anime Right Now BananAdopt
Dec 11, 2018
46 MEO305
1d 2h ago
Favorite/Neutral/Hated/Never een Cartoons jcpag2010
1w 6d ago
11 jcpag2010
1d 3h ago
Made a Complete Steven Universe Scorecard HugeSUFan
1d 6h ago
1 HugeSUFan
1d 6h ago
2d 3h ago
3 niotabunny
1d 8h ago
Anti-semitism in anime? hfechik98
4d 9h ago
9 DaBair
1d 10h ago
Another dumb Avengers Endgame theory. man-among-men
1w 15h ago
15 phoenixleo
1d 14h ago
What is your opinion/ranking of The Conjuring Universe movies? AskMelissa
2d 8h ago
3 LaMantraMori
1d 15h ago
Alita: Battle Angel AleVesper
3w 5d ago
35 BlackInfinity666
1d 17h ago
Good Neutral Bad and Unseen Fandoms EidogRobFandoms
2d 5h ago
6 EidogRobFandoms
1d 17h ago
When did The Force become superpowers? A Star Wars question. MagnusAbrams
5d 21h ago
39 BlackrockLegacies
1d 17h ago
Could this manga be way more insulting than Hetalia? hfechik98
1d 19h ago
0 N/A
Overtures and Intermissions AuronTsubaki1985
2d 10h ago
1 Jphyper
2d 2h ago
what is gunna happen in Star Wars? BlackrockLegacies
3d 2h ago
3 BlackrockLegacies
2d 5h ago