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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
If you Americans would need guns to protect against government tyranny... BronzeHeart92
3h 1m ago
11 Ferres
13m 26s ago
Will People's Republic of China collapse at some point? BronzeHeart92
1w 2d ago
67 BronzeHeart92
20m 36s ago
Are new generations smarter ... or dumber ? MisterPain
Apr 6, 2019
197 TimeHasAnEnd
25m 27s ago
VICE News Reporters Allegedly Broke Into Home of 8Chan Owner. Graymagnum
4d 18h ago
87 AgoraphobicHobo
25m 52s ago
So, I am a pro-life right-wing Democrat and I don't think republicans are really pro-life. DGCinfoKitty
12h 37m ago
20 TimeHasAnEnd
28m 9s ago
Do you support gay marriage? Rainbowfusion86
2d 14h ago
63 TimeHasAnEnd
34m 7s ago
Trump gives Barr authority to declassify anything in campaign “spying” probe. piggies-go-moo
3h 44m ago
1 TimeHasAnEnd
38m 12s ago
UK: May ends in May believeinya
19h 29s ago
24 TimeHasAnEnd
49m 8s ago
Where do you get your news from? SocieteModerne
6d 7h ago
83 hooded-wanderer
52m 12s ago
Trump doing something right?! Jphyper
2w 6d ago
25 TimeHasAnEnd
54m 59s ago
what are your 5 favorite and least favorite countries otakuking69
1d 5h ago
47 gajus-tempus
1h 12m ago
Solutions to Climate Change zoppadoppa
1w 5d ago
107 TimeHasAnEnd
1h 17m ago
Classical Fascism DGCinfoKitty
20h 35m ago
32 Raskolnikow110
1h 19m ago
reason why i own firearms DarkCoreDarkness84
7h 14m ago
46 DarkCoreDarkness84
2h 4m ago
More Gun LittleTeflon
1d 5h ago
52 BronzeHeart92
2h 21m ago
Right wing snowflakes triggered by milkshakes zoppadoppa
5d 13h ago
106 DaintyDinah
2h 35m ago
Italy has highest average IQ of Europe LittleTeflon
3d 18h ago
9 SleinadFlar
2h 57m ago
I'm anti-gun and pacifist, AMA BronzeHeart92
5d 17h ago
197 BronzeHeart92
3h 13m ago
Does America have the military strength for a war with Iran? cactuscowboy
1w 18h ago
111 cactuscowboy
3h 42m ago
PSA: Stop falling for Alt-Right Propaganda BlueW
1w 6d ago
215 Jeffreyteciller
4h 39m ago
Federal judge blocks Trump from using Defense funds for parts of border wall. piggies-go-moo
6h 15m ago
7 piggies-go-moo
5h 52m ago
How do people fall for SJW/feminist propaganda? Cestarian
5d 9h ago
28 Redfoxbennaton
7h 51m ago
Big pharma in US conspired to inflate medication prices by up to 1000% BlueW
1w 5d ago
55 BlueW
8h 28m ago
Highland Park Shooting-- Breaking Story The--Y-E-S--Man
2w 3d ago
475 squirrels-are-evil
11h 50m ago
Nazis are a protected minority in spain now believeinya
2d 1h ago
28 ArmorFelix2012
12h 20m ago
Is the Alt-right on DeviantArt just the Alt-right but handicapped? SocieteModerne
1w 2d ago
160 SocieteModerne
12h 22m ago
Is EU headed towards a tyranny? BronzeHeart92
2w 1d ago
230 61021376
15h 3m ago
Iceland has fallen LittleTeflon
5d 6h ago
40 LittleTeflon
20h 20m ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,217 Dr-XIII
22h 28m ago
Why is the UK the UK, anyway ? believeinya
3d 21h ago
22 believeinya
1d 39m ago
Republican congressman says Trump should be impeached. piggies-go-moo
6d 4h ago
85 Novuso
1d 44m ago
|Q/微diploma899/萨里大学毕业证成绩&#2133 Cuovercro
1d 5h ago
12 phoenixleo
1d 3h ago
I'm not going to have time to go play golf, believe me jonniedee
2d 13h ago
36 piggies-go-moo
1d 8h ago
As a mainland Chinese guy I can tell you about the difference between capitalism and communism. Caggon
1d 16h ago
36 TabbyPurrfume
1d 8h ago
Tackle white supremacy as terrorism, experts say. piggies-go-moo
1w 3d ago
223 WoodrowWoodThough
2d 2h ago
Groyper hate symbol? LittleTeflon
2d 3h ago
6 LittleTeflon
2d 3h ago
Banning abortion after heartbeat is detected. TheMediaIsEvil
1w 2d ago
409 QueenCold
2d 3h ago
Should i leave my country in future? (Turkey) EchoDino
1w 18h ago
45 LittleTeflon
2d 3h ago
No step on snek!🐍 TheLearningChannel5
3d 11h ago
1 phoenixleo
3d 2h ago