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Best Video Game Ever

KingMaster0217 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
There are several amazing video games, but there are some that stand out. For me, two of the best games I ever played were Batman: Arkham City, and Red Dead Redemption 2
What are some of your favorite games, and why?

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Tinselfire Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2020   General Artist
Super Metroid.

This isn't my favourite game, but it is the best.
LarkspurBetula Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2020  Hobbyist
EarthBound and Yume Nikki changed my life the most.
Literallybeanie Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2020
Fallout new Vegas
Far cry 4
Redfoxbennington Featured By Owner Edited Sep 23, 2020  Student General Artist
Crash Bandicoot 3
All the Sonic Game Gear games
Sponebob Squarepants Battle of Bikini Bottom
Fallout New Vegas
Duke Nukem 3D 
7th guest
Metal Gear Solid 
Ridge Racer
zaradale Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mass effect trilogy, Dragon age (all of them), skyrim, fallout 4, and greedfall are all my faves. But overall favorite I guess would be Mass Effect 2. It has a great story, decent graphics, and Garrus Vakarian, what more could you ask for?
SophitiaCroft Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2020
Still-a-better-ending-than-mass-effect-3 by SophitiaCroft

So tell me which ending did you go for at the end of Mass Effect 3? Was it the blue ending, green ending or the red ending?

Imagine having to bring out DLC for the story because EA couldn't be bothered to pay the writers more than $5 and luncheon vouchers.

What did you think in that masterclass of ineptitude in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Also what did you think in that non game Fallout 76?
Redfoxbennington Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2020  Student General Artist
Sorry but I have ZERO interest in seeing anything to do with Crap Effect er I mean Mass Effect.

The only time I have watched anything to do with Mass Effect was one time I wanted to hear what the utterly hideous Liara T'Soni sounded like. The reason for that is because she is voiced by an actress called Ali Hillis and Ali Hillis was the voice of Sofia Hendrik in Gears Of War Judgment and I wanted to see how Hillis compared in both games and I came to the conclusion that Hillis is one fucking terrible voice actress.
Redfoxbennington Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2020  Student General Artist
I can't get into Mass Effect. It's like, one second it's a shooter and several seconds we are talking and talking and talking. I don't think this is very good pacing.
SophitiaCroft Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2020
That makes two of us. I have never understood what people see in this garbage. From the little I have seen of it it looks like utter garbage.

The only time I have interest in it is when it is being criticized by the media and gamers.

Also Liara T'Soni just makes me want to puke. There is no way I could stomach her across the games.

Here have these:

Mass-effect-3-ending by SophitiaCroft   Mass-effect 3 by SophitiaCroft  

It is so nice to see a fellow hater of this utterly shit franchise that is thankfully now dead dead dead!
Akumaru13 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Spyro trilogy (classic and Reignited)
Ratchet and Clank series
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Dino Crisis

CrazyDreama Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020
This is difficult. I would have to say Cosmic Fantasy 3 and Kingdom Hearts.
TheFandomDoe Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020
Gris. The whole thing is a game that honestly should be experienced first hand due to how it portrays grief and acceptance. Plus the visuals have that gorgeous watercolor look that I love to death.

No straight roads. It’s a great game with fun characters, gorgeous designs and a pretty great critique on how the music industries treat their artists and the artists themselves. Plus when the games centered around music you know it’s going to have amazing music.

Hiveswap. While not the best game and it’s incredibly short only clocking in at 1-2 hours the main character Joey grows on you and you genuinely feel for her situation. the fridge horror is everywhere especially if you’re familiar with the webcomic or friendsim games. 

Bayonetta. I’m a huge sucker for over the top games and bayo delivers. Initially the concept was kind of weird to me but bayonetta herself just kind of drew me in. I love how playful she was, how she was an extremely strong character and her relationship with cereza that goes from “shit I got to deal with this kid” to “if you as so much as touch her I will kill you”.

Silent hill 3. Cheryl. She’s the big reason this games a hit for me. I love how her character is essentially a snarky teen who lived a relatively normal life until shit hit the fan and she had to grow up quickly just to deal with the shit she gets put through. 
Satans-Comrade Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020
The Witcher 3

There's just so much to do in it, and I love the characters in it. It's so much more fun than just running around shooting things.
Hertedart Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2020
I like GTA
IKrines Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I like playing Minecraft, since it is a weird mixture of Survival RPG, adventure, sandbox, Building, and even going into Technical.
I don't think it is greatest game in existence, but the borrowing from different genre is clever.

