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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Did the right and left joined forces to fight globalism in France? SeaDragon666
1d 20h ago
92 SaintPoe
17s ago
Did Theresa May deliberately sabotage her own Brexit negotiations? Larry952
22h 35m ago
14 Washusama
1h 55m ago
How should China 🇨🇳 punish Canada 🇨🇦 for arresting Huawei executive? SeaDragon666
2d 4h ago
38 Ferres
2h 14m ago
Pro life vs pro choice Rhapsodna
3w 16h ago
276 SugarMarshmallow
2h 42m ago
Michigan/Wisconsin pass bills stripping newly elected Democrats of power. piggies-go-moo
9h 14m ago
3 vonRibbeck
2h 46m ago
Is this a controversial opinion? SomeStrangeMan
1w 6d ago
134 vonRibbeck
2h 54m ago
Social rating system 61021356
20h 49m ago
42 61021356
3h 23m ago
How to face journalists trying to stick their noses where they don't belong. Zarvona
6d 17h ago
313 BronzeHeart92
3h 26m ago
How ya doing nigga 61021356
4d 11h ago
86 kitsumekat
3h 48m ago
History contortions in the Middle East WoodrowWoodThough
2d 19h ago
64 BlueW
6h 24m ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,033 kitsune102
7h 38m ago
Antifa harassing Tucker Carlson at his home WoodrowWoodThough
Nov 7, 2018
354 Cosmic--Chaos
7h 58m ago
Russian spy Butina will plead guilty over effort to infiltrate NRA. piggies-go-moo
9h 32m ago
3 piggies-go-moo
7h 59m ago
Ben shapiro SurrealAlchemy
2w 4d ago
176 SurrealAlchemy
9h 48m ago
63% of non-citizens in the U.S..are on welfare WoodrowWoodThough
6d 11h ago
176 LiberalSanityProject
11h 24m ago
Who was the greatest US President, excluding a few? Big--Smoke
5d 15h ago
28 SaintPoe
12h 9m ago
Deadline of saving Net Neutrality! GWKTM
1w 4d ago
36 HerbalDrink
12h 16m ago
"Me Too" era gets Christmas song banned. piggies-go-moo
1w 3d ago
123 DrifterJellybean
14h 51m ago
Al Jazeera infiltrates Generation Identity Vurmaq
21h 17m ago
1 Koshej
16h 43m ago
Broadcast number 3. Exposing the agenda RLawliet-L
1w 1d ago
3 EloaDfoDekaron
18h 5m ago
Tumblr killed itself. And they are HARD censoring Art as we speak extraterrestrialarts
1w 11h ago
95 BronzeHeart92
19h 1m ago
Lock her up! piggies-go-moo
3w 8h ago
119 seeyounexttues
23h 30m ago
Art Talent Potential EloaDfoDekaron
1d 51m ago
1 phoenixleo
1d 38m ago
Butterfly sanctuary to be plowed over for Trump's border wall. piggies-go-moo
3d 10h ago
87 MechaKraken
1d 3h ago
New Report: Harmful, unfounded myths about migration. piggies-go-moo
4d 13h ago
61 MadrePappagallo
1d 8h ago
Should the US go to war against Gun Owners? Xerxes61
3w 14h ago
510 Xerxes61
1d 14h ago
The UN Global Migration Pact bcrbuio3tvrbvt
1w 1d ago
112 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
1d 18h ago
Prosecutors: Michael Cohen acted at Trump's direction. piggies-go-moo
3d 6h ago
12 piggies-go-moo
1d 19h ago
Trump's Fixer pleads guilty to misleading Congress about Russia. piggies-go-moo
1w 4d ago
86 Ragerancher
1d 20h ago
The childrens' climate manifestation in Australia NineFireStar
1w 3d ago
41 NineFireStar
1d 21h ago
Laura Loomer handcuffs herself to door of Twitter HQ Bubsby
1w 2d ago
124 Poncho-Official
1d 22h ago
What would you replace welfare with ? SpaghettiBar
2w 4d ago
44 Washusama
2d 51m ago
USA fires tear gas at migrant children in the Mexico/USA SeaDragon666
2w 1d ago
307 Reedbiscuit
2d 5h ago
Trump threatens to cut all GM subsidies. piggies-go-moo
1w 6d ago
94 DrifterJellybean
2d 9h ago
why is there a political forum on deviantart smellnan
3w 2d ago
63 So-Sorree
2d 12h ago
Thinking about becoming socialist JJWsmith
2w 6d ago
85 So-Sorree
2d 12h ago
Racism is good MisterPeanutMan
4d 12h ago
15 So-Sorree
2d 12h ago
Russia captures Ukrainian ships and blames Ukraine Ragerancher
1w 2d ago
74 Ragerancher
2d 22h ago
Dangers of 100% effective law enforcement Artman40
5d 12h ago
3d 6h ago