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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Btw, the greens have a great presidential candidate, too ... believeinya
51s ago
-1 N/A
So it turns out Hunter Biden laptop thingy is real 88HH
58m 14s ago
0 N/A
Who are these people and what are they doing with the ballots? 88HH
51m 17s ago
1 88HH
31m 35s ago
Should drawing pictures and cartoons of Prophet Mohhamed and showing those pictures be illegal? 88HH
3d 16h ago
81 0iorn0
42m ago
"USA worst country in the world to raise family" says study plantatreeforme
Jul 29, 2020
119 88HH
49m 42s ago
"If you don't think like me, you should die" 88HH
16h 41m ago
60 88HH
1h 12m ago
Who are yall voting? NightfallFazbear
3d 12h ago
144 Feedingtru
1h 48m ago
So why is China innocent? MobileSuitSonic
2d 12h ago
49 SuperHurricane
2h 58m ago
Did Y’all See Kanye’s First Political Ad? KaylaWatkins
3d 2h ago
86 KaylaWatkins
3h 16m ago
Blocked by the DA left brigade... paramount99
1w 31m ago
369 paramount99
4h 20m ago
Satan worshipping Democrats?? Fat-Punisher
4d 10h ago
125 Smithnikovat
5h 35m ago
Question for the capitalists here. Fat-Punisher
1w 3d ago
130 GameTrek
7h 14m ago
I have a question for those frequenting the political fourm. 0iorn0
2w 3h ago
85 AgnosticDragon
8h 27m ago
Ilhan Omar, Miftah and antisemitim Chinesegal
5d 10h ago
47 vonRibbeck
11h 32m ago
200 years of nonpartisanship broken by the current American regime squirrels-are-evil
1w 4d ago
49 Triagonal
11h 35m ago
Biden support kills a Trump supporter 88HH
1w 3d ago
139 StephenL
12h 12m ago
Should FICTIONAL crimes be illegal? PreggoSteggo
Sep 20, 2020
182 BlackStarGoat
13h 10m ago
Yeesh who writes such stupid articles anyway believeinya
2w 2d ago
86 WoodrowWoodThough
13h 42m ago
Do you think celebrities and actors should stop talking about politics? 88HH
2d 22h ago
83 CatafalqueCat
14h 59m ago
Did anyone else find trump catching covid-19 funny? 0iorn0
1w 1d ago
101 0iorn0
15h 8m ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,862 DumbledoreAskedCalm
18h 26m ago
If you still think Kyle Rittenhouse is some kind of far-right terrorist you gotta read this now. bcrbuio3tvrbvt
3w 4d ago
610 DumbledoreAskedCalm
18h 31m ago
BLM activist plies car into Trump Supporters. DumbledoreAskedCalm
3w 3d ago
100 FuhrerAdolfHitler
22h 58m ago
Democrats are damaging themselves over the "court-packing" issue WoodrowWoodThough
1w 3d ago
242 da1withdalongestname
1d 5h ago
For those who still support the president of the US... Enlightened-Titan
1w 1d ago
125 squirrels-are-evil
1d 6h ago
Is banning TikTok or any Chinese based company justified? Zuoki
Jul 8, 2020
259 HerbalDrink
1d 7h ago
Your thoughts on mask wearing? BeautifulRainofAutum
2w 1d ago
115 tangled-in-strings
1d 11h ago
French teacher decapitated by the religion of peace DumbledoreAskedCalm
3d 21h ago
61 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 56m ago
Reuters: Kim Jong Un is crying! He’s sorry! DumbledoreAskedCalm
1w 20h ago
38 extraterrestrialarts
2d 4h ago
Environmental problems in Russia. Kamchatka. ElenRob
2d 7h ago
1 phoenixleo
2d 5h ago
I'm so proud of New Zealanders right now! NICE! Congratualations! :D 88HH
2d 20h ago
10 MobileSuitSonic
2d 12h ago
Trump is too nice. There. I said it. MobileSuitSonic
5d 10h ago
50 MobileSuitSonic
2d 13h ago
So you think your country has abolished slavery? AbCat
1w 4d ago
127 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 18h ago
World Population Growth and the Future. StephenL
3w 3d ago
35 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 20h ago
Someone's crazy uncle Riveda1972
3d 17h ago
21 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 20h ago
Ending the war with drugs by following the example of the pigeon GameTrek
3w 5d ago
23 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 21h ago
Here's the real solution to the problem of police accidentally killing blacks. StephenL
5d 13h ago
53 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 21h ago
Why don't they change their ways? Triagonal
5d 9h ago
5 DumbledoreAskedCalm
2d 21h ago