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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
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Okay on Atheism... AspiePieStamps
3d 11h ago
14 Hai-Etlik
2h 47m ago
Why do they insist that Atheism must be a religion? MaskedDeviantReturns
Sep 1, 2020
346 KaylaWatkins
3h 19m ago
So "we should allow even the ones we hate the most for their views freedom of speech" is no longer-- DGCinfoKitty
3d 11h ago
51 Smkiller
4h 20m ago
Why is there such a stigma around Atheism? 0iorn0
1w 5d ago
128 NightMongoose
7h 21m ago
Jesus And The Cult Of Work: Rosie-Love98
1d 16h ago
19 Smithnikovat
16h 4m ago
For non God believers like me, is Faith totally useless? 🐗 BigBoarPH
1w 1d ago
27 Xianghua
16h 23m ago
Is there really such a thing as Sin? milkchimes
2d 3h ago
9 niotabunny
1d 12h ago
Made in Godís image. Yuk. Not me thanks. Greatest-I-am
Jul 22, 2020
121 Greatest-I-am
1d 13h ago
Why is Jesus in third place when he deserves first? Greatest-I-am
1m 10h ago
40 Greatest-I-am
1d 13h ago
Oh for F*'s sake ! believeinya
1d 15h ago
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Atheist or Agnostic jumpy-spider
3w 4d ago
97 vonRibbeck
1d 15h ago
Should this type of rhetoric be allowed in modern civilized states??? T.W. Lots of Sexism AspiePieStamps
1w 4d ago
19 DGCinfoKitty
2d 11h ago
If you were god? PinkAndScary
Sep 17, 2020
121 jayceeknight
2d 16h ago
So when exactly will God change his mind about Gays? DGCinfoKitty
3w 5d ago
80 MobileSuitSonic
2d 21h ago
If the Earth really was flat.... Mike-the-dabbler
1w 2d ago
25 GrendalUnleashed
3d 2h ago
Can priests and parents feel guilt for guilt-tripping others? stevemacqwark
3d 15h ago
4 AspiePieStamps
3d 11h ago
Prayer Triagonal
1w 2d ago
7 TheOtherEliArts2001
3d 14h ago
If Earth became a part of an interplanetary organization, these would be the 3 tenets... BronzeHeart92
3w 12m ago
57 MorellAgrysis
5d 16h ago
What are your thoughts on modern prophets? MaskedDeviantReturns
2w 1d ago
27 DoctorV23
5d 17h ago
If robots became sentient, do you think they would have souls? TheSwitchify
2w 6d ago
82 jayceeknight
6d 22h ago