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Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
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Making a new law to remember Floyd KuangYu-Cheng
1d 7h ago
41 Novuso
5m 29s ago
Protesting, done right. RobStrand
2d 13h ago
99 AgoraphobicHobo
13m 27s ago
Mitch McConnell actually admits he was wrong about a plan for the pandemic response squirrels-are-evil
10h 59m ago
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21m 38s ago
Whom do you consider the greater leader, Winston Churchill or Donald Trump? shoujogirlz
9h 6m ago
15 shoujogirlz
58m 28s ago
Police Definitely Lying About Looting, What Else? OuroborosCobra
1d 17h ago
71 Meliran
1h 6m ago
Antifa have finally been called what we always knew they were bcrbuio3tvrbvt
5d 16h ago
671 imsanegamer1
2h 48m ago
American generals traitors to america. imsanegamer1
21h 31m ago
24 imsanegamer1
3h 7m ago
Cops should just track the protesters and murder them in their own homes Corona-virus1
13h 41m ago
20 HenryLung95
3h 22m ago
Trump teargases peaceful protesters for a photo op Meliran
3d 19h ago
357 paramount99
3h 47m ago
Trump Can Not Breath! ChaosBloodComics
1d 13h ago
99 vonRibbeck
3h 48m ago
Your town is burning and who will defend you? Saffireprowler
5d 13h ago
254 BronzeHeart92
5h 36m ago
Act like animals, get treated like animals. HenryLung95
3d 4h ago
32 brianbm100000
6h 55m ago
Political quotes that aged surprisingly well CyberRobotnix
4d 19h ago
25 EnryoAlpha
7h 29m ago
Should civilised nations impose sanctions on America until it can stop killing Black people? AbCat
1w 1d ago
323 Ferres
7h 32m ago
Thoughts on non-romantic parenthood? narkissa03
11h 6m ago
2 EnryoAlpha
7h 53m ago
Shouting into the Institutional Void- The Atlantic hooded-wanderer
15h 49m ago
6 saintartaud
9h 1m ago
The left wants to defund the police and get rid of it, because police are racist. SeaDragon666
1d 7h ago
33 phoenixleo
9h 1m ago
Why is DeviantArt so full of racists? AngelicSavant
4d 3h ago
195 ReptillianSP2011
10h 10m ago
Is the Globalist Progressive/Liberal "Utopia" Inevitable? Mistgod
5d 21h ago
222 Jakeukalane
12h 6m ago
Is China fighting a proxy war in the US through the George Floyd Protests? Zuoki
2d 2h ago
43 ReptillianSP2011
14h 46s ago
You know, the logic of Anti-vaxxers doesn't hold up BronzeHeart92
Apr 25, 2020
740 EnryoAlpha
18h 8m ago
Gun safety AgoraphobicHobo
2d 23h ago
41 KuangYu-Cheng
18h 15m ago
Protests erupts in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd Redgra
1w 17h ago
118 Smithnikova
18h 39m ago
Scientific question: How do you burn down a cell tower? eclips1s
2w 6d ago
383 EnryoAlpha
19h 30m ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,694 paramount99
20h 41m ago
Is violence ever justifiable if it is not in self defence ? eViL-nErD
3d 19h ago
74 kilkegard
20h 44m ago
How to publish emoticon on DA Eclipse? DigiDrawsSomething
1d 1h ago
1 EchoDino
1d 2m ago
Do You Think #blackouttuesday Was Effective? KistuneKun314
2d 21h ago
17 DrifterJellybean
1d 6h ago
Hydroxychloroquine and Trump Meliran
2w 3d ago
208 Draggah-N
1d 7h ago
Where is the old emoticons? DigiDrawsSomething
1d 22h ago
7 phoenixleo
1d 10h ago
White Canadian police officers murder innocent Black woman. SeaDragon666
6d 2h ago
51 WoodrowWoodThough
1d 10h ago
Man Brutally Injured At Riot WinenRoses
4d 20h ago
80 WoodrowWoodThough
1d 11h ago
2d 15h ago
14 niotabunny
1d 13h ago
Don't Compare Minneapolis Protest to The Hong Kong Riot. Zuoki
2d 2h ago
8 niotabunny
1d 14h ago
Store owner reported counterfeit money led to death of George Floyd get charged for lying? GameTrek
3d 10h ago
11 GameTrek
1d 14h ago
Should the Corona Virus (COVID-19) be renamed to ''China Virus''? Zuoki
1m 19h ago
348 OuroborosCobra
1d 17h ago
PSA: How to legally decline a vaccine eclips1s
Apr 22, 2020
897 eclips1s
1d 18h ago
Corona Virus Outbreak Zuoki
Jan 29, 2020
147 paramount99
1d 20h ago