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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
What Is Your Best Argument FOR a god? jayceeknight
3w 1d ago
659 Aramach
39m 39s ago
When the retard hits you SaintPoe
6d 16h ago
54 BeautifulRainofAutum
55m 28s ago
Evolution of food. Koshej
2w 7h ago
137 lyndentr33
1h 58m ago
Evolution: Facts and projections. Koshej
Dec 25, 2018
382 lyndentr33
2h 30m ago
God may not have a religion yet... FirstNameICanThinkOf
2w 4d ago
47 daritha42
3h 30m ago
If God loves us unconditionally, why does he kill us instead of curing us? Greatest-I-am
2w 2d ago
192 seraphimlafae
4h 6m ago
not a troll question SaintPoe
2w 1d ago
92 lyndentr33
4h 50m ago
demons SaintPoe
1d 10h ago
33 extraterrestrialarts
4h 57m ago
15h 6m ago
2 phoenixleo
7h 35m ago
The essence of the facts revoleto
Jun 20, 2018
56 revoleto
9h 48m ago
A question regarding belief/disbelief in God MaskedDeviantReturns
3w 4d ago
220 MarqsT
11h 42m ago
The Paradoxical Nature of the Eternal Cycle of Life The-Bloxicon
2w 5d ago
8 The-Bloxicon
13h 27m ago
Proof that there is no God in this world Fat-Punisher
Jan 5, 2019
846 audreyspency
16h 12m ago
19h 51m ago
1 phoenixleo
17h 26m ago fazahubty
20h 53m ago
1 phoenixleo
20h 18m ago
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22h 47m ago
1 phoenixleo
22h 26m ago
Homosexuality is a mental disorder batrachomancy
1d 2h ago
11 phoenixleo
1d 46m ago
What do you think about anti natalism & Pessimism ? Onthroughthenight
2d 14h ago
9 LavleyArt
1d 1h ago
a question for Christians Larry952
Jan 3, 2019
189 SaintPoe
1d 11h ago
i'm psychic SaintPoe
1w 6d ago
49 SaintPoe
1d 12h ago
Do you believe that as you grow, you're a different person? habituated
1w 6d ago
17 daritha42
1d 17h ago conjetural
2d 1h ago
1 phoenixleo
1d 21h ago largened
2d 37m ago
2 phoenixleo
1d 21h ago skchwy
2d 3h ago
1 RezaBisuto
2d 3h ago
Is god real? EphemerealFlorges
1m 10h ago
191 GrendalUnleashed
2d 7h ago
I'm Satanist, not egotistical ScryTime
Dec 31, 2018
87 ScryTime
2d 13h ago
Do you believe that you are saved or that you need saving? Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
20 Greatest-I-am
2d 14h ago
Do you think life has no meaning ? Onthroughthenight
1w 4d ago
37 NeoCogito
2d 15h ago
Looking for Wiccan, Warlock, Vodoo Preist HeroforPain
4d 3h ago
10 Jphyper
2d 16h ago
Philosophical Foundations for a Grass-roots Micro-nation EnryoAlpha
2w 5d ago
26 EnryoAlpha
2d 17h ago
Philosophy and Spirit, CHRISTIANS? BlackrockLegacies
4d 5m ago
15 BlackrockLegacies
2d 23h ago
Corporates Gifts mkssinghji
3d 3h ago
2 phoenixleo
3d 3h ago
What are some of the most disturbing cults you've ever heard of? IronKanabo
1w 12h ago
55 BlackrockLegacies
3d 3h ago
Be nice, guys.. ChilloHaus
5d 12h ago
36 FirstNameICanThinkOf
3d 6h ago
Inquisitions and jihads. Why do theists and progressive voters respect the religions that use them? Greatest-I-am
Jan 19, 2019
73 PinkAndScary
3d 12h ago
Have you leaned what Jesus and your bible teaches? Greatest-I-am
Jan 12, 2019
42 Greatest-I-am
3d 13h ago
I *really* need an answer. Koshej
Jan 11, 2019
113 jayceeknight
3d 13h ago
The cornerstone of Christianity is human sacrifice. Is Christianity a moral creed? Greatest-I-am
Jan 2, 2019
49 Greatest-I-am
3d 14h ago
For God so loved the world, that he used genocide on us, twice. Greatest-I-am
Nov 12, 2018
160 Greatest-I-am
3d 14h ago