Also I love older Maxis games, because they are so filled with knowledge and the same time incredibly wacky like having Alien invansions etc.
Well, your simmer has zero cents to their name, because you bought a freaking dive tank, and now your sim drown in it.
DausenMoore-Art Featured By Owner Edited Sep 16, 2020   Digital Artist
Halo, Oblivion, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Pretty much any Halo. They all have great campaigns, great multiplayer,  forge (3, Reach, 4, and 5), and custom games. Halo gives you so much bang for your buck.

Oblivion is just so good. It definitely looks and feels a bit outdated now but it's still so good regardless. And the music is incredible. 

I had a really hard time getting into Siege but it's now my most played game with over 3000 hours. It has replay value I never thought possible.

I bought Read Dead 2 at launch I simply couldn't get into it. It looks incredible but it controls you too much and tries too hard to be realistic with the slow looting, forced walking in town and camp, etc. 
mechgun08 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020
Sonic 2
GameTrek Featured By Owner Edited Sep 7, 2020  Professional General Artist
Best game? High replay value?

Dream Fall ( the X-box game to PC port ). Which makes it a meh adventure game if you like adventure games. I wish there was more games clean like this game.

Beyond Good and Evil. This game based on book of same title is just so replayable and enjoyable. What is even more fun is how bigger the game is really meant to be. Characters and all world is so addictive.

Rival Schools is auwsome in itself.

Odd World Strangers wrath. I mean I always loved Odd-world. I was wishing it was Abe but it is not. Which would make the game very funny. It is like hmmm.... "What happen to Oddworld after Abe free everybody" but it is not that game story. It was a fun game. That being said is the only reason why I would want to play Revolver/Redemption game. I mean those games look and sounds nice but honestly.

Bomberman N64 If you reach the extra stages just for that jester boss and the big city stages with all the traffic. Then of course the fish boss to the spider, and musical scores

Kirby Dreamland 3 AKA the Apex of the series. All-star is nice but it too burny on the eyes.

Yoshi Island 2 SNES. Why? You played it before and know why. This is where Mario Galaxy got it's planet gimmick from.

Misadventures of Tronne Bonne. It is a puzzle / adventure level game. Very challenging and cute.

Perfect Dark needs no

Shadow Run SNES

Star  Fox 2 ( before it was released on fake SNES tv plug in )

................................................................. .............................................

Red dead redemption only gets bonus points because of the openness of the world itself. That is it. Also each game has a different ending to the last, which makes it only need to play to begin with.

Batman: Arkham City I could understand. All of them loose and you hunting them down then you get to beat down on hyper joker or whatever in the end.
Where the second one has the Harley Quinn extra episode. But honestly  "every single batman game is fun and enjoyable" There is not one lame Batman game. Even that one where he is featured in a Bomberman like setup is fun.
Venya1 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay as broken as it is Ark survival evolved is my ultimate fave along side with sims 2 and 3. (4 is getting much worse)

Ark is pretty broken at times more so with the recent map of crystal Isle is kinda bad. 

but sims 2 and 3 are much better then 4! more custom stuff into it. 
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Professional General Artist
We had SIMS online and people made custom items which was mostly BDSM stuff. It was so funny it was even on the news. I am serious there is news footage with the news broadcaster
Venya1 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remember the sims online it was interesting I like the custom stuff you get on the games now too.
SophitiaCroft Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2020
Can I pick a franchise? If so this one:

20 Years of Croft by SophitiaCroft   Lara Croft Relic Run 01 by henning

The greatest games and franchise known to man in video games.
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Professional General Artist
The only thing good about Lara was the first two games ( and maybe the third ).

The sad part is the "official model for Lara" was not used for the %@%43#ing movie at all and we got some lame actresses.

We also had a talking Lara display at an event as well.


Then came the lame redesign of her.....

Beyond the Juggernaut breasts and twin guns paired off with Indiana Jones like worlds. The reality what makes her terible is that she is a rich girl and is only doing all of this exploration for fun

That is it.

She lives in a giant big house, have martial arts training and rides around in luxary.

