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I don't think Kingdom Hearts 3 is as bad as fans make it out to be *SPOILERS*

StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I found the game super fun gameplay-wise, it is just as fun as Kingdom Hearts 2 IMO.

There are a few issues here and there with the story pacing but the complaints are very tiny. For example, I wish that Riku and Kairi would interact with each other more (aren't they friends too? They do not need to revolve around Sora all the time), have Mickey be more proactive and take responsibility like in KH2, have Sora and Kairi having more romantic interactions and develop their chemistry, and Kairi showing her potential as a keyblade Welder, or give her more of a internal conflict to give her more of a personality.
The Winnie the Pooh world was more like a mobile game than an actual explorable world. Oh, and I wish we get to learn more about how Xehanort became evil in KH3, and show his backstory.

 The story had a lot of good moments and conclusions that people tend to overlook. 

For example:

-The OST music is fantastic!
-Woody dissing Young Xehanort. Come on, that was awesome!
-Sulley throwing Vanitas out of a door was an awesome moment!
-Sora landing a punch on Davy Jones, again awesome.
-The design of the Frozen Wolf Boss was cool looking :D
-Donald Duck's zettaflare moment was EPIC! Hands down! (Same with Master YenSid)
-The moments with the Wayfinder trio was sweet and emotionally satisfying.
-The Axel and Saix moments were great too.
- SOKAI FTW! Ok.... I'll tone it down a bit, but Sora and Kairi's relationship was really cute and sweet. DLC made it even better :DDDDDDD
-The conversation with Sora and Xion, and so on. 
-I think towards the end of the game, Sora has matured quite a bit as a character, and I respect that.

Hell, I shed a tear at the end of the game.

DLC spoilers!

-King Mickey finally does something hella epic too.
-Other characters are playable..... wooooo!
-Final Fantasy Characters are back, wooooo!
-Kairi fights Xehanort, the final boss! Hell yeaaaaaah! She is finally doing something productive!
-Bosses are more challenging  :DDDD
-Did I forget to mention that Sora and Kairi are really cute as a couple??

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Katlike-Rider Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
I personally really liked KHIII, not as much as KHII (which is admittedly a pretty high bar) but it's certainly better than any of the side-titles in gameplay. (especially DDD. eugh...)

Gameplay wise my biggest gripe is that on most difficulties its WAY too easy and spam happy, but apparently the newest difficulty setting and RE:Mind fixes this issue. Other than that, though I think even if its not as deep as II its still a lot of fun and an absolute spectacle to look at. I also think the level design has improved a lot, being much less segmented to "rooms" and instead having large sprawling maps, with the BH6 world even giving you an entire city. The final battle was also incredible, being able to finally take down Xehanort, even with the reduced difficulty was intense and had a great sense of finality. Probably my favourite final boss in the series.

As for the story...It's Kingdom hearts so there's a lot of very weird and stupid moments that don't feel very well explained or aren't satisfactory, but it still has that goofy (hehehe) Kingdom hearts charm that you either love or hate. I personally liked it overall and a lot more than I thought I would. I still think they're really bad at handling female characters, tho...
I also really liked how some of the worlds felt more original in their stories and tying more into the expanded KH world rather than just retelling the movies. I also liked that the disney characters themselves felt more involved and actually got their moments to one up on the original characters. (Sully yeeting Vanitas will never stop being incredible.)

Overall I think time will be kinder to the game. It's been a very long wait so its understandable people would feel disapointed, but the game is FAR from bad and I believe people will eventually accept it on its own merits.
HerbalDrink Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
I enjoyed playing it too. Granted, it just suffered strongly from "The Phantom Menace Effect" where it was hyped so much (Seriously people? It wasn't announced in 2007... it was announced in 2013. :roll: ) that there was no way for it to get the hype.

Just wait a few years and suddenly fans will start crawling out of the woodwork.
LunaStar7 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2020
 I actually really liked Kingdom Hearts 3, I thought it was a really amazing game. I don't know why some fans thought it was bad, I'll list why I thought it was an amazing game. 

The Toy Story world really surprised me, it was so fun and the story to it was so good. They did a really good job on a original story, I liked that it had some funny parts as well with Rex thinking Sora is from some random video game that he played lol The Toy Story characters were really likable just like they are in the movie. 

