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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Capitalism lifts millions out of poverty, Communism kills millions and inevitably fails. Discuss! SilverStarApple
1d 9h ago
104 SilverStarApple
3m 29s ago
Maga hat wearing kids from a Christian School taunt a Native American Elder. extraterrestrialarts
Jan 19, 2019
778 blackbook668
15m 13s ago
"MUH RIGHT-WING!" "MUH LEFT-WING!" (How about we just focus on the ideas?) ZacharyTC
5d 8h ago
130 blackbook668
30m 17s ago sczelv
53m 30s ago
0 N/A
feminism isnt needed in the western world zippenips
8h 27m ago
11 gajus-tempus
1h 20m ago
Uber driver kit mozde2
1h 24m ago
0 N/A
Trump Declares Border "National Emergency". piggies-go-moo
3d 15h ago
467 Big-K-2011
1h 25m ago
My Body My Choice? HarryHTB
2w 4d ago
350 Aramach
1h 35m ago
Leftist nutjob killed a dog because his owner is a Trump supporter Unpocodegracia
6d 6h ago
213 Emeowrald
2h 38m ago
the drama of climate change Larry952
6d 13h ago
59 kaikaku
4h 16m ago
Judge voids Paul Manafort plea deal due to Manafort's lying. piggies-go-moo
5d 8h ago
34 simplysherbert
4h 41m ago
Kamala Harris listened to music that didn't exist yet batrachomancy
4d 4h ago
91 batrachomancy
5h 25s ago
"Obama did it too" is a bad excuse. kyrtuck
16h 24m ago
34 squirrels-are-evil
6h 6m ago
As it turns out, ther was no Trump-Russia collusion afterall bcrbuio3tvrbvt
4d 3h ago
120 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
6h 8m ago
Evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated his own attack. piggies-go-moo
2d 9h ago
57 Agent-Sarah
7h 43m ago
most landlords aren't monsters SaintPoe
6d 21h ago
32 Draggah-N
9h 39m ago
Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies? Greatest-I-am
2w 1d ago
28 Draggah-N
10h 8m ago
Dark lies about brexit and Project Phobia bcrbuio3tvrbvt
Dec 30, 2018
219 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
10h 36m ago
Covington and the lies about the MAGA kids bcrbuio3tvrbvt
3w 3d ago
127 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
10h 52m ago
Muslims douse gay Londoners with acid 61021356
3w 5d ago
128 Zarvona
12h 54s ago
how would you respond to someone wearing a bright red MAGA hat in public? Larry952
4d 16h ago
220 OnlyTheGhosts
12h 41m ago
Name One Thing Government Does Better Than Private Enterprise Larry952
4d 18h ago
99 4-X-S
13h 50m ago
Yellow vests and government brutality 61021356
4d 21h ago
94 Hoppety
15h 11m ago
Any (good) news about Article 13? GWKTM
Dec 22, 2018
52 marius1985
18h 13m ago
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21h 16m ago
Trump would destroy a church in the way of his dumb wall. extraterrestrialarts
Jan 11, 2019
567 batrachomancy
22h 42m ago
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23h 53m ago
1 phoenixleo
23h 23m ago
Kamala Harris update:. She bought a jacket batrachomancy
1d 14h ago
14 Prolapseteriat
23h 50m ago
what is wrong with becoming the predator? SaintPoe
1d 11h ago
14 SaintPoe
1d 59m ago stcxwl
1d 4h ago
1 phoenixleo
1d 2h ago
1w 3d ago
147 Draggah-N
1d 2h ago
Identity Politics is Destroying Societies WoodrowWoodThough
2w 1d ago
218 marius1985
1d 3h ago
World Peace Zuoki
Sep 3, 2017
1,092 Misko-2083
1d 5h ago
Unwilling to Work? Alexandria Red Cortez, wants to give you financial security and a livable wage. SeaDragon666
5d 13h ago
36 Aramach
1d 7h ago
attention snowflakes SaintPoe
2w 1d ago
119 SaintPoe
1d 13h ago
Aurora IL shooter getting called white when he wasn't Jasesaster
2d 12h ago
18 piggies-go-moo
1d 17h ago
Paris looks like a war zone, Protesters are attacking police... one step closer to civil war!!! SeaDragon666
1w 2d ago
55 Zarvona
1d 22h ago