Just think about it for five seconds.  We are playing a game about a rich girl, with big ideal breasts, and petite athletic fit gymastic body meanwhile we our selves do not have a cent in our names.

Again rich girl petite body big breast on Indana Jones Adventures is not a professor
Redfoxbennington Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2020  Student General Artist
Why do people only care about the story? The gameplay in Tomb Raider is outdated but still good.
Azurelly Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I might be out-of-track (since it's been way too long ago I experienced Tomb Raider last time) my conclusion is that the real story ends with Tomb Raider 4.
All the sequels, whatever prequels, spinoffs or any other irreveleant stuff aren't necessary.

Case closed.

FIY: speaking about her big boobs, actually it was a programming mistake in her polygon model. They didn't intend to make hers look that big (but seems it drew attention)
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020  Professional General Artist
That was not a programming mistake. Anybody saying that is sad.
I have nothing against Lara Croft but the fact that she is literally a

Indana Jones + Prince Of Persia.

Again imagine if they had presented her as a dude would we have all the variety of gameplay we had with the character?

I doubt it. As with POP or IJ they limit them to the same kind of scenario but with Lara you could launch her into a prison cell, to a UFO, or even a made scientist laboratory from Superman 3. That is the difference.

It is like Castlevania. You have the futurstic "Kid Dracula" which could go anywhere and still be in any time but then you have original series which is stuck in some kind of Mid-Evil/Dark ages, of course you try to make it for TV like some TV show meant for house wives or her younger pre to teen adolescent self watching Buffy or Arrow, or Wiches of Eastwick.

That is the difference.

In fact I beleive there is this one cross platform game that attempts to mimic Lara ( because a whole bunch of games did ) on the GCN+ PS2 + XBOX I remember. I wanted to pick it up but I kept holding back.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation ( AKA 4 ) was never really a 4. It was more like stories. It was the downfall of the entire series and only sold because of the popularity of TR. I think I still own that game. Otherwise I ask why bother play it. I find original TR and TR 2 way more fun then LR.

Also the SONY only contract ended on III. So it was a free for all
DesenhoExperiment Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020  Student Digital Artist
I heard somewhere that they did plan to fix this programming mistake, but they decided to keep it because they liked this way more!
Azurelly Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's what I heard it, too.
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020  Professional General Artist
Who wouldn't but lets be fair if you put Boobs on IJ or POP would it still sell?

That just seems to be how media is. We have some goofy guy with a serious gal half naked and the antagonist is some ideal rocker guy. That just seems to be the formula for every single fictional work.

I doubt we will ever see anything ( outside of Disney animation ) where the character is some buffed out dude the girl is covered, and the badguy is some silly billy. Nope, never. Only when the protaganist is mid-range meek maybe we would see that.
TheFandomDoe Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020
My god you dissed his waifu. 
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2020  Professional General Artist
Look if Lara Croft "Tomb Raider" was another Indian Jones ( dude dressed like him ) as with "Beast"  ( see "Beast II" and "Turok II" )
or "Pitfall: Mayan Adventure" nobody would care at all. TR on the GBC or in 2d is virtually a "Prince of Persia" clone but the roles have been reversed. Imagine if Princess Jasmine had mega juggs ( like that mom from "Steven World" or "Gum Ball Mother" but she had a stick figure for a body ( not bad ) that is tomb-raider.

In fact alll Tomb Raider games ( at least 1-3 ) even on the PSX had skin moded/hacks/edits where she is running naked and extra bouncy.

Angelia Jolie ( at the time ) destroyed her image.

Even worst are the remakes and revamps.


Seriously dear god who let the dogs out.
TheFandomDoe Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020
As someone who has yet to play tomb raider but knows the history of Laura Id say she worked for the time but has now been bastardized and overshadowed by newer characters who work for the same purpose. The only reason shes remembered now because shes one of the first mainstream female characters who didnt have to be thrown in like a Trojan horse or a damsel in distress and her fans constantly fawning over her almost 25 years later.
GameTrek Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2020  Professional General Artist
No no no Samus from Metroid was along with Miss Pac-Man being the first "female" lead that was well known as a girl and was auwsome.

Lara Croft just ran around in a tee-shirt all jiggly and copied Indiana-Jones and Prince Of Persia Rules. Lets be realistic a game with a bunch of boring British sounding casts with lame space aliens. Why did we even play that game again?

