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Security Guard at work, help.

saomoore93 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020

I started this cleaning job 2 months ago, I'm 24, female. Now everyone there is really nice, except this one security guard. He is the eldest of the guards and is in his early 60s. Ever since i started, he talks down to me and like i'm a child.

He's the first to complain of small things like i didnít put something right, mostly on my floor level. Apparently he was in the womens toilets to check if i did the paper towels properly (not his job at all) he had no reason to be in there. He watched these two girls (collage age) walking down the street from the office window and he was staring at them, saying "oh yeah" . He would stand there staring into my eyeballs grinning evilly and smirking. gross, or he'll give me an attitude look. Not to mention he stands so close to me, despite the coronavirus. When my supervisor said she felt sick, he tells me i might be on my own for the night, he then blurts out "and shove a stick up your ass" wtf? and staring again expecting a reaction from me.

Not sure if he's over-confident or just cocky, or if it's just his personalty or what. He's the type who doesnít think before he speaks. He would speak badly about my supervisor, calling her lazy, despite him sitting on his butt watching movies on his shift, he called me "lazy in the making" and because i stood with my arms folded apparently i had an "attitude problem" ? he would also blame me for things too and then say i'm lying or have an attitude, when i tell the truth.

I never said anything to him, or offended him in away, he gets on well with the others and another new staff member, but it's just me he seems to belittle. What should i do?

We are different companies. should i tell my supervisor or just put a complaint in?


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Arikoba Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2020  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, you could report it to your supervisor. They'll have to report it to whomever his superiors are. They will likely tell him to stay clear of you and to not talk to you unless its absolutely necessary. Then you could also get an audio recording device, keep it in your pocket ready to hit record, and anytime he gets near, hit record just in case he continues his behaviour with you, so you have proof rather than your word against his. If he has been with the company for a long while, its going to be very tough convincing people that have learned to trust him without proof to back it up. While you can report him and should, multiple reports from the same person are not going to get him disciplined or terminated if you have no proof and no one else backing you up. Best case scenario, they put you on a different schedule to where you dont see him anymore, if that is possible. If you report him and you gather proof that he is continuing his behaviour, he will have no leg to stand on and his superiors will have absolutely no choice but to take disciplinary action.

Also, you multiple people to complain to that could be held responsible. Is your employer a contracted cleanign agency seperate from the business you clean at? And is the security guard contracted from a different company?

Which ever the case, if you're both contracted, you have 3 different parties to complain to, your employer, his employer, & the client you both work for.

If not, you still have 2, his employer and yours.

In either case all parties would want to steer clear of any potential legal ramifications and as such will make sure it does not continue to be a problem one way or another. But like I said, if you dont have proof, one way, may be that you are the one that gets moved to a new shift, or if you're contracted, you may simply get moved to different client. If he has no other complaints or reports against him and a client that trusts him and will back him up.. they're not going to allow a single report without proof send him packing.
HappyMapHunter Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020  New Deviant
Nani dafuk!? 

How is it that I'm themed after a horror movie slasher and this guy is creeping me out!? 

Tell your supervisor and keep your distance from the guy! Remember it is professional to report to your higher ups whenever another person makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. 
Tangiwai Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Do both.  Sounds like the guy might've been working there for a while.  Also if he's on his own a lot.  He can get away with a lot.  People only really behave themselves if they're around supervisors or managers a lot when working.  They're being observed, therefore their behaviour will be noted.  Seen that in retail, but it's not great if the managers are douches too. 

Report him. Make a complaint.  If you have too.  Go to his supervisor.  I mean if he's security than there's likely camera's everywhere.  His behaviour could be on a recording if the camera is in say the corridor leading to the woman's loo. 

I've seen a guy in the woman's loo twice.  First time he was changing out the sanitary bins.  So it was his job.  Poor bloke.  The second was two guys, both plumbers trying to unblock a loo.  Fun times.
Xianghua Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Based on your account of his actions he can be complained for sexual harassment.
Being present in the ladies when there is female inside is already enough to get him into trouble.

He can be cocky and nonsense, but there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Lodge complain to your supervisor/ manager.
saomoore93 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020
Thanks for the advice.
He told me he was in the ladies toilet before i arrived for my shift, the supervisor was there when he said it and she asked why he was in there, he just shrugged like it was nothing.
Xianghua Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well apparently you are disturbed by his behaviors, thus feeling a need to do something.

So this can be considered sexual harassment because you felt harrassed.

If your company is not doing anything after you complained, consider complaining to the workers union or manpower ministry.
And complain of your own management as well.

Usually your company will do something when they know you can stir up the entire matter.
Capt-Snowflake Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2020
This is something to talk to your human resources department about. Every time he does something like that, write it down, along with the time and date. Documentation is your friend here. He sounds like he's creating a hostile work environment and such behavior should not be tolerated. 
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