September 21


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LF: Art for ACNH game code

Nekoxxiii Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyo! Neko here again in the forum section of dA.

I was wondering if anyone was willing to trade art for an animal crossing new horizons game code I have?

Its (at most) 60 usd worth of art since that was how much i purchased it for when it was brand new-- but im willing to atleast go as low as 40 usd worth of art to trade it up.

You see, I was planning on purchasing a switch as well but I am unable- so ive just had it lying around for several months taunting me. T__T

If youre open to do this,please message me here on dA or comment below.

Please note that due to being wary of certain types of artists I am not giving the code out first before I see art. I dont want to get scammed again.

Also not first come first serve! :')

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Citrus-Chickadee Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
You might get more responses to this on the Projects or Job Offers forums, fyi. :shrug:
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