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Looking for talented artist for children's book project

Disciple6060 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello, and thank you for your interest in my project. I name is Eric and I curently in the process of writing a short children's book consisting of several different short stories/poems. Due to a time constraints with my current schedule and wanting to focus mainly on the writing, I am looking for one or two talented artist who would be intrested in illustrating for me and working with me on this book project. I'm not looking to commission in white or paid for illustrations. This would be a partnership and those involved would share in any profits that might come from getting the book published Once it is finished. I will personally reach out as I already have somewhat and do my best to get the book picked up by a publishing company Once it is finished and up to our mutual standards.

If you are intrested Or would like to receive a couple of short snippets from what I have written so far please message me and I will do my best to get that to you. I of course would like to communicate with you and see some of your work so as to see if your style will sit with what I have in mind. That being said I am open minded and very accepting of your ideas and the direction of your art based upon how you perceive my words.

I've been through multiple libraries you simply looking at children's books of all a train gers and I feel confident that with the right person(s) That we can put together something original and truly make something of it. I think this is a great opportunity for someone willing to put forth the effort with me. Thank you again for your consideration and I hope to hear from all of you talented artist

I have not yet decided upon a title but 'Strange world' or something similar is what I'm thinking, seeing as how The theme of my words leans towards the strange and fantastical 🤪

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My works !
Note me for the prices ! :D
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Hi, I'm very interested :)
I don't know the history of your book, but as it's for children, I think the style should be a little playful and not too detailed, with soft lines and pastel colors.
I can draw the different styles, from semi realistic to manga to cartoon, so if you have a style in mind I can try to reproduce it.
I also made posters and prints on megliette and I can also do animations.
Please if you are interested send me a private message, thank you!
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