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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Best movie you ever watched! Picarian
1w 3d ago
50 believeinya
1h 10m ago
First Look At Sonic Movie Causes Nightmares ProfessorMegaman
9h 21m ago
17 blackbook668
1h 50m ago
I wish someone draw something for me. MCsaurus
1w 1d ago
26 MCsaurus
2h 18m ago
That age old question be a pony or own a pony? RainbowTashie
5d 15h ago
55 MiniDangoSushi
3h 23m ago
101 Dalmatian Street Looks Promising katamariluv
10h 58m ago
2 katamariluv
3h 58m ago
Favorite obscure anime? MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
3d 21h ago
35 JuniorJedi7
4h 40m ago
Avengers: Endgame Jimma1300
2d 8h ago
15 Mrgreen36
4h 42m ago
What is your favorite anime and what is your favorite Western animation? MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
5d 8h ago
32 JuniorJedi7
4h 44m ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
655 DivineEqualizer
5h 8m ago
what was your first anime? Slinkgirl95
1w 4d ago
64 gagargargar
5h 17m ago
Changing a character's ethnicity/sex/gender/etc when adapting into movies... Sir-Kuss
20h 56m ago
27 MadrePappagallo
8h 29m ago
Anyone saw the Netflix show The Dragon Prince? Ggrafite
21h 58m ago
3 Chickadee-Writes
12h 59m ago
Godzilla king of monsters design of mothra Todaypanda66
1w 20h ago
21 pelcogo
13h 15m ago
Eulogy for The Lion King (RIP 1994-2018/19) GWKTM
2w 17h ago
143 TheCandyRosebud
13h 48m ago
Spongebob Creator dies at 57 TheCunningCondor
1w 6d ago
35 n1ntend0n0r
13h 56m ago
Quirks you wanna see, or Quirks you wanna have LarioLario54321
2w 1d ago
8 JokuSSJ
15h 18m ago
Anybody remember the one and only Ultimate Muscle? KinnikuGirl501
1d 7h ago
7 TheSympatheticOne
16h 47m ago
The New Mortal Engines movie crowmags
5d 23h ago
7 kyrtuck
17h 12m ago
Anyone remember Buzz Lightyear of Star command? Blubird513
2d 16h ago
27 kyrtuck
17h 13m ago
Should I switch to naruto kai? smellnan
3d 10h ago
7 smellnan
17h 47m ago
So JK Rowling messed up my favorite character... Rigiroony
2w 17h ago
72 man-among-men
19h 33m ago
I haven't seen any of the marvel cinematic universe JJWsmith
3d 12h ago
15 BearBrushForest
1d 47m ago
Dubbed anime recommendations wanted .. Two-FacedBatman
2w 1d ago
19 LunaStar7
1d 1h ago
Your opinion on the grinch movie? ThePathetic0ne
1d 8h ago
2 ThePathetic0ne
1d 7h ago
Ever got really emotional while watching a YouTube video? UltimateCluckinbell
5d 2h ago
13 Berlioz-II
1d 8h ago
Anyone here watches Shameless (US Version) on Netfilx? TheRandomGirlXD
1d 16h ago
1 Zeppelinrose67
1d 11h ago
Favorite and Hated Disney and Pixar Villains? Megamansonic
2w 4d ago
28 AlainMadHatter
1d 14h ago
my Recess fan idea Redgra
1m 3h ago
15 Redgra
1d 16h ago
Does anyone remembers Blazing Dragons? TheRandomGirlXD
2d 8h ago
2 TheRandomGirlXD
1d 16h ago
I want to see Avengers 4 trailer MCsaurus
1w 4d ago
33 Sofiya03
1d 22h ago
tv and movie logic now apply to real life Slinkgirl95
3w 5d ago
26 Slinkgirl95
2d 4h ago
Turn title of a cartoon into a porn title JJWsmith
1w 2d ago
28 Lionheart3469
2d 8h ago
What are your fave anime movies? JohnSpartan1982
2w 2d ago
21 Sofiya03
2d 18h ago
Arrow (season 6) Review TheDevilsTrick
4d 21h ago
2 TheDevilsTrick
2d 20h ago
Are kids still interested in cartoons anymore? DesenhoExperiment
4d 8h ago
11 LizzyChrome
3d 4h ago
insidious movies Wonderful-Unknown
1w 1d ago
12 Kryokinesis
3d 12h ago
Whats your favorite Loud House character? theawesomeguy98201
Nov 7, 2018
8 GoodVibes12345
3d 15h ago
Your 10 Favorite TV Characters (Live-Action) ProfessorMegaman
3d 21h ago
5 theSadSrook
3d 16h ago
Mortal Engines (2018) postingm
3w 1d ago
5 phoenixleo
4d 4h ago