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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Fictional character you would date from TV/Movies? AidanInferno
14h 1m ago
11 NitroMan2002
56m 32s ago
Five Missteps From Batman Beyond TheDevilsTrick
3h 16m ago
0 N/A
Who is going to be sitting on the Iron Throne? Rigiroony
1d 2h ago
8 Rigiroony
3h 41m ago
Game of Thrones s8 ep1 RedHugus
4h 27m ago
0 N/A
What is the scariest? HeartsOfBlack
2d 21h ago
2 Shadowstalker55
5h 43m ago
commercial logic now applies to real life what happens? Slinkgirl95
1d 9h ago
7 Slinkgirl95
8h 58m ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
1,040 DivineEqualizer
11h 5m ago
your least favourite television channels Slinkgirl95
1m 10h ago
20 AleVesper
12h 2m ago
Dora The Explorer: The Live Action Movie IKrines
2w 5d ago
33 TheRandomGirlXD
12h 57m ago
Cartoons you ACTUALLY want to see rebooted HCShannon
Feb 21, 2019
154 TheRandomGirlXD
13h 4m ago
The last movie you saw? Rating 1-10? loveandpaint
6d 27m ago
38 TheRandomGirlXD
13h 9m ago
Comedy Central Animated Shorts Program? edwardfpower
21h 4m ago
1 TheRandomGirlXD
13h 12m ago
PJ Masks Season 3 MCsaurus
1d 2h ago
5 Alex-Canine845
16h 10m ago
Did The Running Man Predict The Future? ProfessorMegaman
2w 5d ago
34 ProfessorMegaman
16h 36m ago
redesign/reimagining cartoon characters TheCandyRosebud
2w 6d ago
17 TheCandyRosebud
17h 30m ago
What type of animation will it be in the Animaniacs reboot? Dennistamayo
2w 18h ago
44 simplysherbert
17h 50m ago
Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Vagabond-Ninja-Clan
5d 18h ago
37 Akumaru13
19h 49m ago
Meme In Your Favourite Anime/Cartoon? Right-Braine
3w 6d ago
14 AleVesper
21h 33m ago
Which five colors of Power Rangers you like? MCsaurus
1w 1h ago
36 MCsaurus
1d 32m ago
Monsters at Work Callewis2
3d 16m ago
5 Callewis2
1d 38m ago
Story of your Life? IsaacWebcomic
1d 1h ago
0 N/A
Dragon Quest Your Story Movie Pulcella
1d 21h ago
6 Pulcella
1d 5h ago
Your dream animation project HCShannon
2w 2d ago
13 GrendalUnleashed
1d 6h ago
GOT 8 -
3d 14h ago
16 GrendalUnleashed
1d 6h ago
Favorite Meh and Hated Franchises EidogRobFandoms
1w 3d ago
27 KinnikuGirl501
1d 18h ago
I wish there was more of Ultimate Muscle. KinnikuGirl501
1d 18h ago
0 N/A
Most Disgusting Movie Scenes teenrex7
1w 2d ago
21 Sour-Sauce
1d 20h ago
Controversial steven universe question JJWsmith
2d 15h ago
5 zeochan
1d 22h ago
A Lost Nicktoons TV Movie AlphaEspadaXD1
2d 20h ago
5 AlyssaStehle
1d 23h ago
Just saw the anime The Promised Neverland on Toonami Shadowstalker55
4d 9h ago
4 PeachPot
2d 2h ago
Am I the only one who thinks Disney crossovers are weird? Redfoxbennaton
1w 4d ago
32 Redfoxbennaton
2d 12h ago
Favorite, Neutral, and Hated Cartoons, Movies, and Video Games jcpag2010
3d 8h ago
9 Brittneybosoni17
2d 13h ago
Favorite Godzilla Era teenrex7
6d 14h ago
7 niotabunny
2d 16h ago
big budget indie films? Tonstad39
3d 7h ago
1 niotabunny
2d 19h ago
Which Superhero film or films did you like? Armstrongy85
1w 1d ago
10 RawheadHain
2d 22h ago
Disney+ is here! HCShannon
5d 17h ago
18 Sofiya03
2d 22h ago
what things do you hate at the movie cinemas? Slinkgirl95
3w 2d ago
64 zeochan
2d 23h ago
Do you like Anime? LanceRodriguez
1w 3d ago
30 NitroMan2002
3d 3h ago
Batman the animated series? How many People remember that? Who love that series? Umarguzel
Mar 17, 2019
27 ninjagbx
3d 17h ago