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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
151 Regulas314
Oct 11, 2016
does section 8 felt like Warhammer 40k universe? AerialVenue
51m 21s ago
2 AerialVenue
39m 30s ago
Favourite Starter Pokemon? ;u; Kattling
21h 38m ago
45 Hoppety
51m 25s ago
What is the difference between a game inspired by and a plagiarism? RhapzJPC
1d 17h ago
20 believeinya
1h 24m ago
Is there like a deviantart for gamedev? AstroMacGuffin
3d 9h ago
11 Big-K-2011
1h 25m ago
How often do you find yourself playing games? Fusernien
1w 1d ago
57 KozyNight
1h 40m ago
Gaming throwbacks you're currently indulging in. simplysherbert
3h 33m ago
7 simplysherbert
1h 51m ago
Megazone 23 The Blue Garland nemesislivezx
23h 43m ago
3 nemesislivezx
2h 40m ago
How do you think about Metro Exodus game removed from Steam? Rosella8155
7h 24m ago
2 TheCunningCondor
3h 56m ago
Great games with non-human protagonists TeamMeteor
Jan 12, 2019
56 Gentex
4h 30m ago
Worst video game levels? Citrus-Chickadee
3w 2d ago
93 Citrus-Chickadee
4h 34m ago
Top 10 Video Games of All Time shahuskies
14h 30m ago
10 Smithnikova
5h 17m ago
If they made a smash bros style fighter for indie games.... Mrgreen36
2d 17h ago
7 ZAMNPlayerD
5h 34m ago
What are your gaming first world problems? RainbowTashie
5d 10h ago
58 Blue18372
6h 20m ago
NES games with voice dialog! BuddyBoy600
7h 24m ago
0 N/A
Favorite Video Game Soundtrack/music? King-0f-Pirates
Jan 6, 2019
124 blackbook668
11h 57m ago
Most annoying game character(s)? planxtafroggie
Jan 17, 2019
88 NitroMan2002
13h 48m ago
KH3 SUCKED Pure-Evil-Roxas
2w 1d ago
34 NitroMan2002
14h 4m ago
What I want in one future pokemon game Championx91
2d 14h ago
6 ericgl1996
16h 38m ago
You are now in the world of the last game you played, are you happy? RainbowTashie
Nov 14, 2018
329 aImsivi
16h 40m ago
Thoughts regarding Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Gemstrike
5d 7h ago
9 Gemstrike
17h 50m ago
Unreleased consoles AlKend93
1d 6h ago
14 AlKend93
18h 33m ago
Scariest games you've played? AleVesper
2d 11h ago
49 AleVesper
19h 17m ago
Apex legends model glitch Hexostudio
1d 8m ago
0 N/A
Favorite video game series that was abandoned (unfairly)? RhapzJPC
2w 3d ago
100 Bubblegumteal
1d 1h ago
Apex legends model glitch Hexostudio
1d 1h ago
0 N/A
where is Zelda? BlackrockLegacies
1w 5d ago
11 Shadow-Dimension
1d 2h ago
My Very Unpopular Opinions fazbear1980
Nov 18, 2018
105 Redfoxbennaton
1d 2h ago
Tell me your favorite Overwatch Character alytart
Jan 17, 2019
82 alytart
1d 8h ago
I don't want to see Blizzard die.... Grimgor09
6d 11h ago
14 ZethHolyblade
1d 13h ago
What is your favorite video game hack/cheat? JCoolArts
Jan 16, 2019
55 L-Spiro
2d 2h ago
Describe your favourite pokemon in the worst way possible RainbowTashie
Nov 14, 2018
594 Jphyper
2d 3h ago
WWE 2k19 CAWs Yuri-Milkshake-TM
2w 1d ago
26 Big-K-2011
2d 7h ago
I would like to start a Final Fantasy's game, which one to choose ? Millymew
1w 5d ago
25 AleVesper
2d 10h ago
So why is pre-ordering a video game a bad business practice? omgwtfbbqplz
Jan 11, 2019
14 Ninja-Artist-Zero
2d 10h ago
Game addiction Lionoblake
3d 19h ago
2 SkyFire2008
2d 11h ago
Do you prefer playing solo or playing online? jasonlee3071
Jan 1, 2019
71 man-among-men
2d 12h ago
Dragon Star Varnir Character nemesislivezx
3d 18h ago
1 TeamMeteor
2d 14h ago
what are some video games that scared you as a kid Slinkgirl95
Jan 14, 2019
71 Obelis
2d 17h ago