Because Duke-Nukem had to have a game called "Planet of the Babes" with MotorCycles and PVC babes with pig-tails.
TheFandomDoe Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020
You got a point. I feel like her status as the best female rep has kind of been fading away especially when we have better well rounded characters now.
SophitiaCroft Featured By Owner Edited Sep 7, 2020
Get lost. NEVER EVER EVER talk crap about Lara.

This is rich comming from someone who has a bunch of shit in his post. Maybe you should stick to your kiddie crap games in Bomberman 64 as it is all you are good for.

Red Dead Redemption is a joke of a game. OOHH look Cowboys and Indians! Oh whoopie-doo. I would much rather watch paint dry.

"There isn't one lame Batman game"! Oh really thank you for the laugh. Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the worst games I have ever played in my 40 years of gaming. The controlls stank, the graphics were horrible, it has the worst boss battles ever, it was short and repetitive as all hells! The Lego Batman games rip it apart.

Which movie are you talking about? Is it the one with Angelina Jolie or the one with Alicia Vikander? If it is Jolie's portrayal you are wrong as she was brilliant as Lara but if you are talking and Vikander then I agree with ylou. I have never watched it and never will. She is one ugly flat chested creature who looked nothing like Lara. The casting director needs to strung up for choosing such a horrible ugly woman who can't act.

OOOhhh GameTrek look at all the fucking shit Nintendont garbage you have up there. Nintendon't is for kiddies. The SNES and N64 were fucking shit and and look at all the fucking shit Nintendon't games you have up there. Now I see why you hate Tomb Raider as it is beyond your comprehension since you can only play kiddie Nintendon't crap.

So get lost and take your shit comments away with you.
EyeballEarth Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pick would be Wing Commander IV. It's a space combat simulator which is pretty rare these days, and has an intricate story with branching storyline. Back when it came out the FMV video sequences to advance the story with Holllywood actors were top tier. If the game got a remaster with latest tech and gameplay features it'd be one of the best games ever if implemented properly.
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Professional General Artist
I played WC3. I mean the game looks interesting with the actors and all and yes I have to checkout the collection but mostly for the story.

They had some FMV war games that mimics a submarine as well
EyeballEarth Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah today it's not tall that impressive technically but the branching storyline is awesome I replayed the games several times and still found I hadn't seen everything.
Cosmofox7413 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i don't know, everyone has a personal bias so no game can truly be the best one
but... if i had to say one from my own personal bias and that alone....

mario kart wii
would say mario and luigi dream team since it's my most favorite game ever but it has a few issues so i wouldn't say it was the best
GameTrek Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020  Professional General Artist
Yes we can not hate Mario Kart Wii but the biggest problem is when everyone online uses Funky Kong. Nothing but Funky Kongs and drifting speed boost.
believeinya Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2020
Why yes this thread is about what you personally think is best.

Most entries here hardly stand a chance I personally would even consider playing it. Forget about the possibility I would think they're the best, or close to the best.
believeinya Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2020
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Yeah I havent played many MMOs, but this one I played for the seven years it was up and I definitely had hit gold.

- Class design. So many people idependently told me their favorite class was done right / had its best implementation in Vanguard. I too felt most of the classes have been uber fun to play and this is definitely the thing I miss most about the game, the classses, how complex they've been and how many possibilities they offered to react to the situation at hand.

- Raiding. Same as with classes, many people told me that Vanguard had the best raiding they've ever seen. Either way I loved it. Every class had unique features and was needed, in many cases even essential. Every raid boss was different. Cooperation was needed. One person getting the timing wrong and the whole raid could be in trouble.

- Game world. Realistic viewing distances. Seamless world. Extremely large world. Many very well done dungeons and other quest places. Again people praised the game for the dungeon designs.

- Crafting/Harvesting/Diplomacy - Separate gaming spheres which all have been done extremely well in their own right.

- The people. Met lots of nice people in the game, and had a lot of fun.

Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Nowadays I play this with the fanmod "Baldurs Gate Triology" (originally this was supposed to be a series of three games). So this game is played in combination with the first game and the two addons (one for each BG1 and BG2) in one go, with the engine of the second game, which is SO much better than the engine of the first game.

- Best. Magic system. Ever !!! With so many possibilities and strategies, it makes most other games just laughably simplistic.