I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean world, I may not care about the movies but I thought the world was really fun. I really liked to swim in the water, I liked that you could drive the pirate ship around, I thought it was so cool when you could ride on other heartless. I really loved Sora's pirate outfit, one of my favorite outfits of Sora, I liked searching for those white crabs and I really like the last boss fight. I also really loved that Sora punched the main bad guy in the face XD 

I really loved Sora's character in Kingdom Hearts 3, I thought he was way more likable. He had that friendly and sweet personality that I always loved about him but they made him more cute and I liked it when he was teasing Donald, as a Sora fangirl I am very happy Love

I know some people are upset because they didn't have any Disney boss this time but for the Pirate Caribbean world but I really enjoyed fighting all the heartless bosses, I thought each boss fight was creative. My favorite would have to be the wolf heartless boss from the Frozen world :)

I really liked that I could play as Riku for a little bit and I liked that you could play him a little bit longer and it wasn't really short like it was in Kingdom Hearts 3, I also liked that you could play as Aqua. I really liked Aqua's character and I was really surprised and happy that you could play as her in a boss fight.

I'm so happy all three of the main characters from the Birth By Sleep game were all ok, I was so worried one of them were going to die.

I also really liked that Monster's Ink world had an original story as well, I really liked Sora's monster forum I thought he was so cute. Donald and Goofy looked so funny looking lol 

I really liked that Master Yen Sid actually done something useful instead of just sitting on his ass doing nothing, I'm still pissed off at him for being such an asshole to Sora but at least he actually done something. 

I agree with you on a lot of what you said but for the Sora x Kairi moments, I don't ship them together and I never will. Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a big disappointment, I really thought she was going to be a better character this time but nope. She's still useless and boring in my opinion, she pretty much has done nothing even when she has a keyblade.

I find Aqua a much better female character than Kairi, even when Aqua has been trapped in that place for so long she was still a badass female character with fighting someone even when she didn't have a keyblade anymore and wanted to fight that bad guy on her own without Sora's help. I really don't understand the point of Kairi if she is still going to be so useless, I don't think the DLC content counts. I feel like they just did that to make people like Kairi well it didn't work for me, just because she had some moments in the DLC still doesn't make her a good character to me.

I think they are still going to make her a useless and boring character in Kingdom Hearts 4, I am not trying to be mean here but I really don't understand why some people think Sora and Kairi make a good or cute couple. Is it just because of there looks? Kairi hasn't really done much for Sora at all, I'm sorry I disagree with you I don't think Sora and Kairi make a good couple. I think Sora and Riku make a good couple even when I know it's never going to happen.  
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I agree that Aqua is a far better female character. I also agree that Sora is a very likeable character.

This is what I mean when I wish that Kairi had more of a conflict to challenge her character and have her overcome those flaws of being useless. Hell, they could have done this in Dream Drop Distance for crying out loud! They better not mess this up in Melody of Memory otherwise I would be done with her myself actually. Ok rant over. The one thing I will say is that at least she is not insufferable like Sakura Haruno from Naruto.

I have a soft spot for overly sweet couples. It has been established that Kairi and Sora were crushing on each other since KH1. In KH2, it could have been better I'll admit, but Sora did fantasize about dancing with her in Halloween town, and KH3 was just pure fanservice when it came to the pairing (probably to make up for the lack of Sokai moments in KH2.) So I do not think it is just for the image or there looks. There is something there, and I believe that Sora and Kairi genuinely care for each other.

Listen, I am not here to shame Soriku fans here. You can ship whatever you like, I ain't here to stop you. IMO I personally dislike the idea of Sora and Riku as a couple. I cannot stand the mentality that two guys that have been established as friends and only friends have to be together as a gay couple, like it is a reqirement. It makes zero sense to me and it feels invasive. I believe they have great chemistry as best friends and that is it. (Plus, what is wrong with Riku being single?) I do ship other gay couples in anime and video games, but this pairing just rubs me the wrong way. Do not get me started on the pointless toxic ship wars and the toxic yaoi fangirls that bash and shame others Eye Roll Cringing Patrick  
LunaStar7 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020
I actually thought Kairi was a good character in Kingdom Hearts 1, she had a pretty good personality to me and she actually did something useful by saving Sora and turned him back into himself.
She seemed like a strong female character in the first game even when she was kidnapped and then in Kingdom Hearts 2 her character went downhill and I feel like the creator doesn't know what to do with her anymore, I actually did ship Sora and Kairi together in the first game but not anymore since I didn't like how they've written her character in the other games.
I thought Kairi was going to be better in Kingdom Hearts 3 but nope she continues to be useless even when she has a keyblade and is part of the keyblade team, my comment makes me look like a Kairi hater lol I don't really hate her I just don't like that she's useless and hardly does anything for Sora and the others, if that new game still has Kairi a useless character then I just wish Aqua replaced Kairi as the main female character. I really don't understand if the creator is so good at Aqua but he's so bad with Kairi, it's like a different writer wrote Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 1.
If Kairi gets kidnapped again in the new game then I am going to be so annoyed but it wouldn't make sense when she's trying to save him but I just felt like she's going to be useless again and Riku might have to save him instead, I'm not getting the new game because I'm bad at those kind of games lol but I might look at game plays on YouTube when it's out. I hope he writes Kairi better in that new game if he doesn't then I wish he just written her out.
I like sweet couples too but only when both of the characters are written well and one of them isn't useless. I know you aren't but my comment seemed like I was bashing Sora x Kairi shippers lol Wasn't trying too. I am a big shipper so I like to ship a lot of characters together even when there only friends XD
I know! Ship wars are awful! I may ship Sora x Riku but I wouldn't get in a fight with a Sora x Kairi shipper, I know how it feels to get bashed at just for not liking a ship because I was bullied for not liking a same gender ship in a cartoon(Korra x Asami) I hate it when some people call you homophobic just because you don't like a same fictional gender couple, I'm not going to like a couple together if I don't like one of the characters.
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, that must suck. I haven't watched The Legend of Korra yet, but I heard it is good.

