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LF help drawing a multi lined stat circle

Yukimori-Cherokee Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2020  Student Writer
I need it for a fanfiction work involving both Naruto and SAO.

the type I am referring to is those in Bleach and usually have up to 100 but I want to have up to 500 in 20 increments. They can be of any size but these will be Naruto's starting stats...


Academy Student


Agility: 27

Hand Seals: 21

Intelligence: 19

Speed: 34

Stamina: 189

Chakra Core: 189

Strength: 26

Chakra Control: 13



Ninjutsu: 15

Taijutsu: 12

Genjutsu: 10

Weapon 1 (Staff): 10

Weapon 2 (Longbow): 10

Weapon 3 (General): 10

Parry: 10

_Crafting: Weapon/Armor_

Basic Armor Crafting 1 (Bamboo Armor): 10

Basic Armor Crafting 2 (Fuinjutsu Armor Enhancement): 10

Basic Weapon Crafting 1 (Bow and Arrows): 10

Basic Weapon Crafting 2 (Staff): 10

Sewing: 41

_Crafting: Supplies/Food_

Cooking: 67

Fishing: 78

Foraging: 81

Gardening: 131

Hunting: 54

Medicine Making: 18

If you can do this I will appreciate it. And if it makes it easier on you just label the lines with numbers and use a number reference starting from the top of the stats to the bottom of the skills, I am also asking for maybe four or five free slots, or two sets of circles or more. I definitely need one circle for stats, and another for weapons/fighting based skills. The last could be the rest of the skills, but the last two circles should have 4 free slots or so. Alternatively do you know of any youtube videos that show how to make the stat circles?


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Yukimori-Cherokee Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2020  Student Writer
I feel silly, the ones that the person I got the idea from are like the Bleach anime stat circles. Though I admit that this is also interesting. Do you mind if I go ahead and use the image?
Tangiwai Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Np. I tried to find the Bleach stats, but couldn't get a pictorial example. That's why I thought about just creating a base shape with the appropriate spaces in Inkscape for whatever stats. To be honest the images are just mock up examples. It'd probably be better if you made your own ones, that you could customise as you wanted. The circles tend to be a bit weird, with the formatting. I was trying out some other shapes, like squares with rounded edges, with smaller ones inside and the appropriate text boxes. But Inkscape does weird thing with textboxes.
They're easy enough to make, but feel free to take the examples from my stash if you want to use them. I don't mind if you edit them but they are PNG files, being raster images. So I don't know how easy or how hard that will be.
I will be deleting the circles from my Stash eventually, probably within the next couple of days. So I'd suggest downloading them before then.
Tangiwai Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I have since removed the circles from my Stash.
Tangiwai Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I had to think about this one.  I wasn't actually sure what you were after at all, even with the stats thing until I googled around a bit.  I have played the Naruto games on console, so I'm somewhat familiar with this stat circle thing.  Although it'd probably be easier doing them as a vector in Inkscape than drawing them in a picture.  You'll have a hell of a time trying to edit a raster image that's well unchangeable unless you had access to the original file plus any layers.  I doubt an artist will supply you with that themselves.

I'd suggest messing around in Inkscape with the circles, then adding text boxes.  Unless you can work with something like Corel Draw, or one of the freeware apps like Krita that might have better shape dynamics.   I don't know if anyone will do a raster image of said circles for you as an original drawing, since you want to be able to edit it freely.  That's probably something like a base pack not a pic for a request.

If not as an image file the only other way to do it is probably as a text block. I've seen something like that in the text-based game walkthroughs for the pS2.  That you'd be able to edit freely.  It won't be as aesthetically pleasing as a vector image though. 
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