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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Why would God create/allow psychopaths? sampea
1w 4d ago
55 sampea
2h 9m ago
US Pastor Giving Ugandans Bleach as a "Cure". piggies-go-moo
6d 11h ago
74 piggies-go-moo
7h 33m ago
Why are Jehovah's Witnesses trying to convert people. LittleTeflon
17h 53m ago
16 Lytrigian
7h 38m ago
Cure ur autism... Drink bleach! DGCinfoKitty
19h 35m ago
18 DGCinfoKitty
8h 48m ago
jesus kinda cute ngl SocieteModerne
1w 1d ago
18 EMMYSANOfficial
9h 49m ago
What would you do if a JW knocked on your door? PrincessBLARITY
3d 13h ago
25 ArtJitters
10h 18m ago
What I think about Trumps new prolife stance! DGCinfoKitty
1d 7h ago
2 DGCinfoKitty
11h 8m ago
Is chaos and evil essential for reality? JackieJoakorr
1w 7h ago
58 JackieJoakorr
11h 12m ago
So I wrote a Poem on God my Mother? DGCinfoKitty
1w 8h ago
13 DGCinfoKitty
14h 16m ago
Treatise on Mexico: Part 1 LeoReeseo
1w 6d ago
21 lyndentr33
14h 23m ago
Should I call this cringe? (I don't feel God is THAT petty) sampea
1w 2d ago
28 skeletaltulips
14h 47m ago
Do You Believe In The Kali Yuga albatrash
1d 16h ago
13 saintartaud
15h 33m ago
Why are you believing in a religion? sitcool
2w 5d ago
91 DGCinfoKitty
15h 56m ago
Do you think some people deserve to die? JojoDaggerback
5d 6h ago
14 DGCinfoKitty
16h 2m ago
When did Christianity invent hell and godís imaginary condemnation of man? Greatest-I-am
3d 16h ago
14 KillianSeraphim
16h 27m ago
Any paranormal stories you have? AbaddonArtwork
2w 4d ago
83 PauhstMObIuS
16h 36m ago
What exactly IS God? MaskedDeviantReturns
Apr 10, 2019
113 DGCinfoKitty
20h 13m ago
Atheists are all like... albatrash
1w 18h ago
89 albatrash
21h 37m ago
证书|Q/微diploma899/圭尔夫大学毕业&#3577 Cuovercro
1d 3h ago
2 phoenixleo
1d 2h ago
Are you happy to know you will die? Greatest-I-am
Apr 8, 2019
154 EnryoAlpha
1d 3h ago
Intersex kids being forced to surgically assigned gender... DGCinfoKitty
2d 11h ago
3 DGCinfoKitty
1d 7h ago
My Pastor Asked Me Not To Return To Church ProjectLullaby
5d 10h ago
144 GameTrek
1d 9h ago
God hates DA! TheLearningChannel5
3d 10h ago
1 phoenixleo
2d 23m ago
Believers in God: how does yesterday's photo of a Black Hole make you feel? BabakoSen
Apr 10, 2019
153 DGCinfoKitty
2d 11h ago
Would a ban on all public religious representations and displays ease religious hatreds and violence Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
144 jayceeknight
2d 21h ago
....... AileenWuornos1956
3d 5h ago
4 phoenixleo
3d 1h ago
i talk to god ask me anything ProjectLuIIaby
3d 10h ago
2 ILTD5580
3d 8h ago
Guess what? TheLearningChannel5
3d 10h ago
0 N/A
Does Jesus/Yahweh love us or is he stalking us? Greatest-I-am
1m 9h ago
28 Greatest-I-am
3d 12h ago
Is Love an Enslaving Emotion? albatrash
1w 1d ago
17 Greatest-I-am
3d 15h ago
Pray or Wish? AkeeTsubaki
3d 23h ago
0 N/A
Is there such a thing as soul? sitcool
2w 1d ago
290 ArtJournal77
3d 23h ago
my pastor is giving me expired ranch dressing MyUncleKilledMyPuppy
4d 6h ago
2 phoenixleo
4d 5h ago
Is there an afterlife? Armstrongy85
Apr 14, 2019
88 Aiden-Boi
4d 7h ago
Haha lolz nope not that easy (Todays Questionable Content) believeinya
4d 17h ago
3 niotabunny
4d 9h ago
Creating a new religion hfechik98
2w 4d ago
53 lyndentr33
4d 11h ago
Is art a spiritual experience? OfficialBastet
1w 5d ago
13 mayr1994
4d 11h ago
Are You An Atheist Who Meditates? albatrash
Apr 23, 2019
109 ausclar
5d 20h ago
Being Lawful Good and the phrase "Life isn't meant to be fair" (aka "Life IS fair, change my mind") DragonQuestWes
Apr 5, 2019
44 DGCinfoKitty
6d 11h ago