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READ BEFORE POSTING - Deviants Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Need HELP with DeviantArt? Read this! Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
What are you watching currently ? olq-plo
3h 5m ago
7 greedymax
33s ago
Scars JinxRemoval
22h 44m ago
99 Arc-Tangent
2m 21s ago
Describe other forumers and people will try to guess who they are LaReina-QuyaKoroleva
2d 17h ago
142 Arc-Tangent
3m 22s ago
A black hole thread SupremeBeam
6d 11h ago
57 Arc-Tangent
4m 28s ago
headcanon the forum goers Ahi-Mahii
1w 4d ago
175 Arc-Tangent
5m 18s ago
Your oldest online account PictureOnProgress
1d 15h ago
221 Rigiroony
6m 38s ago
Ask a personal question olq-plo
3h 8s ago
31 Trash-Artistowo
11m 1s ago
Skinny shaming vs fat shaming! suki42deathlake
10h 36m ago
19 princesskittehh
15m 28s ago
Swedish mans tries a peanutbutter & jelly sandwich for the first time isleepwithdeadpeople
2d 5m ago
85 Fat-Punisher
25m 33s ago
my nose... Trash-Artistowo
1h 14m ago
5 Trash-Artistowo
31m 10s ago
guess the number and win all of my points DeathByJazzhands
2d 20h ago
556 druid69
38m 54s ago
Fav a Friend SpiritWolf5136
1h 20m ago
7 Kawaiikat2002
39m 58s ago
Tag and describe your usual reaction with an emoticon olq-plo
4h 35m ago
11 Trash-Artistowo
44m 25s ago
how to achieve your body goal stockpremader
15h 23m ago
23 JinxRemoval
46m 37s ago
What gives you away when you play the alt game ? olq-plo
2h 47m ago
4 ThreeTimesOver
47m 33s ago
What if milk vanish from the world? Greatblueocean
2h 22m ago
22 greedymax
48m 10s ago
Anime Art Nerds Chat CocoaBlow1
2d 19h ago
93 ShiraYukiHyo
53m 4s ago
my top fav drawings so far Trash-Artistowo
19h 1m ago
22 Trash-Artistowo
54m 49s ago
Massive Fire at Notre Dame cathedral! piggies-go-moo
2d 21h ago
173 EerieDragon
1h 2m ago
when you realize you drew that real cute drawing.... Trash-Artistowo
2h 12m ago
8 Trash-Artistowo
1h 5m ago
Hold my milk for a sec will ya? MandarRules
2h 8m ago
17 m1st3ry
1h 7m ago
Are you ok with the fact your ass never leaves the chair for a whole day sometimes? Caggon
1d 3h ago
32 albatrash
1h 10m ago
Ask simple yes or no question, and people will give an overyly complicated answer Jeffreyteciller
17h 51m ago
50 Jeffreyteciller
1h 14m ago
Everyone is an alien to other planets olq-plo
1h 32m ago
5 Shadow-Ops
1h 23m ago
Wait, thatís illegal. ThreeTimesOver
23h 12m ago
33 BeckyKidus
1h 26m ago
Pick-up Lines Snyslon93
1w 2d ago
234 Snyslon93
1h 30m ago
what's your favourite dog breed? isleepwithdeadpeople
1d 37m ago
41 BeckyKidus
1h 35m ago
Tree daritha42
3d 1h ago
94 piggies-go-moo
1h 45m ago
Let's play, "Oh No, Why Is This Popular?" ThreeTimesOver
1d 14h ago
38 BeckyKidus
1h 45m ago
True or not? piggies-go-moo
1w 4d ago
408 piggies-go-moo
1h 50m ago
GOOD callouts Ahi-Mahii
1d 17h ago
50 piggies-go-moo
1h 51m ago
True Love is a remote Island, Everyone strives to get there, but nobody does. SeaDragon666
1d 6h ago
46 olq-plo
1h 55m ago
Post an unpopular opinion. Only post AGREE or DISAGREE under other's. NO ARGUING. stockpremader
Oct 10, 2017
14,880 KillerMakaChop
2h 40s ago
Some people think animals should obey human's morality Greatblueocean
1d 1h ago
76 Greatblueocean
2h 12m ago
everyone is giving me llama badges Trash-Artistowo
20h 30m ago
68 Trash-Artistowo
2h 14m ago
r u ppl banned from the chat hub? Trash-Artistowo
2h 40m ago
4 Trash-Artistowo
2h 15m ago
Fursuits on average cost about 5K, just as much if not more than Gucci products- ThreeTimesOver
15h 3m ago
9 The-Abyss-Watcher
2h 21m ago
Who is your guardian angel? daritha42
1d 23h ago
88 Rigiroony
2h 29m ago