If Melody of Memory comes out on the PS4, I might give it a go. If not, I am gonna skip it too. I can relate, I struggled on the Fantasia level when playing Dream Drop Distance playing as Riku on the icy area to do the musical notes thing and it took me 10+ attempts to get it right x(

Edit: I loved Sora's pirate outfit too. :D He is pretty cute in general La la la la lowkey fangirling.

The only exceptions that I ship as a couple (despite them being friends) is Yu x Kanji from Persona 4 and Homura x Madoka from Madoka Magica, but that's it.

Awww. I didn't get the vibe that you are a Kairi hater, I have seen way worse  like fanart of fangirls wanting her dead. Yeah, I blame the writer more. I agree that she was great in KH1, but she was really dull in KH2 and KH3 didn't help either I will admit. The manga version of Kairi was more interesting. She saves herself in KH2 and isn't much of a damsel in distress.
niotabunny Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
some people just prefer violence, language, nudity... to be their more go to than paying attention to the story line, character interactions, etc.  I liked the kingdom hearts franchise, it was what got me into playing more crossover games.
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Ah cool. I haven't played much crossover games, but Kingdom Hearts is my introduction to it.
blackbook668 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
I was pretty unimpressed with the demo myself. Meg had pretty much stock lines from Hercules badly stringed together and Phil didn't speak at all making it pretty clear his voice actor wasn't on board. Then you have this whole thing of scenes from the film being played out... meh. I think even the original voice actors didn't really have it in them, like I found Hades a bit off.

Gameplay wise you have these big animations which ironically are rather underwhelming. It's like you press one button and the game does so much you feel less like you're some cool character and more that you're being shown a small video clip of a game. Traversal I find to be uninspired, especially the little wall run sections. It's good idea the map is built around, that doesn't make for a good map.

I think the worst bit was how the opening of the demo was exactly like the opening of the first game. Really? Nothing new?
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Phil's Japanese voice actor has passed away during the production of KH3, that is why he didn't have any lines.
blackbook668 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020
DeVito is still around to do the English version however.
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
True, but he is expensive to hire. Plus it is to pay respect for his passing. I wasconfused at first too, so you are not the only one.
Mintaka-TK Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
I haven't been able to play KH3 since Square is still refusing to port the game to the Switch right now, but I've read up on the story and seen the complaints. I do side with the people who feel that most of the story was squeezed into the final world, and the lack of Final Fantasy until the DLC. (Seriously, when will they finally make FF-based worlds? That would be interesting. I feel like they've gradually forgotten that KH was supposed to be a Disney/FF crossover series.)
StarsandSpiesProject Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I agree. It did feel really odd and insulting that at first that the FF characters were not in it at all, compared to the previous games until the DLC came out a year later. I will admit I was looking forward to a few Final Fantasy worlds myself. It would have made KH3 a lot more unique and maybe have more legs to stand on, gameplay and storywise.
ClumsySquid Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Woody dissing Young Xehanort, come on, that was awesome!"

I found it more hilarious that after attempting to "roast" Xehanort for knowing nothing about love and friendship, Woody bails away with a woman in Toy Story 4, hence completely unroasting Xehanort, who himself never really betrayed his only friend Eraqus and kept supporting him from the shadows up until the very end of the future.
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