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February 3, 2013


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Killing characters to make another more human

defense2 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Spoiler alert for halo 4... You have been warned.

So I discovered that in halo 4, cortana dies at the end and from all accounts the makers of the game (343) wanted to make the master chief more human.

Speaking as one who has served and how is watching veterans become shells, not more human.... This doesn't work.

Humans cannot be fixed by taking more from them... Namely those humans programmed from birth to be killing machines.

You can humanize them to a point, you might even allow them to discover something besides the next mission to fight for... But take that something away and they will do one of two things... Both involve death.

Either they will become suicidal or they become more of a shell... Less human. 

They will not start picking up philosophy, they will not pick up music or other cultural talents or skills.... Not unless they involve sharp blades and killing ones enemies.

I really wish video games, movies and other such media would stop killing their franchises with the notion that if you take everything away from someone... That last shred of humanity they have left... That they will magically grow angelic wings and be reborn into a more human killing machine.

It is total bullshit and ruins the game. Want master chief to become humanized? Should have found a way to marge their consciousnesses, have the forerunners reverse the digitalization process and make a human version of cortana... Or at the least fix the human errors in our AI tech.

Give master chief something to live for... Because to be human is to feel, to think... If he is to retain sanity... He must not think of the losses he has suffered, not feel for them... And that makes him a machine.

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Devious Comments

Cenaris Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Chief has something to live for: Killing stuff.
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