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Batman RIP - comic review

TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
(Figured, Why the Hell not and wrote a review for the comic that was supposed to dovetail with the Final Crisis series and be a build up to the last great adventure of the Dark Knight)

Summary: While investigating a crime ring, Batman also begins dating a woman named Jezebel Jett, who winds up betraying him (and don't get on my ass about spoilers, for Christ sake, the woman's name is Jezebel). Blind sided by the Black Hand, he is stripped of his memories and left on the streets as a bum to die in obscurity. Unfortunately for them, things do not go as planned.

The Good: This is a rather symbolically rich story that does its best to tie together various, and let's admit it, nonsensical parts of Batman's greater lore. Like Batmite for example being a sort of spirit guide, and the term Zurenar (a foreshortening for 'Zorro in Arkham'), being a kind of safe word for Batman in case he ever completely lost his shit or suffered amnesia. It's not something I particularly agree with (in a world of Gods, Monsters, and actual goddamn magic, there are some thing that should be taken at face value and not over explained) but I can appreciate the concept and the fact that the writer put some actual thought into their explanation. I also liked seeing the more obscure villains and the idea that the Black Hand was not commanding just average-assed street thugs, but these C-Grade villains and elevating them to a more threatening position.

The Bad: A lot of these ideas really don't go anywhere, things just happen and then get resolved. I mean, he's a bum for a bit, then he's crazy, then he's Batman again and revealing that this was all (somehow) a part of his plan. It feels like this was written to be more of a long form narrative where Bruce falls and rises again, but, without the proper pacing it all comes across as rather choppy and disoriented. Even for all that I do like the motley crew of C-Listers, most of what I know about them, aside from their fairly interesting designs, came from authors notes in the trade paperback. Only two or three of them get any actual screen time in the story proper.

Final Thoughts: Not to sound too pretentious, but there's nothing about this story that really 'wowed' me. There's just nothing really special going on here. Like I said there is good symbolism and I like the idea of Batman dealing with a group of complete unknowns, but it's a concept that was executed better in Knightfall. Hell, there's even a scene in here, during the big fake-out where the villains think they've won, where the Joker actually tells them how worthless and pathetic they all are and that they are going to lose.

In the end, I feel let down by the story, it's neither grand enough to be a final act, nor intense enough to be pushing a character like Batman to his limits. Though it's not terrible, it is pretty underwhelming, and I know of several animated series episodes that are far more entertaining and consume much less of your time.

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I prefer Batman and Robin meeting Scooby Doo, and the Joker pursuing the Mystery Gang, dressed as a tree...
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