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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Why all the Christian/Jesus/God bashing? brynmr
3w 3d ago
651 Crapcarp
16m 43s ago
What are some objective arguments against veganism? Bubsby
1w 3d ago
1h 17m ago
What is at the root of all fear? KatyBartlett
6d 9h ago
105 KatyBartlett
2h 38m ago
The essence of the facts revoleto
Jun 20, 2018
42 revoleto
3h 30m ago
We Shouldn't Exist albatrash
2d 23h ago
43 tsuniona
4h 35m ago
With ironic respect. Should we thank God that religionists are such hypocrites? Greatest-I-am
2w 5d ago
108 CardinalSynFan
4h 56m ago
Why Do People Worship God? albatrash
Oct 11, 2018
256 daveerwin
5h 1m ago
Occam's razor and the bible JJWsmith
3d 18h ago
38 lyndentr33
5h 49m ago
Creationism? MistyW0lf
3d 15h ago
6h 7m ago
For God so loved the world, that he used genocide on us, twice. Greatest-I-am
1m 11h ago
96 kitsune102
6h 51m ago
unicorns are real Psychelea
Jul 6, 2018
132 codeslacker
8h 2m ago
Were religions the first propagators of Fake News? Greatest-I-am
2w 6d ago
45 PinkAndScary
8h 19m ago
Morbid Fascination With Ayn Rand ItsVogue-Un
1w 5d ago
11 Cr1chton
9h 23m ago
The Occult and how I approach it ItsVogue-Un
1w 16h ago
11 SaintPoe
9h 44m ago
An interesting thing about thoughts and emotions TranscendedRealms
1w 3d ago
25 EloaDfoDekaron
17h 9m ago
Why isn'the the shroud of turin in the bible JJWsmith
4d 12h ago
41 JJWsmith
17h 27m ago
Being a closeted atheist/LGBT; Struggle MistyW0lf
1w 16h ago
44 MistyW0lf
18h 8m ago
I am starting to believe in a flat earth OliverIamNot
1d 22h ago
55 DoctorV23
19h 35m ago
Are there any merits to Brutalist architecture? Bubsby
3d 15h ago
27 lyndentr33
20h 22m ago
Do miserable people belong to satan albatrash
1w 19h ago
24 albatrash
21h 10m ago
What's the worst philosophy you've ever heard of? GH-X-ULERS
Oct 25, 2018
207 TimeHasAnEnd
23h 57m ago
What is the mind? Olivers-olderbrother
5d 1h ago
3 TimeHasAnEnd
23h 58m ago
What do you know about Jews? piggies-go-moo
5d 7h ago
49 TimeHasAnEnd
1d 3m ago
Fear of God? HainaArt
1w 6d ago
94 TimeHasAnEnd
1d 35m ago
Is the world more evil than ever JJWsmith
5d 8h ago
14 TimeHasAnEnd
1d 1h ago
I am baterizing ppl intl the Holy Church of Yeshua Christ BintoBox
5d 49m ago
4 BintoBox
1d 3h ago
I saw god yesterday Psychelea
1m 19h ago
54 gekkodimoria
1d 3h ago
Puja Kits Pujashoppecompany
1d 6h ago
2 phoenixleo
1d 4h ago
Escort Service Mayur Vihar 8447606023 Crazy Amazing Cooperative Noida Delhi localbaby
1d 7h ago
2 phoenixleo
1d 4h ago
Can a person redeem themselves after going far off the deep end? Big--Smoke
4d 20h ago
18 BlueW
1d 9h ago
The Red, White, and Blue in YOU! Deacstar-Reloaded
1w 3d ago
12 Deacstar-Reloaded
1d 10h ago
I want to learn more about wiccan and paganism river-beast
1d 11h ago
3 stoneman123
1d 10h ago GaryValdez
2d 1h ago
2 phoenixleo
2d 1h ago
What do you think of Theodore John Kaczynski? OliverIamNot
2d 2h ago
1 EloaDfoDekaron
2d 1h ago
Is it possible for other beings to contain memorys from the pov of God and Lucifer? BintoBax
5d 14h ago
5 MorellAgrysis
2d 14h ago
Judaism and racism - or why antisemitism is a great litmus test for one's ignorance. Koshej
1w 13h ago
42 kitsumekat
3d 15h ago
why are people so afraid to even speak of suicide and death? PaperStash
1w 19h ago
11 kitsumekat
4d 11h ago
I'm using Hypnosism to better myself BintoBax
5d 20h ago
1 phoenixleo
5d 11h ago
Trump is a bad actor/Fema camp stuff /wake up people/Beast system is jere BintoBax
5d 16h ago
1 phoenixleo
5d 11h ago