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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Dear far-leftists... Bleedbaby345
1w 6d ago
692 Spaghettihands69
44s ago
George Floyd arrest video full rwds88
4d 10h ago
136 eclips1s
7m 59s ago
What if Kanye West ran for President? GameTrek
1m 1h ago
15 DumbledoreAskedCalm
26m 52s ago
Fake Liberals WoodrowWoodThough
1w 2d ago
418 WoodrowWoodThough
33m 14s ago
I have no words rwds88
1d 8h ago
42 DumbledoreAskedCalm
45m 34s ago
"Hitler was right about the jews" flag on Arizona bridge plantatreeforme
2d 1h ago
80 eViL-nErD
1h 27s ago
Black Woman Slams Black Lives Matter for Supporting Abortion Pencilartguy
2d 17h ago
36 wolfworths15menkey
1h 21m ago
So, where do you draw the line? eclips1s
4d 15h ago
176 DumbledoreAskedCalm
1h 39m ago
Who is the most dangerous person in 2020 ? believeinya
21h 30m ago
41 koikonhea
1h 52m ago
herman cain died of corona virus w-puppy
1w 1d ago
91 eViL-nErD
2h 36m ago
The ridiculous horsehoe theory Raskolnikow110
3d 12h ago
65 fessor2000
2h 39m ago
Why do people debate with bigots instead of reporting them? 0iorn0
1w 4d ago
91 ClownHole
4h 46m ago
Do you believe that humans have caused climate change? Blacitte
Jun 17, 2020
274 Schwarzer--Ritter
5h 56m ago
Germans are happy that US troups leave believeinya
3d 5h ago
25 vonRibbeck
6h 16m ago
This Actually Exists UNITEDxREBELS
3d 22h ago
62 EchoDino
8h 6m ago
"USA worst country in the world to raise family" says study plantatreeforme
1w 3d ago
65 Raskolnikow110
8h 37m ago
His Name Was Garett Foster UNITEDxREBELS
1w 1d ago
10h 36m ago
Dear Far-rightists AbCat
1w 5d ago
80 Tagea-Drigen
11h 55m ago
This guy's gotta be kidding! AlKend93
23h 32m ago
36 aqdrobert
15h 58m ago
2-D Lives Don't Matter UNITEDxREBELS
5d 7h ago
18h 30m ago
IMF austerity for Libanon believeinya
1d 8h ago
2 niotabunny
19h 28m ago
Trump will win in 2020. Thoughts? AzureAceStarburst
Jun 18, 2020
366 ashuzoozoo
20h 15m ago
The probably funniest news in 2020 believeinya
1m 9h ago
46 EnryoAlpha
22h 3m ago
Shadowbanning exposed on Twitter WoodrowWoodThough
3w 2d ago
390 WoodrowWoodThough
23h 19m ago
600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested CyberRobotnix
6d 23h ago
56 Phil-N-DeBlanc
1d 1h ago
Do you think the US were the one who attacked the Lebanon? ZengHuan-The-Artist
2d 22h ago
41 dopename
1d 3h ago
Specific Examples of how Biden would be as bad as Trump LizzyChrome
1w 1d ago
58 LizzyChrome
1d 3h ago
Abolishing the police is the worst idea since Jim Crow for Minnaepolis Bleedbaby345
Jun 7, 2020
673 Bleedbaby345
1d 16h ago
So can the right stop pretending now? Saeter
3w 14h ago
608 Saeter
1d 17h ago
Missouri's Gun Couple Meliran
2w 36m ago
243 Saffireprowler
1d 17h ago
Why do Americans look down upon smart people and nerds, while the rest of the world favour them? CarrotsAndCucumbers
1w 5d ago
154 Saeter
1d 19h ago
BLM supporter kneels on baby BeautifulRainofAutum
2w 2d ago
218 paramount99
2d 2h ago
This thread is brought to you by... Koshej
2d 4h ago
0 N/A
Is there even going to be an election in 2020? AbCat
2w 6d ago
143 SoftStatic
2d 4h ago
Trump about to ban Tik-Tok? Smithnikovat
1w 11h ago
19 0iorn0
2d 10h ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,777 Dr-XIII
2d 11h ago
Politicial Alien Transmission SpaghettiBar
2d 17h ago
7 phoenixleo
2d 13h ago
Why can't we treat everyone like human beings already? BronzeHeart92
Jul 3, 2020
297 Fat-Punisher
2d 16h ago