- Full control over a party with six characters. Why the frak do newer games no longer offer that ? All the strategic possibilities with positioning etc. No idea why thats hardly done again. I mean theres some games which still do that, sort of, but they are so trivialistic.

- I think a total of 15 characters that you can join into your party, and four romances. Though frankly I tend to pick always the same characters because, well, you get some that are from BG1 and you sort of want to keep those.

- The main story of both BG1 and BG2 isnt so great, once you look back on it. But there is a ton of quests and stories in the game and of course the main story gives you the big memorable battles.

- What I sort of also like is the funny way this old AD&D system works. Very quirky and you need to learn your way around it. It certainly is lacking in certain areas. For example fighters hardly get any ability at all, they mostly just hit people and thats it.

Mind there is a newer version of this game as well as BG1, but I still play my originals of old because the new content they added there is poorly done.

I have TONS of notes on how to best play BG2 and there is no way to write them all down here. Suffice to say this is a complex game.

The other two favorite offline games of mine are Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

SWKotoR1 is NOT that great in regards to its combat. I really mostly play it for story. However, I highly recomment to use this build:

Scoundrel7/Guardian13 (lightside)
Str 14 (+5), Dex 8, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14
Feats (11): Master Two-Weapon Fighting (3), Master Critical Strike (3),
 Implants 3 (3), Improved Toughness (2)
Skills (35 of 80): Persuade 17, Repair [CC] 9 (18)
Powers (14): Heal 1, Speed 3, Valor 3, Force Immunity 2, Energy Resistance 2,
 Wave 3
Special Notes:
 - This build has 45 points left over, so one can also easily handle traps with the corresponding skill items. You'll probably want Demolition 6 and at least Awareness 6 for this.
 - On Taris, in the swoop gang conflict, decide to kill Gadon for his +1 Int implant so you can get Repair 17 total to fully repair HK-47 (this has to be done before the 4th starmap).
 - Obviously max Strength for having the best stun effect; also never use a twobladed sword or lightsaber with this, but max the crit range with  two separate weapons instead.

You can easily derive a bit from this build, however I highly recomment to use it during your first walkthrough. This game isnt really hard, but its absurd how much easier everything is with a properly optimized character. With Scoundrel/Guardian, the Scoundrel gives you Sneak Attacks and the Guardian gives you Force Jump - and on your Force Jump attack, Sneak Attacks typically apply ! For really high additional damage on the first attack round, which already kills mosst opponents.

Defense on the other hand is worthless in SWKotoR. You can max defense all you want, still all opponents hit you all the time anyway. Better make a character that has a group stun (like Wave) and can kill extremely quickly.

This build can easily also be used for darkside. Maybe pick Drain Health instead of heal though and rely much more on potions. This also helps with the problem that as a darksider you'll have far less Mana.

The other really strong build is going lightside Consolar, however that isnt too fun to play in the first third or so of the game because you have to save levels so you can get maximum Jedi levels. You also need to max Wis and Cha brutally so you can get through the insane saves of the final boss.

You dont want darkside Consolar because then you cannot use all the +Wis items. Then all your force powers will fail all the time on the final boss, which is really poorly balanced in this regard. Its a huge disappointment really that this of all builds isnt feasible.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines

First of all, congratulations if you can get this to run on Windows 10. I didnt managed to archieve that.

Get the fanpatch. Thats a HUGE improvement of the game !!!

First play as Toreador. Toreador starts with strong social skills, which is important in the beginning and makes quests far more interesting, and gets the best special abilities, meaning Toreador can turn into a real killing machine in the late game.

Second run I recomment Malkavian. You wouldnt understand whats going on if you start with Malkvavian, because Malks get really crazy different dialogues and do all kinds of things that dont make sense, such as talking with the guy on TV. They also dont get the uber combat abilities. They do get however Obfuscate, which is invisibility, which really helps with certain quests and is a fun ability, and they get the most important combat ability which pushes your ability with ranged weapons, which are the most important weapons in the late game.

I cannot recomment more than those two. The others arent really different enough.

believeinya Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2020
> I have TONS of notes on how to best play BG2 and there is no way to write them all down here. Suffice to say this is a complex game.

Maybe the most basics, just because I love so much to write about Baldurs Gate:

- Just get that damn character editor, set whatever stats you want to have, and be done with it. That the game has no pointbuy for stats is just annoying. Though admittedly pointbuy is tough with a system like AD&D for its so quirky and weird. You can also make builds that are impossible, such as elven Paladin.

- If you use Baldurs Gate Triology, you should probably try to get Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Edwin and Victonia in the group, because they carry over into BG2, so any stats increase you give those are actually permanent. So for example you can have Imoen with Int 18 and Dex 19. However you have to make a choice because you cannot have Minsc and Edwin in the group at the same time, unless you disable party AI (and keep disabling it because the game loved reenabling it). Also Edwin and Viconia are evil and will object and leave if the party reputation gets too high.

- For Minsc you have to get Dynaheir which sucks, and for Jaheira you have to get Khalid which isnt really great either. I usually leave those in some closed room I dont want to enter again. Another option is to get them killed and not rez them but throw them out of the party instead. Another option is to get them killed so hard they actually cannot be rezzed again ... not sure if that can even actually happen in BG1, definitely happends in BG2 sometimes though.

- Back to the character editor - I also give Minsc, Jaheira and Viconia their BG2 stats with that editor, AND I love to switch their classes around to increase the replayability. Unfortunately in BG1, while you get a TON of different NPCs which potentially could join the party, you dont really get much in regards to actual characterization. Imoen and Edwin dont need any fixing, by the way, they are the same in BG1 and BG2 anyway.

- As a general rule of thumb, in the late game you want two pure class warrior classes (fighter, paladin, or ranger) with high hitpoints, two healer classes (dont need to be pureclass, Aerie and Jaheira worked great) with Heal spells, and of course ideally two wizards, but at least one.

- Really, just ignore all EE content if you get the new version, and dont get that new game either, because it makes no sense at all. I've looked into getting the new EE version and its nice they have some additional features like being able to zoom in and out, but really the extra content they added is all garbage compared to the original content and could be cut out without any loss whatsoever. They shouldnt have bothered if they didnt had the skill to produce content on the same quality level of the original.

- A fair warning, the game unfortuantely gets really buggy in the BG2 addon "Throne of Bhaal", especially towards the last parts. Just too many items and effects at the same time, I persume. So keep saving.

- Just for fun some builds:

Paladin, Elf, Str 18/x, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 18, Twohanded Sword +2, Twohanded Weapon Style +1, Longbow+1
Fighter/Illusionist, Gnome, Str 18/x, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 18, Axe +2, Two Weapon Style +1, Longbow +1
Kensai (Fighter), Human, Str 18/x, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 17, Wis 18, Cha 18, Hammer +2, Two Weapon Style +2 [dualclass to Mage after Kensai(7) or Kensai(9)]
Sorcerer, Elf, Str 15, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 18, Sling +1

I looooooooove Sorcerer, getting the best possible spell selection is a huge challenge ! Dont underestimate Find Familiar, especially since you cannot get this spell at all in regular gameplay unless you have the EE version. Depending upon your alignment you can get the absolute kicker summon with it. Either way the extra hitpoints are great and as Sorcerer you have no trouble getting the best spells in the game, some of which are a PITA to get on a Mage.

All these except Sorcerer get of course the Str update; for the Sorcerer that one goes to Minsc instead so you can keep it between games (with the Baldurs Gate Triology mod).
believeinya Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2020
> just because I love so much to write about Baldurs Gate

Also love to play it.

Besides, BG3 looks pretty good so far, so I try to be moderately optimistic about it.

I hope they release a GOG version though. I cannot stand Steam.

Smithnikovat Featured By Owner Edited Aug 30, 2020
Basing it off of my experience upon playing them. 

1: Doom (the original). Didn't hurt that it came while I was still relatively fresh faced in exploring the world that is PC gaming.

2: Blood. Not as ground breaking as Doom (I mean shit what is), but I still consider it one of the best made FPS not just of it's time but even compared to other games now. 

3: Shadow of Rome: Still the apex of console hack n slash for me. Easily the most satisfying violence that holds up for me even today. 

4: Jagged Alliance 2: The game every single isometric RPG wants to be when it grows up. 20 years later, and I'm STILL discovering things I didn't know before. The fan patch made it even meatier and challenging too. 
Mirria1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
🤔 Hm... Zelda Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario 64, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.
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